The job…

I’m going to end this post asking you to tell me about your job and I’m having a giveaway (3 copies of Chasing Christmas Eve) so be sure to comment!

One of the questions I get asked the most is where do I get my ideas. I’ve often quipped that I buy them from a warehouse in Toledo but the truth is I just have ideas floating around in my head. I don’t know why. What I don’t have, at least all the time, is the ability to easily put them to the page. I know it doesn’t seem like it because I get to write on my awesome deck in my pjs and bunny slippers but … writing is hard. Some days more than others. Today is a hard day and I’m trying to write a very funny, very hot scene and all I want to do is call up that warehouse in Toledo and buy it.

Now that I’ve vented, I’d love to hear what you do for a living…

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  1. I’m a costume designer for two theatres, a stitcher for another theatre and a file clerk for a waste management company. All three together pay most of the bills…

  2. I’m also a writer, except I write grants for non-profits. I agree that some days are harder than others! But your end products are always a delight.

  3. I’m Director of the Learning Commons at a community college– basically, I direct all of the academic support and tutoring programs. You wouldn’t believe the chaos, haha.

  4. I’m a teacher’s aide working with kindergarten children in Cincinnati Public Schools. I never know what they will tell me, they will share pretty much everything! Not boring!!

  5. My job is the best job in the world . . . I’m a librarian! I’m a public school district librarian (Pre-K thru 12) so there is not much romance on the shelves (I reserve those for home), but I love love love the children’s books!

  6. I am an Executive Assistant and Review Coordinator for InD’tale Magazine. I also get to review books as part of my job. 🙂

  7. I am fiance analyst and my main focus is helping people buy and pain for items. It’s not very exciting but I love my co-workers!

    1. And today they are doing construction in the server room which sounds like a gigantic dental drill. That isngoingbto makebtge 75 billion conference calls o have to be on today so much fun!

  8. I work four nights a week overnights at Target stocking shelves and such. I started this job 17 years ago when my kids were small (no child care costs, and I could drop by school for concerts and such). My youngest is now a college freshman and I’m still working here. My friends all think I’m crazy. However, on the plus side, I can listen to audio books while I work!

  9. I have gone through many jobs throughout my working life. Every job had been secretarial based and for about two years I was teaching secretarial classes as well. That teaching stint covered shorthand, typewriting, commerce and secretarial duties. For the last 20 odd years, my job has been at construction sites and this has involved a bit of travelling. The best place of all was Bali, the last paradise on earth. All jobs entailed the normal duties, namely, answering the phone, making copies of documents, scanning, buying groceries, trudging up the stairs with the heavy loads of groceries as well as writing cheques, keeping petty cash and accounts straight. At my present occupation, I travel on Mondays to a place about 3 hours away and on Fridays, back to home. Extremely tiring as this involves traffic on the highway and village roads.

  10. I am an assistant manager in a retail store. This week is the week we both love and dread. The buildup to this week sucks but the day(s) of Black Friday is/are a lot of fun. Kind of like running full speed on a hampster wheel and then just hanging on for the rest of the ride.

  11. I am a teacher. It has some similarities to writing, I guess. Some days are pretty easy and successful and others I want to pull my hair out and escape to Toledo. But most of the time I love the job I get to do.
    Good luck with that scene!

  12. What an inspiring list!

    I’m the marketing manager for a company that designs and sells textiles and wallcoverings to interior designers. I’m part copy editor, photo stylist, art director, therapist, bookkeeper and project manager. Every day’s different, and I love that.

  13. I’m a real estate finance attorney, and I wish I could wear bunny slippers to work! *Making a jealous face *

  14. My full time job is as an administrative assistant at a middle school in midcoast Maine. Grades are 6-8. I also am a Scentsy consultant. Plus mom to 3 kids and dog and still crazy enough to volunteer to serve on our local Little League board, peewee football board, and coach softball.

