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So I’m wondering … what’s your morning crack– er, I mean drink needs? For me, it’s tea. I’m quite the tea hound. I prefer peach or raspberry flavored but I’m not picky at all. That said, God help the people in my orbit if I can’t get my hands on caffeine shortly after waking… 🙂

But I know most people are. So what is it that you must have in the morning? Asking for a heroine … 🙂

p.s. I’m drawing three random names from the commenters who will win my upcoming book About That Kiss.

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  1. Three choices: Darjeeling Earl Grey tea from teapigs, Allegro Italian Roast, and for when I feel like treating myself a seasonal drink from either Starbucks or Cafe Nero.

  2. My preference is water and Sweet Tea for my morning go to choice of drink!! Thank You for the chance to win your new book!! I Love ❤️ your books and can’t wait to get it and read it!!

  3. I’m a water and then sweet tea for my morning go to drink of choice!! Thank You for the chance to win your new book!! I Love ❤️ all of them and can’t wait to read it!!

  4. I’m a flavored water drinker. I take all my pills in the morning drinking them down with the water. Also I hope to get all the fluids moving in my body. Lol

  5. A little bit of coffee in my cream! I’m teased constantly about the amount of cream I put into my coffee.

  6. COFFEE! Even my 5 year old cousin knows better than to talk to me until my 2nd cup of coffee in the morning. He’ll wander into the room “Nana how many?” “One” “Never mind…” as he quickly retreats.

    On campouts my friends would draw straws as to whom would be the one “brave” enough to venture into my tent to leave an offering of coffee near my face first thing in the morning.

  7. I drink blackberry tea every morning! There’s something so happy about it, like drinking a cup of spring.

  8. I neither a coffee nor tea drinker. Can’t stand either. I must have a big glass of water with breakfast. Depending on how the day shapes up when I arrive at work I might have my lunch soda as soon as I get to my desk. I treat myself to one a day.

  9. I usually drink coffee in the morning. I only can ingest one cup though, the rest of the day, I prefer tea. I am presently addicted to Tetley’s Cinnamon Spice. It’s very yum!

  10. COFFEE! Hot and strong. Everyone in my immediate orbit knows not to open any type of meaningful discussion with me in the morning, before my first cup. Especially if the discussion involves a response or decision from me. It just ain’t happening.

  11. Love the snoopy mug!!! I’m that person who doesn’t like hot beverages so occasionally I like an ice cold Pepsi

  12. Black espresso. Grind the beans myself at home– not cuz I’m fancy but because I’ve broken 2 machines with too fine a grind, & I’m blacklisted from Cuisinart’s warranty program (not guessing, they actually told me).

  13. Coffee pot is programmed to go off at 6AM EVERY morning. I walk the dog first thing, and a go cup of coffee needs to be in hand for that or nations will fall.

  14. First off, I want that mug!! Secondly, I get my caffeine from Diet Coke but drink water until it’s after 9 am when I allow myself to start drinking it.

  15. I love my Lipton Cinnamon apple tea with honey.
    I normally microwave it when I get to work but our microwave wanted to take itself out this morning while no one was touching it.😢

  16. Definitely need my coffee. It can be brewed or an espresso type like a macchiato or latte, but I need my caffeine.

  17. I love tea. Usually drink a British breakfast but republic of tea has a really good blackberry sage and an herbal mint tea that I love.

  18. I usually have to go to 7/11 and get a coffee or cappuccino. If not then a Mt. dew first thing will work also!

  19. Definitely COFFEE. The coffeeshop n the way to work had a drive up window. A real blessing. Now that i a retired i still need coffee first thing after i get up. i am glad coffee is a legal drug.

