Hello my Amazon readers!


Alert! Something weird is happening with Amazon links for some people with the Amazon Shopping app.

Are you having trouble opening Amazon ordering links from your smartphone or tablet? Is the link that should be taking you to a Rainy Day Friends pre-order book page instead taking you to a piece of camping equipment or some other Daily Deal? Well, I am as bummed as you. It seems Amazon has been testing and is trying to force links from phone email and browser apps to open in their app—which could be fine if that’s what happened for everyone. But it’s not.

While we wait for Amazon to get their act together, I’ve got some workarounds for you.

Try this Rainy Day Friends direct link to Amazon
Go directly to Amazon.com and search for Jill Shalvis Rainy Day Friends

If you are on Twitter or Facebook, some people are having luck with an Amazon link not failing when it stays snug inside the social app. I’ve posted the link both in this tweet and this Facebook post.


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  1. And that’s Amazon for you…just this morning, I was trying to get to a book and it kept pushing me to another book!

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