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I was at the grocery store yesterday when I knocked my purse off my cart, where it proceeded to dump itself across three checkout lanes. No worries, it was only 6:00 pm, which means the store was packed to the gills. And in my small town, that means it was packed with people who know me.

And now these people all know that I carry, I kid you not, 14 variations of chapstick and lipgloss, a package of Chip Ahoy cookies, and three different sets of Skullcandy headphones.

Because you never know when there’s going to be a cookie emergency or you lose an earbud off the headphones hanging around your neck…

The woman behind me handed me a sample packet of Midol. I told her it wasn’t mine, I wasn’t packing Midol that day. “Just in case,” she said with a meaningful, understanding look.

I took the Midol.

So here’s my question today. What’s in YOUR bag?

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  1. Um, billfold, sunglasses, used tissues, pen, old store receipts, checkbook, deposit slips, bookmarks (‘cuz you never know when you might need one) lip balm, advil, calendar, keys, broken calculator, flashlight, charms, old melted gum (yeah, it’s over everything) … *sigh* My purse is kinda boring.

  2. My current bag (Vera Bradley) has: wallet(Vera Bradley), 3 sets of keys, Kindle with Vera Bradley cover, wide tooth comb, tampon, liner, Midol (share this with my male firefighters for back aches), Excedrin, birthday card, a zillion receipts, a couple recipes, 2 knives, extra set of contacts, contact solution, contact travel case, earbuds, a couple pens, gum, granola bars, 1 mini dark chocolate Dove bar, sticky note pad, cell phone charger, and goodness knows what else! And none of the Vera Bradley patterns match!

  3. Wallet, office keys, 3 pens (no paper), white driveway rocks, hubba bubba gum, toy dinosaur, pencil sharpener (no pencils), 1 chap stick, my tablet, my cellphone, hand/arm warmers (basically gloves with no fingers and a watch size battery that is for my kitchen timer that I can’t find ANYWHERE!. As you can see I have a child hence the rocks and toy and gum 🙂

  4. My husband had stints put into his heart the other day. For the trip to the hospital I packed my wallet, Kindle fire and paper white, two chargers, cell phone, car keys. It was a very heavy purse.

  5. I kid you not, my friends always tease me because of what’s in my purse. Here goes. Of course the essentials, my wallet, my change purse, small makeup bag, hairbrush, Aleve, scrunchie, hair clip, tissues, package of wet wipes, panty liner, bandaids, pen, packets of Splenda, nail file,hand held fan (cause I’m always hot), coupons, cell phone, a writing pad, a small mirror, lip gloss, mints, gum, chocolate candy and finally, eye drops. So apparently my purse has gotten so heavy that my shoulder has been hurting. Went for an MRI and I have a torn tendon. So I switched now to the left shoulder. Crazy I know.

  6. Wallet , small makeup bag ,coupon holder , small Vera Bradley clutch with my money , credit cards and license , cards for discounts , pen ,chapstick , a lot of stuff!!!!!

  7. Wallet, credit card holder, 3 pkgs of tissues; keys, a comb, pens, pill case, 2 lip sticks, 3 lip gloss, glasses cleaner, sun glasses, 2 packs of gum, feminine hygiene wipes, Transit pass.

  8. I started cutting back on what’s in my purse – why is it MY job to carry anything we may need when we are out? But I DO have a “small” packet of papers or things we may need…seems there are those things we just HAFTA have. Did you notice I said “we”? I think men should get manpurses. Bet it will cut back on what you HAFTA have…

  9. Lol. I’ve done the same thing. I now just keep very little in it now. I do keep Kleenex for the grandkids. Always pain pills and a small knife. I always put my keys in my pocket. I will always have a way home. Lol. Have a better day! Thanks for the great stories🔰

  10. Tylenol, migraine medicine, nail clippers, keys, wallet, carmex, now the good stuff…..screwdrivers(you never know when you will need them except I am 57 and haven’t needed them yet) and last but not least cell phone charger.

  11. Keys to work, and home and my car. A checkbook, phone, phone charger, an address book, eye drops, chapstick , my wallet, reading glasses, an emory board, a list for upcoming books that will be coming out. A small container of tylenol.

  12. Well let me see: A small pouch with a change of delicates in it. (I learned long ago as a teen that one should always have spares discretely tucked away in your purse/bag), makeup bag, 2 cell phone portable chargers (great things these portable chargers), miniature flashlight, small sewing kit, small first aid kit, hand sanitizer, nail file, tire gauge, comb, several pens, writing pad, pocket size day planner, wallet…..did I mention I have a purse organizer which stores all this stuff? Kleenex….huh…and apparently several Hot Wheel cars which means my 5 year old cousin slipped them in there before his trip to Texas. OH and lookie there…..a mini umbrella.

  13. I keep my wallet my date book and pen and a comb lipstick and a vitamin e stick just basic stuff I carry a small purse so I tend to not put a lot of things in it

  14. Old grocery store receipts that I plan on checking one day to make sure I was not overcharged. Lots of pens (I never can find one when I need it. My book of life which has my children and grand children’s birthdays, addresses and phone number along with all my various pass words. Just everyday stuff.

  15. There is always a book; my fat wall; a bag with pens, cords, & other misc. stuff; kleenex; glucose tablets; glasses cleaner; ibuprofen/tylenol; and my phone.

  16. A billfold, a small bag with lipstick and 3 different lip balms, several emery boards, 2 pens, a check book , kleenex, my phone, cough drops, life savers, some hand wipes, some lens wipes, some breath sheets (you know those green sheets), a comb, some little note pads, and at different times, a kindle or a paperback depending on where I am in reading and where I am in waiting.

  17. I have a book, my wallet ,some bills,nail clipper,keys,chapstick,a notepad and several pens .Oh and a little extendable back scratcher.

  18. On any given day…my brush, my wallet, numerous ‘author specific’ Chapstick/lipgloss, my tablet, a real book (this weeks is Origin by Dan Brown and it’s HEAVY) because you never know when the tablet will run out of power, my passport because one never knows when the opportunity to leave the country will present itself, kleenex, Motrin, nail file, some cash…mostly in quarters on the bottom of my purse, hand lotion, shampoo/conditioner (remember I have my passport), an extra baggage tag, and old mints…some with hair wound around them…some still in the package.

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