Happy Hump Day

Today’s writing inspiration had to involve a hot guy AND a dog. It’s for an upcoming story that I’m not quite ready to talk about. Mostly because I’m still waiting for it to kick into place, and some stories take longer than others. This one’s taking so long it just might kill me… Anyway, this pic works for me for today.

What do you think? And what are you all reading this week?

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  1. He works!!!

    I’m reading an older book I had missed several years ago, Black Silk by Metsy Hinkle. It is a good read.

  2. Awwwww! And the puppy looks very comfy! Adorbs. I’m reading The Bad Boy Cowboy — it arrived last night so just getting into it. I am totally looking forward to it as I love the series. Happy New Year!

  3. Me like. I hadn’t heard of Jeffrey until I saw ‘Losers’. The way he seems comfortable holding the dog makes me think he would be able to pick me up.
    Le sigh…

  4. I finished Sonali Dev’s A Distant Heart which was sooo good and started Barrelled Over by Jenna Sutton – which is also good.

  5. I’ve been reading The Dogfather series by Roxanne St. Claire. Right now, it’s Santa Paws is Coming to Town. Great series with lots of hot guys and lots of dogs.

  6. That does it for me. I much prefer seeing a guy posing like that than with all his clothes off and muscles bulging.!! It just melts my heart. Thank you.

  7. Too many books to name, but two are You Say It First and Second Chance Girl by Susan Mallery. I am excited for this new series as I loved her Fool’s Gold series.

  8. Yes that picture and guy and dog would be an inspiration. Thank you.

    Right now I am rereading Nora Roberts Irish Hearts since I was in Ireland (in my head) with my last two books about The MacKelter twins, Druston and Daegus. Druid twin brothers from the 16th century ending up in the 21st century. Good books.
    Take care.

  9. I absolutely love all dogs, but I have to admit that it took a few moments to actually see the dog. I adore Jeffrey Dean Morgan!

  10. Yes, that work. I am finally able to read Holiday Wishes – a little at a time. Busy times.

    I know it will be great when it does come to you.

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