  15. I was a SAHM (of 5 kids) for 20 years and then my husband started having weird symptoms (he was finally diagnosed 4 years later with MS). I took a temp job in a HS in order to be able to take my kids on vacation and while I was there one of the administrators started telling me about this business he had. Fast forward 10 years and I have been running his business from home since then. We manufacture mens and boys dress shirts, I also take care of my husband (who is now wheelchair bound and on a feeding tube…) with the help of 2 wonderful aides, babysit for beautiful granddaughter and am still the mom to 5 kids (the ones that still live at home and the ones who come home when they need clean clothes or real food. In my “spare” time I love to read. Your books are some of my favorites!

  16. I’m a tour and charter helicopter pilot in NYC, I fly people around all day and take naps with my roommate’s dogs at night while watching Halmark movies and eating Halo ice cream (it’s only 280 calories per pint and has protein so it’s healthy 🙂

  17. I am a Project Manager for Commercialization at a food company. Basically trying to keep everyone on track to launch new products. Having been at my company for 15 years, I am also the office elephant; keeper of institutional history in a company that has has quite a bit of turnover in the last 1.5 years.

  18. I’m a travel agent/supervisor/IT/marketing coordinator/cat herder for a agency that specializes in cruises. The best part of my job is making dreams come true. No two days are alike. Just when you think you’ve heard it all along comes a question that that either makes you laugh or groan.

  19. I have worked in a factory for 23 years. Working various machines and inspecting. I wish I could find a paying job that requires me to sit back in a comfy chair and read all day–we feel like I am very qualified for this!

  20. First, About that Kiss is already preordered thru Amazon. I am currently and have been on SS disability since 12/2012 but my last job was at the Philadelphia Passport office. It is where you go if you need to travel pretty much immediately because you did not realize that your passport was expired though we did have others that was the usual getting new or replacement passports also. I was not a government worker but a employee of a contract company. It could get a little hectic though I have learned that government employees do not rush anything. After more than 18 years working for GMAC auto finance and always being rushed I did not fit in well there at the passport office trying to provide customer service is not one of their by laws.

  21. I worked as an administrative secretary for the Director of the Guidance dept at our local high school for years… I left that job to take care of my parents – we added on an in-law when my dad was diagnosed with alzheimers….. Mom was legally blind, diabetic, and had lewy bodies dementia so she couldn’t take care of dad…. I did that for 6 years here in our home till he passed away, Mom followed him to heaven 3 years later from dementia and pneumonia, then my husband needed a liver transplant and one of our daughters became a living donor and saved his life…. now we are taking care of Bob’s 96 year old mother lol…. Hows that for a plot line…… I no longer work by the way lol…. but I would NOT change one thing about why I left my job…. so much joy in my life <3

  22. I’m officially retired from the Federal government with 35 years of service. However, I do have a small business. I’m an organizational development specialist. I help people with self businesses, such as cosmetic sales, home decor, etc., set up their home offices. I show them how to set up their office area, set up and arrange files, track financials, etc. It’s very rewarding and I get to decide which jobs I want and which I don’t. It’s very cathartic to be able to say No, Thank You, I don’t want that task! 🤗

  23. I worked in the mortgage loan industry for years and when the market crashed I had to find something to help pay the bills. I started selling full time on ebay and have been doing that since 2008-09. I have branched out to other ecommerce sites besides and including ebay and I love it. Very little stress, have time to spend with family and income is very good – can’t complain at all.

  24. I work for a state university where I work in their printing department, I finish all the printed material , run machines and do whatever it takes to get the jo/s out , but at the end of December I’m going to retire!!!! Hip hip

  25. I work at a public library and am in charge of Storytimes for kids. Among other duties, but my favorite part of my job ever is Storytime. I love singing, and making the voices while reading, etc. To be honest, its the parents that make me laugh more often than not except when I’m singing “happy and you know it” and I get echos from the kids during the “shout HOORAY”…. HAHAHA… those are fun times! =D

  26. I am retired now but I worked for 47 years for the same bank. I started as a secretary and worked in several different departments before I retired.