  20. Tea is my crack also. Specifically, Bigelow’s “Constant Comment”. And I love the smell as much as the taste.

  21. For some reason I don’t like hot drinks(I know, Who doesn’t like hot chocolate???) So it’s Diet Pepsi for me🤗 My sister thinks I was switched ay the hospital😁😁😁

  22. No caffeine needed for me, I drink water throughout the day but a sugary pop can make a little pep in my step

  23. Every morning (I know expensive) but every morning is Starbucks Grande Iced Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew with extra sweet cream. Drives my husband cra cra!!

  24. I have about nine kinds of tea in a basket on my table. I used to only drink coffee as my first drink of the day. Now, I alternate between hazelnut coffee and Earl Grey Tea. The decaf teas are for later in the day.

  25. I’m a tea drinker too. Iced or hot, depending on the weather. I used to have a co-worker whose morning caffeine fix consisted of diet Mt. Dew and orange juice mixed.

  26. Twinings Lady Grey Tea. Addicted for about a year thanks to a good friend. Wish I was a 1 cup a day girl but it more than that now……

  27. I’m with you, Tea of any flavor! Raspberry and peach are also my favorites. One cup, then iced rest of day.

  28. Morning coffee for me.! I get up go bathroom, than go to kitchen to turn on coffee maker. Get my showed dress and get coffee. I take a cup to go over to watch my grandson! Have to have the coffee to start my day! With 4 year o!d you need it! Wish I could bottle his power to go go go. Lol. See you on hump day! Can’t wait to see the hotzone this week💜☺

  29. Coffee. We run on coffee. Our 4th anniversary gift to each other was an espresso machine. My husband has added to our coffee making materials since lol.

  30. Coffee, with Irish Cream creamer. If I don’t have power (like that never happens, lol) I will throw a coat on over my pj’s and drive to get a thermos filled. I NEED my coffee!

  31. I have coffee. Must have. I won’t go into the shower, for fear of drowning, if I haven’t had my coffee…. 🙂

  32. Coffee for me with a little flavored creamer and milk about the same amount as coffee. I live with my sister and we have a single espresso machine and I set up for her every morning and then she sets it up for me. She gets up way earlier than I and neither of us have the energy to make the coffee so it works great for us.

  33. I reach for my Pepsi, but I love tea. My favorites are Earl Grey, and jasmine, along with peach. I’m right there with you! I love your mug, and your books.

  34. It depends on the morning. Most mornings I drink Diet Pepsi to get my caffeine. Some mornings I drink Apple Cinnamon Tea, Hot Cocoa, or Hazelnut Flavored Coffee,

  35. Hot tea (regular ole black), hot cocoa (preferably the dark chocolate kind) or diet coke. Definitely NOT Coffee. While I like the smell of coffee, I cannot stand the taste.

  36. I have to have caffeine, usually a latte with hazelnut syrup. Sometimes I drink hot tea, Irish breakfast tea with milk is my favorite.

  37. I’m a tea drinker too. My morning fix is usually Irish Breakfast with Stevia. I’m not a fan of fruity teas. Tim Hortons steeped tea double double is my other fav!!!

  38. Does peanut butter count? Because I don’t start the day without it in some way, shape, or form.

    (…I don’t drink coffee. I know, I can’t believe it, either!)

  39. I too am a tea drinker. My morning go to is Earl Grey. I get my teas from Teavana. Their “Joy” blend for the holiday season is sooo good!!

  40. I have to have coffee. I don’t even like it that much but I have to have it! I developed the habit working in an office that was very cold and have never been able to break it!

  41. Coffee……lots of coffee. I’m a snob about my coffee though and we subscribe to Black Rifle Coffee Co for the absolute best coffe!!! I don’t need cream and sugar to drink it anymore!

  42. Coffee is so handy so I’ve been trying to love it. …trying for 50 years. Let’s be real, I would drink alligator pee if it had caffeine.

  43. I just recently kicked my Coca Cola habit to the curb for a new habit of either Hot Herbal Tea or Unsweet Iced Tea with lemon. Wanna talk about withdrawals?

