Bah Humbug…

So we put up out Christmas tree and lovingly put up our ornaments. And by lovingly, I mean we all fought and argued and were annoyed by the time we finished. Good times.

Three hours later, all of us sound asleep, we heard a huge, thundering crash.

The tree had fallen over.

Ornaments crushed, destroyed, tree looking sad and pathetic, and one very prissy cat sitting on the back of the couch carefully washing her face, a job well done.

The good thing is, the cat did NOT get to the freshly baked cookies, so really, all is well.

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  1. We anchored our tree to the ceiling, and placed unbreakable balls on the bottom branches of the tree. It helped!

  2. Well, with two kids dogs and a cat we soon found out the best location for the tree. We wanted to have decorations to last longer than year so we put the tree in the kids play pen. Worked great.

  3. I can totally relate!! We have 2 fur babies that we’ve owned since day one – 3 years old, and one who adopted us, and have no clue what would happen if we put our tree up. Due to all of their kitty towers, and other assorted toys, there isn’t any room anyway. This is my favorite season, and my feelings are mixed. I suppose it will be the ceramic tree this year, and we’ll see what they do when I turn it on. Always the inquisitive ones that don’t like change!! Have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Healthy New Year!!

  4. We did have a cat during part of our life but tree remained upright! May that cat wasn’t a climber!! That must have quite a rude awakening Jill. Sorry that you lost some ornaments. Good thing the cookies were ok because I’m sure you needed them. 🙂

  5. Oh no!! Satan er Sadie must be proud. At least none of the pups walked over broken glass or anything. Good luck figuring out how to cat-proof the tree.

  6. We put ours up the day after thanksgiving , 2 of our children were here but no one wanted to decorate the tree , no crashes yet

  7. Have mercy…. But really. Is the fault not human? I mean, did you secure the tree well enough? I think not. So. Not Sadie’s fault. (Are you buying this???) Sorry!!!

  8. We had pets and thus all the ornaments half way up were unbreakable – our cat always felt powerful when ornaments ended up all over the floor.

    This year, I had a brilliant idea. The big tree was too heavy for me, so I gave it to a granddaughter. I divided all my many tree ornaments up between family members. Then, I got a small tree. Only problem, in my infinite wisdom, I had given away so many ornaments, the small tree was half bare. So far, no one has been kind enough to offer some of their new stash back to me.

  9. A cat and a Christmas tree is a deadly combination. I can speak from experience– the law of attraction between them is real. Years ago we came home to our fresh cut Christmas tree on the floor with sap & water everywhere, the glass ornaments broken, and the tinsel garland was unwound & all over the house. Good luck–you’re going to need it. No more live trees or glass ornaments for us.

  10. I think most people who have cats have gone thru this. I switched to a fake tree years ago because for some reason our cats didn’t want to climb a fake one. Don’t know why, but all they did was sleep under it. Who knew fake would work,

  11. We had a high ceiling with a loft in our living room. Put the fresh 12 tree up, hung lights, ornaments, etc.. Realized the next day that the tree wasn’t taking up water… Yup… took everything off, hauled tree outside, cut off 2 inches of trunk, drug it back into the house, redecorated it — which did include some hanging out over the loft rail…. In the new year, we bought a good fake!!!
    But I will say, we’ve never had one fall over due to pets!

  12. We have never had a cat knock over our tree but did have a cat that liked to lay in it. We bought special ornaments on year only to find them broken at the bottom of the basement steps. Apparently, the cat knocked them down and the dog rolled them into the kitchen and down the stairs.

  13. Hope the tree was salvageable.We don’t decorate we travel to the daughters.She has cats but they are not allowed in the living room after the tree goes up

  14. Lol. That stinks . I had a got eat and break all mine new tree trimmings. Dropped them down basement stairs. But my question is where’s the hump day yummy hottie? Have a great day.

  15. Oh no! Hope you can salvage the tree. New ornaments can be had unless they were from the girls growing up.

  16. Merry Christmas. I had a kitten take out my tree, got scared and went behind the refrig. I am 8 months pregnant, trying to get the tree up and then moving the refrig. enough to get her out. Now that was 50 years ago when they weighed a ton. A few years ago I had a kitten take out the tree, she must have had how to do it from the other one. I make bread for gifts each year, well my young dog looked at the bread on the table, I thought he is going to try some thing and started running grab a loaf and kept going hid and ate it. Santa still come to see them, not sure why

  17. Happy Christmas, Jill! 🎄🎅🎄
    Sounds similar to my first tree with my cat, ShadowMan. After his using the tree for adventure climbing, I swithched to a grapevine wreath. I placed it high enough on the wall that he couldn’t reach it. I have to say, with all the other holiday decorations in the apartment, it looked quite festive with the fairy lights and the mini ornaments I found at the craft store. 🎁

  18. We have a 10 month old golden retriever plus 2 cats. We have not put up our tree yet because of this. On the plus side, many of our ornaments are dough-style or rubber because I also have 3 kids. But at 14 and 10×2, they aren’t quite as destructive as they used to be (at least to ornaments!).

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