  27. For years I was a payroll professional, but my company moved, and I couldn’t. At 57 I had to reinvent myself. I used my sewing machine to make costumes for strippers. My daughter was, at the time, a massage therapist at several clubs, and talked me into it. I actually loved it. The girls were a microcosm of society. Some were supporting children (made more in 3 nights than 5 in an office), some were paying for college, some loved the attention, and some will be strippers until they die. It was great until the economy tanked!

  28. I am a REALTOR and Photographer. You meet A LOT of interesting people and see just as many interesting situations in both jobs,

  29. I am a mental health crisis counselor in an emergency room. Basically, if someone is depressed, anxious, suicidal, homicidal, drunk, high or psychotic I see them.

  30. I am the Director of Human Resources and Benefits. Sounds…important, huh? When what I really do is answer questions from student fellows like
    1= “Yea, who is this FICA person and why are they getting part of my check?”
    2=I’m not old. Why are they taking Social Security out of my pay check?”
    3=”What if I don’t want to have taxes deducted?”
    4=”So, wait. I have to pay part of my health insurance? I thought they just paid the medical bills!”
    5=”What exactly is a “disability”? Like, if we were partying and this dude l drove with left me there so he could go be with this chick he picked up and I didn’t have a ride and I crashed on the picnic table of this guys lawn and then someone called the cops and the next thing I know I was in jail and this big dude knocked me off the bench in lock up and I busted my lip and had to go get stitches…so is that like a disability?”
    (All actual questions I’ve gotten.)

  31. My official job is CMM programmer/operator. That means I write programs that tells a coordinate measuring machine what to do to measure fixtures and gages being built by the tool and die guys. My unofficial title is CMM Princess, Self-rescuing.

  32. I work as an accounting clerk for a financial institution. Yes I lead a boring life and this is why you are my hero. I love your books because they have humor and heat to them.

  33. I’m retired. Best job!

    When I worked it was mostly a variety of office work usually as a receptionist, but also at times in other positions.

  34. I think that warehouse would be VERY busy, from other authors as well, so if you keep wishing it into existence, it could happen! You’ll come up with great scenes; you always do, and we can’t wait to read ’em!

    I’m a human resources professional…I NEVER say “I’ve heard/seen it all” as something will happen the very next second to blow it to smithereens. I’ve seen some of the worst of people, and some of the best, but I love what I do so I keep pluggin’. One of my favorite sayings, that I mutter to myself [often], is: “I love my job…it’s the people who make me crazy!!” And yet, the very next day, I do it all over again.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  35. I’m retired now but here’s a list of my life’s jobs.
    Paper carrier, lifeguard, clerked in photography studio, Geology lab instructor, waitress, clerked in plumbing store, respiratory assistant, waitress, bartender, Small claims clerk in County Clerks Office, secretary in Republican Staff Offices in State House of Representatives [oh my god – the egos], Secretary in Housing Assistance, Social Security Office, Community Services, Family & Social Services, temped in BMV, secretary in school corp special services [special needs kids] and last receptionist in D1A football office [hint, don’t look at anyone below the waist — men adjust ALL THE DAMN TIME].

  36. Well, where to begin…I am a deputy sheriff, part time security for a professional basketball team, mom to three girls, part time job on social media, and I’m on the board of directors for a Dance company, I also coach our 4-H BB team. I’ve been in law enforcement for alsmost twenty years and I’m hoping to retire in a few years and travel once my girls head off to college. I love to write as well and spending time with my family as much as possible. Just a fun busy life of work and suffering girls to various activities.

  37. You are awesome at your job ! And like every other person who lives and works on this crazy planet that we call home, sometimes the job, even a job we adore and love, can seem like an effort. It sounds like that is where you are at this moment. But this tiredness, work, whatever you want to call it, it’ll pass. And **poof** the floodgates will open and the words will pour out of you once again !!! Take care & “This too shall pass” 🙂

  38. My final (not by choice-because my body failed me) position was working at the Blood Bank-truly rewarding to see all those marvelous donors come in, sacrificing time, money and energy, to donate that others may live. Generosity beyond comprehension!
    I’ve been an old fashioned soda jerk, sales clerk, purchase officer, warehouse manager, service station/towing business owner-operator, switchboard operator, safe deposit manager, admit clerk, authorization clerk for Medicaid and more! I’m tired now, reading some of my jobs…none of which were short term 😉 Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  39. I manage the production of direct mail for non-profits. It’s not glamorous, but it helps a lot of non-profits raise money to do good work.