  44. I need to have tea, but I only like black tea-not flavored, green or herbal (which is really not tea)

  45. Usually coffee with Italian Sweet Creme coffemate, but I’ve been drinking more tea lately…either chai or peppermint.

  46. Decaf coffee in a big mug first. Like Starbucks Verona. Still has a kick . Then chai tea with almond milk later. Keeps me going

  47. Tea, I love, love, love all teas and trying different flavors. My favorite is English breakfast. Thank you for the chance to win.

  48. Coffee first thing in the morning with what ever book I went to sleep reading. Those two things are musts if anyone else in the family is to have any peace for the day. Because I get up so much earlier than anyone else it’s the best time in the day to read and have coffee un interrupted.

  49. It’s funny – for me – At home, it’s tea. If I’m travelling, it’s coffee. Except in Ireland – no way I could drink their coffee any time of day ( except the TRUE Irish coffee, that is)

  50. Actually I try to drink water. As the day progresses, and I grow bored with the water, I switch to hot tea in the winter or sweet tea in the summer. No coffee in my house!

  51. Juice, preferably orange with no pulp, because, you know,, I would’t want to be healthy or anything. Grapefruit or cranberry are also okay. Then I like tea (Earl Grey or Breakfast) or lately I would maybe have coffee. Although most coffee drinkers would not call what I drink coffee since it is half cream and sugar. Love your mug.

  52. I’m very sensitive to caffeine but I’m hooked on it anyway. I usually allow myself one half caf (with lots of cream) in the morning and that’s it.

  53. COFFEE and lots of it. I don’t function until 2 cupid (big cup) minimally ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

  54. Definitely a tea drinker: preferably loose leaf, strong black tea but in a pinch any caffeine containing tea will do.

  55. I drink tea as well, but I prefer mint. I’m really sensitive to caffeine so I can’t have too much or I can’t sleep at night, even if I drink it first thing in the morning.

  56. My morning Crack is red bull infusion. Nope it doesn’t give me wings but it helps keep migraines at a level I can still function most days.

  57. I love bulletproof coffee with pumpkin spice. I’m not a huge coffee drinker so most days it’s tea, but it’s my go to for a boost of energy and healthy fats.

  58. Iced Tea. For a long time it was Diet Coke, but I gave up all sodas 5 years ago. Then it was just water for a long time. But for the last 6 months or so, it has been Iced Tea.

  59. My morning crack is Green Mountain’s Wild Mountain Blueberry Coffee. It’s like a good regular cup of coffee with a hot buttered blueberry muffin right out of the oven. YUMMY

    1. Coffeemate use to have blueberry flavored creamer but like anything else it was here today and gone tomorrow

  60. Tea. Twinings’ English Breakfast in a tea bag to be exact. The loose leaf version has too bright of a flavor. I need/want the heavier, darker taste in the tea bag. I’m not a morning person either, but I can’t drink tea right away. I have stomach issues so need my meds and food before I can drink tea.

  61. COFFEE W/ CREAM….yes I meant to capitalize that….don’t look at me let alone talk to me before I have had a cup of COFFEE W/ CREAM!!! One has better luck after I have had 2 cups of COFFEE W/ CREAM!!

  62. Coffee or espresso. My hubby doesn’t try to talk to me until I’ve had a cup or 3. For some reason, I cannot drink tea 1st thing — it makes me nauseated.

  63. Orange juice-My grandmother told my mother coffee would stunt my growth. One sister drinks coffee and tea -she is 5’7″. My other sister drinks tea – she is 5’4″. I never learned to drink either – I am 5’2″ LOL

  64. Coffee and it has been coffee since I was 2 when my neighbor, Lola, would bring me coffee and cookies.

  65. Morn, Am a tea drinker. Am a tea snob lol . I only drink Barry’s tea
    From Ireland. I order from there. Since I can’t get it here in the store’s.

  66. I’m definitely a coffee drinker. I need at least one cup if not a pot to make it through a morning!

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