I Love Lucy Lives…

Note to self:

When you run out of the house at the butt-crack of dawn in your bunny slippers to take the dogs to do their business and it’s 10 degrees out, said bunny slippers will stick to the driveway, leaving you with two options.

One, stay there in your pjs and crazy morning hair until spring or …

Two, abandon the bunny slippers and tiptoe/run barefoot across the ice toward the house like a cat on slippery linoleum.

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  1. Wear wool socks…they won’t stick. We wear them to sauna in and then when we go out on the frigid night weather to jump into a hold cut into the frozen lake, it’s our wool socks that prevent our feet from sticking to the frozen ground. Naked with just wool socks to protect our feet!

  2. So, knowing construction guys, AM was already gone, right? Did Sadie sit at the window yelling “litterbox!!”? LOL

  3. OMG, you are hilarious. Hope you made it back in safe and sound. NEXT time, send Alpha Man. Tell him it’s for the good of your readers… (Sorry, Big Guy. She has to remain safe.)

  4. Only you, or maybe not only you Jill. Glad I have a fenced in yard and just have to open the back door for my pup.

  5. Don’t have a dog to take out…I don’t get out much in winter.I hibernate.Glad we don’t get much snow.

  6. Oh man that’s ruff.
    I was wearing strapy heels at work in San Antonio in the summer…the strap broke & pavement was to hot to walk on. I just stood there in the middle of this parking lot until a guy I worked with came by & carried me back to the office. I went barefoot the rest of the day. It was on an Air Force bast & luckily the General didn’t see.

  7. This is our first winter with our dog (he’s 9 months old). I’ve recently become acquainted with the early am potty walks. It’s too dark in Maine to just let him out in the backyard – I’m more scared of a skunk run in than my neighborhood seeing my pjs and morning hair!

  8. Will you be able to get your bunny slippers free later? Where was Alpha Man – he should have carried you back into the house or he should be taking the hounds out at zero dark early to save you from yourself.

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