  40. I chucked my full time job to live on my retirement funds (long before I am of retirement age – probably a bad financial decision). Publishing my first book (romance) in the next few months. Currently not writing because I’m surfing the internet and responding to this post – writing is very hard and sometimes you just have to step away for a few minutes and breath.

  41. I’m retired from retail. Looking forward to not having to work on holidays any more! Love your books! Thanks for the chance 📖🦃🍁🍂

  42. Right now I am retired but I taught middle school and high school math for 37 years. Being a teacher is all I ever wanted to be, at least since I was 4 or 5. As a math teacher my self-imposed goal was to de-mythify it and make math understandable. I get lots of notes from former students telling me how I made math understandable for them, so I guess I did my job.

    Now I guess I’m a professional reader.

  43. Computer department manager; associate broker for Residential and Commercial Real Estate and worked briefly on newspaper with Obituaries

  44. Hello,
    I work for a brewery in Eugene, Oregon. I love it!!!! No dressing up, I work with mostly men…so very little drama!

  45. I’m a Senior Data Analyst and Team Leader for a global a marketing technology and services company. In a nutshell, I maintain the customer and prospect marketing database and help manage marketing campaigns for my accounts. I work from home in my PJ’s. 🙂

  46. I’m a stay at home Mom and now a new Yaya! Once a week I get to play with and smooch on my 5 month old grandson! It’s my favorite day of the week!

  47. I am a full time, live-in nanny in Hawai’i! I’m definitely livin’ the dream, but like you say some days are harder at writing than others, the same goes for living in Hawai’i. People who don’t live here, seem to think that I’m on vacation 24/7. But just because I live in a vacation destination doesn’t mean that real life doesn’t happen! Thank goodness I have your books to give me some relief on those hard days! (Btw, I’m from the Bay Area in CA so I especially love the Heartbreaker Bay series as SF used to be my old stomping grounds!)

  48. I was in customer services for 40 years. I worked retail for 30 years ,from the time I was 17. I worked customer service phone for a cable company for 10 years. Love both until it became all about the money not the customer. You had to push more stuff that most did not want or afford. Helping was my thing. Loved see the right person get what they need! I retired and my greatest joy is watching my now 4 year old grandson Beckam. I have 8 grandchildren but he’s my joy as in conditional love is awesome! Thanks for all the great stories.

  49. I am retired from the Department of Defense. I am currently helping my oldest daughter raise her three children….fun but challenging. I read a lot.

  50. I used to teach but now I home school my children, (actually just the youngest now) and take care of a hobby farm.

  51. I’m an Avon representative and have been for over 35 years. Used to be a legal secretary before that.

    I also work from home and can wear (or not wear) anything I want!!

    Love being my own boss.

  52. I am a tax accountant. I work for a firm that does trust & estate work. It drives me crazy how wrong some writers get that stuff.

  53. I’m a International Relocation Coordinator for a moving company. I move people household goods between the US and Saudi Arabia. I make sure their stuff is packed, routed, thru Customs, and delivered.

  54. I work for an urban school district. My boss is over student services and district equity. Roughly translated he gets to speak with unhappy parents and unhappy employees. I swear between my coworker and my very patient boss, we could settle the problems of the Middle East. Never a dull minute and I go home daily thinking ‘I probably could’ve handled that better’. Definitely feel like we make a difference but somedays are just hard stuff. Sure appreciate your work!

  55. I have a bachelors degree in paralegal studies that I have yet to be able to use. I have lupus and it disabled me and made me so sick I have been unable to work the last ten years.

  56. I work at an insurance agency, I’m the manger of the back office. We are a team of 5 including me and I really enjoy my work, I work flexible hours so I start very early in the morning ( 06:30 a.m) and by 15:00 p.m I’m usually off the clock.
    It’s a small company and I really get along with my bosses.

