Strong and Sexy

Strong and Sexy
December 2007

For as long as I can remember, small town airports have fascinated me. Or maybe it’s the pilots. Is it just me, or is that just a sexy as hell occupation, knowing how to fly anything from a Cessna to a Lear? It’s a huge responsibility of course, and I’m sure, not hurt by the sense of excitement flying to exotic locations all over the world.

When I started this series, SMART AND SEXY, STRONG AND SEXY, AND XX (to be, determined yet) AND SEXY, all I knew was that each of the three books would highlight one of three childhood buds and partners: Noah, Shayne, and Brody.

Noah got his story in SMART AND SEXY, due out 3/26/07. STRONG AND SEXY is Shayne’s story, and for the longest time it stumped me. He stumped me. I knew he was the jokester of the bunch, the laid-back, easy-going one. The
one who tended to go through women… How to make a guy like that hero worthy? Simple. Put someone’s life in his hands. Maybe someone who doesn’t know she needs saving. Maybe someone that everyone thinks isn’t in danger so much as… well, crazy.

So that’s how the black sheep playboy meets his match — a wild and crazy beautiful woman, and he does mean crazy. After all, she keeps seeing dead bodies that aren’t really there…

Once I had this premise down, the book flowed like you wouldn’t believe. It was sheer joy to write, and I’m hoping you feel the same way about reading it come the end of November 07 when it’s released. In the meantime, be sure to grab SMART AND SEXY for your first taste of the Sky High Air series.


Strong and Sexy

Starring the wildly seductive heroes Noah, Shayne, and Brody, Jill Shalvis,s exhilarating new series features a delectable concoction of sex appeal and adventure. Whether they’re up in the air or between the sheets, these hot, hardy pilots know exactly where the action is…


In a family of serious over-achievers, Shayne Mahoney has always been the laid-back, easy-going rebel. But running Sky High Air-a charter airline catering to the rich and famous-is a dream come true, in-flight specials included. Like kissing his client’s beautiful, brainy daughter in a coat closet. But before Shayne can say “Fasten Your Seatbelts,” Dani claims to witness a murder, gets stalked in her own apartment, and as added bonus, gets them both shot at by a mystery sniper. Normally Shayne would be running from the obviously crazy woman, and yet he finds himself trying to help her, leaving him to doubt his own sanity…

There’s a reason Dani never attends her mother’s high society parties. The fake people, the shallow conversation…and the fact that she doesn’t fit in. She’s a zoologist, not a starlet, and happy about it, even if she wishes men like ruggedly handsome Shayne Mahoney would spare her a second glance. Of course, dodging bullets isn’t exactly what she’d call the perfect follow-up to their heated kiss, but Shayne makes it clear she can depend on him. All she has to do is hold on tight to his delicious hard body until the ride is over…

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