Slow Heat

Slow Heat Dear Reader,

There’s nothing more wildly sexy and appealing than a professional athlete, someone willing to put life and limb on the line for the win, someone so
used to doing whatever it takes to save the game, that they don’t realize that they themselves need saving.

I love torturing my heroes with love. Not sure what that says about me, but there’s something about a watching a guy suffer before getting his happily ever after. Slow Heat begins with a big, bad sexy-as-hell major league baseball catcher for the Santa Barbara Heat. Wade O’Riley is a walk on the wild side, and doesn’t see a problem with that. Unfortunately for him, management does.

When the Powers-That-Be decide Wade needs a public make-over, they task the Heat’s publicist with pretending to be his girlfriend at a celebrity wedding. They figure this will ward off both women and trouble. Problem ¬≠putting Sam and Wade together any amount of time equals trouble all on its own. Trouble, and a crazy sexual heat neither can seem to resist to save their lives . . .

Wade doesn’t have a problem with what’s happening between them. He might be the Good Time Guy, but he knows a good thing when it hits him. Sam,however, isn’t as easy to convince. She’s known Wade for a long time, and has never seen him stick. Care. Open his heart.

And since hers has been open to him since that one long ago night they’d shared, she’s doubly cautious. But risking when it comes to love is what it’s all about, and before their story is over, each will have to risk far more than they bargained for, including their hearts and souls.

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Oh, and be sure to look for Double Play, featuring Pace’s and Holly’s story, out now as well!

Happy Reading!
Jill Shalvis

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