  57. My title is Institutional Research Assistant but basically I am an Administrative Assistant, who also does some research for data, at a University. I keep track of the dept. budget, make travel arrangements, complete some surveys, keep a dept library, and all those other various tasks that most admins do.

  58. I’m retired and disabled .I used to run a convenience store but I started out in a small country store my family owned.I was also a nanny to two children from the day they were born until they started school.I enjoyed my job getting to talk to people everyday but I have a kidney disease that got me down.So I guess my job now is to read.I will turn 60 Saturday and hope I get to buy books for my birthday.

  59. My monetary job is an instructional assistant for special education elementary students. My fun job is Wife, Mom, pet wrangler, bookworm, and finder of things.

  60. Writing is hard! I wanted to be a writer, in college I remember I had this idea but to get to that scene required so many other ideas I would write and call my best friend and read her what I wrote every night. It was over hundreds of hand written pages and I don’t think I ever got to my original idea. I was awful, so I worked in banking, then a stay at home mom, PTO officer, marching band booster president and now I’m a sales associate who sells cookies, bread and fish shaped snacks!

  61. I work in a high school and public library. After staying home with my kids for over 10 years, I decided to make a career out of my love for reading!

  62. I am retired, but my sons seem to think my job is to be a taxi. lol
    Actually I do work at the polls for city, state and federal elections. And we are happy we are available to babysit and be a taxi for dentists, school, orthodontists, medical appts, etc.

  63. I no longer work at a job. I have done different things at different times in my life. Lots of office jobs.

    Two jobs stand out. Mr Wonderful dumped me, closed all our accounts, turned off the phone and I had no money. I needed to feed a cat and a dog. It was right at Thanksgiving. A good friend got me a job working in a mall running a train at the Santa area. I had to dress in Oshkosh overalls and a cap to match. I looked like a tall wrinkled toddler. And every time I saw a family, I cried because I knew I was the only person alone at Christmas. Merry Christmas to all.

    But, the best job I have ever had was working for FEMA. I was one of the people who went into areas and helped applicants find what how we could help. I sat in parking lots in burning heat. I traveled all over true disaster areas. At times finding someplace to sleep was a challenge. And it was all breathtakingly wonderful. I got to meet people who may have lost everything and they were generally so strong and brave and kind and sweet and funny. I had an older man in Pennsylvania make a tape of himself singing and playing guitar for me. I had a lady in Rhode Island offer to have me come sleep at her house so I would not be lonely. I have had people sit and tell me stories that made me cry. I have received some of the best hugs in the world. A gang banger threatened me in Louisiana. In East Texas a man was so distraught he was considering harming himself.

    It had ups and downs and I absolutely loved it.

    If I were able to do it now, I would be doing it again,

  64. I’m an assistant director of research compliance. There’s no clear cut definition for research administrator, but essentially my office is responsible for ensuring that research conducted is in compliance with university, state, and federal regulations. We oversee the administration of human subject research, animal subject research, biosafety, etc.

  65. The job I have that helps to pay my bills is in retail. I work for a major retail chain based in Michigan.

  66. I’m the utility billing clerk for our municipality. Everyone in our office takes care of customers through the day, which can be fun but also extremely difficult. Our family also owns an independent paint store and painting business, so I help my hubby as much as possible when he needs me. Plus being mom to two tween boys, I am never bored!

  67. I am a caregiver. I take care of one lady 4 days a week while going to school full-time. I go into her home and cook, clean, make sure she’s showered, etc.
    I am working on my English Lit degree and write when I have time.

  68. Ballroom and latin dance instructor, turned lawyer, turned publisher, turned web developer. Stay tuned for the next adventure…

  69. I am a software engineer. I have worked on submarines, fighter jets and, currently, air traffic control software.

  70. I’m a stay at home mom with 2 kids. I’ve been very lucky that my hubby has had 2 well paying job’s so I don’t have to work. My dream job would be, to be a veterinarian or a vet tech

  71. I have been a Travel Agent for almost 17 years. For 10 years I specialized in Destination Weddings and Honeymoons. When that became a difficult task with the current entitled generation(don’t get me started) I switched specialties. Now I am a River Cruise specialist and I also specialize in beer & wine themed river cruises and tours. I love my job. I’ve been fortunate to have met many wonderful clients who are now friends.

