The colors are here!

Hard to concentrate on the book that still isn’t done when I’m looking at views like this …

Anyone else doing something they shouldn’t be while ignoring doing the something that they should be doing? And if that sentence makes sense to you, you’re as bad off as I am.

Oh and p.s. … if you’re my editor, I’m just kiddin’ about not working.

p.s.s. … have you seen my upcoming About That Kiss?

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  1. I should be putting together a new tv cabinet with a fireplace insert, laundry, cooking, but instead I’m READING. Love your books.

  2. The trees in Amelia Ohio aren’t as pretty, they’re just dropping leaves. Yes, I’m replying to your question instead of changing out my wardrobe for winter and or finishing trimming my shrubs.

  3. Love the colors! Right now, I’m reading my favorite author’s blog instead of doing my job. Shhh. Boss is away. 😉

  4. Love the colors. They are all changing here in North Alabama.It’s a rainy day here today but at least it’s not cold.Have a great day.

  5. Oh dear! I understood every word of the sentence.
    Color is finally here in New England, so I’m easily distracted by all the sights both in the city and the countryside.
    As for doing something I shouldn’t … does reading count? Never miss an opportunity to disappear into a good book. Everything else can wait.

  6. It’s funny this year, our colors are so late we’ve had snow and they are just hitting their stride. All the fall weddings foiled by a late heat wave and so much rain this year.

  7. The colors are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing with this Florida girl who lives where there are two seasons. Leaves on the trees and bare trees.

    And yes as a matter of fact I am doing something I shouldn’t be instead of many things I should be doing. Checking Facebook and reading! Waiting very impatiently for the next book in my favorite series of yours.

  8. I can’t blame you for not working when you have that scenery around. We don’t get much color here in Orlando and what does come usually comes in January or February.

    If your editor asks you can always say you are doing research.

  9. Good morning Jill. Your colors are beautiful & I fully understand your sentence. We don’t get very much color here in central Texas in my area.

    Take care & have a great day.

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