  72. I am a project coordinator and my responsibilities are to assist project managers any way I can which includes handling most of the administrative tasks of a project.

  73. Nothing as exciting as your career! Lost my job 2 years ago when the bank I worked for for 27 yrs was bought out. My hubby said let’s try it on one income… I wholeheartedly agreed! Took care of my Momma for about a year before she passed away. Got my parent’s home cleaned out. Lost my parents & my husband’s in 2 years! Now dealing with my own health problems while being a stay at wife. Would love to write, just can’t get started too busy reading!

    1. Beth, I lost my bank job of 18 years in February 2016 due to a buyout. I just went back to work. I had to since I’m single.

  74. I am one of those dreaded market research phone interviewers. I have been told to get a real job. Yelled at for calling during their dinner hour which could be any time. Calling them when they are on the do not call list that only applies to sellers. We don’t mind polite refusals but if you hang up we call you back. We don’t know if you are under age or the house was on fire.

  75. I’m a corporate lawyer for a large manufacturing company. Most days, it’s like working in a Dilbert cartoon. On good days, that’s amusing 🙂

  76. I’m an accounting consultant However, in between projects, I work at my “real” job which is to travel as much as possible all over the world.

  77. I am an administrative assistant at a small church. That means I get to work wit outdated equipment. No worries I finally got to upgrade my windows Vista computer this year !

  78. I’m the home manager at a Macys, so right now is the craziest time. I’ll be working all day Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Saturday. I use to love to shop.

  79. I’m a Project Accountant by day. Aspiring novelist, chocolate connoisseur, and roller skating fanatic by night.

    Basically, my day job entails babysitting men (civil engineers) who don’t want to handle the paperwork portion of their jobs and nagging them into submission.

    I’m currently finishing the first draft of my second novel in my spare time…but with five kids, spare time is fleeting. And a few years ago, I would have said “roller derby athlete,” but a torn MCL put the breaks on any full-contact fun. Now I just skate recreationally.

    My dream is to one day write from my deck in my PJs too!

  80. I do customer service for a health insurance company. I am fortunate to work from home but the next 3+ months are a chaotic opportunity to be called Nazi, beyotch and other lovely things. 😀

  81. I’m a public librarian. In one day last week, I could have written a Facebook post that said, “What do velociraptors, penguins, Christmas trees, small town politics and the literal excrement from two species have to do with one another?”

  82. I work in an CPA (certified public accountant) office. I do payrolls for companies, manager their books, and make financial statements. Also do tax returns for business and individuals and that’s the worst part of my job. The good part is becoming friends with people you would never have gotten to know if not for the job. The best part of that is when you find out they love reading as much as you do.

  83. Office manager at a funeral home owned by my hubby and I. He’s the funeral director/embalmer (thankfully, I’m not).

  84. I am now retired but I worked for 24 Years in the claims department of a major auto insurance company. Enjoyed the people I worked with, hated dealing with the dishonesty of many people: policyholders, claimants, providers and attorneys. So glad I am retired.

  85. I used to be a neonatal nurse until about 7yrs ago. Was layed off and couldn’t get another nursing job. So, I became a spa attendant. Heck of a transition, but much less stressful because if something was forgotten, nobody died! But, my babies didn’t talk or complain. Sometimes I go home and just shake my head about some of the guests…

  86. I am the Courtyard #!&ch. I am an administrative assistant and front desk representative for a larger than average Courtyard by Marriott. If I take any time off the day I return I always hear “Oh thank the Lord! You’re back!” I have been here 12 1/2yrs. I train all the new front desk agents, work primarily by myself, pay all the hotel bills, place majority of the orders for supplies, and I am an honorary engineer because I can fix most of the technical issues we might experience in the lobby or front desk areas with bothering our actual engineers.

  87. I’m an energy analyst for a small firm in DC. The job is pretty uncommon, basically analyzing market prices for gas and electricity. The funny thing is I actually don’t like numbers all that much! Your books make it all better at the end of a bad day 😊❤

  88. Full time wife, mother , grandmother and reader. I am one of your “older ” readers. Lol. In other words retired.

  89. Before I retired (involuntarily) I was a medical transcriptionist which I absolutely adored. I worked in Radiology. Fascinating. Then I was replaced by Voice Recognition software with no warning. Too old to learn a new career so I had my grandsons from birth to preschool. Not a bad gig but doesn’t pay very well. 😏

  90. I work at an animal feed company as a Customer Account Coordinator, which means I input feed orders for feed stores like Tractor Supply and mom and pop stores and for horse and cattle ranches. Then I find trucks to haul it. Fancy I know. I am going back to college to get a degree in Information Technology.

  91. I work for the local township and I’m responsible for allocating over 120 fields to organizations for there use thought out the year in every sport.

  92. I’m a college professor. 🙂

    I teach English composition (writing) and sophomore literature (British, American, and drama). While I love helping students (especially the returning adults) to discover their voice and (hopefully) an appreciation for the written word, I don’t love the hours of grading.

  93. I’m retired now from a career as a police and fire (911) dispatcher for my city. I’d like to think I saved a life or two over the years but most of the time you never know. Ever day was a new experience.

  94. My official title is Manager, Gift Recording. I work for a very large well known university and I work in gifts and records. When you make a donation I see it and make sure it is all a ok, I am also a mom which means I am chief office manager, cook and back up chaufer. My husband is the Dir of IT at their school so he does the main driving. As a side thing I crochet and sell my items through facebook and etsy.
    I just want to sit on the deck in my pjs and slippers 🙂

  95. I’m the Human Resource Manager (Part-Time) at a Bowling Center. The days I’m not working there, I either have fun or do renovation work for friends.

  96. “Officially,” I am a holistic health coach. I actually worked my way up from the bottom – I started out as front desk/receptionist, and now I run my local office and am the head coach for the entire company. On top of that, I take care of my nieces on my 1-2 days off each week during the school year and whenever I have a rare spare second in the summer (when I also volunteer at my old YMCA camp), and I’m an artist. Mostly painting with acrylics, but I’ve done almost everything, including tattoo designs. If I had the time and means to get back into sculpting, I would in a heartbeat.

  97. I manage restaurants in an airport. Every single day is different. I have seen the most outrageous stuff, the sweetest moments and definitely the saddest. I chat with passengers headed to Disney, that just finished their last final, that are trying to make it home before a loved one passes, new grandparents returning home after seeing their new grandchild for the first time and families gathering to wait for the remains of a fallen soldier.

  98. I manage a family owned high end pet supply store. Nothing glamorous — but we do have shelter kittens up for adoption. 😽

  99. Worked at Hallmark Cards for years. Decided to stay home and watch my grandkids, which led to watching my neices & nephews. Now, I have the luxury to be a home, and read your books!!

  100. I’m a high school librarian. Most days the kids make me smile, then every so often it’s like feeding time at the zoo!

    I’m impressed with your variety of scenes, Lucy moments and witty dialogue … I have read almost all your books and the Lucky Harbor series many many times and am still charmed.

    Maybe its time for some cookies to help with inspiration! I’ll have a couple too – ok so really this is just an excuse to have some chocolate, in the name of sisterhood. Lol.

  101. I work as a night time call center agent taking calls to solve problems concerning bank accounts and credit card accounts.

  102. I like to say I’m the Office Goddess, it sounds much better than Accounts Payable/Receiving clerk. Although, right now I’m also the Accounts Receivable/Credit Manager because we lost the lady who was doing that job so I’ve had to double up on my work load – so much fun. I’m also the office mom, apparently, just kind of transitioned into that over the years.

  103. The job that pays the bills is an executive assistant for a product liability law firm. The job I am trying to get going is a writer. My first book is out, so I’m slowly working my way toward the goal of full time. In the meantime, I’m dealing with auto wrecks.

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