Out of This World

Out of This World
Sepetember 2007
ISBN 0758214448

I came up with the idea for this book in the middle of the night, while having a really great dream. I was accepting an Oscar for best screen play, with Matt Damon at my side (my co-writer, you see), only I tripped at the podium and knocked poor Matt Damon down. Right then and there in my dream I decided to stick with novel writing.

I wanted to write about a heroine who maybe wasn’t quite so sure of herself and her own powers as a woman. Maybe someone who wasn’t classically beautiful, and who tripped over her own feet, and who sometimes got popcorn stuck in her teeth but didn’t know it, and nobody told her until she got home at night to brush her teeth and wondered how long it’d been there.

I wrote Out Of This World last winter and though I was terrified of the concept, writing in first person, having it be both a mystery, a paranormal, and a very sexy romance all at the same time (have I mentioned there’s an alternate universe with modern day pirates? No? Well, there is), the book flew right out of me.

I shared an excerpt way back when I was actually in the middle of the book, but here’s another sneak peek. If you like what you see, please feel free to make my day and order from Amazon…

Here’s an excerpt:

After I realized how stuck we really were, and that I wasn’t going to get any cookies, things sort of caught up with me. I was so tired that I had to prop my head up on my elbow, but still I kept drifting off in the middle of eating the cheese and apples, and nearly snapping my neck while I was at it. I swear, my eyes just kept closing on me. The warm fire didn’t help, nor the lack of bright overhead lights – cookies would have done it – and I closed my eyes while Marilee and Axel talked to Kellan about…

The sexual healing powers of the mountain? Huh? I tuned into the conversation in time to hear Marilee say, “It’s true, there’s just something about this place. When people come here, they find a renewed spirit. It brings out the passion.”

“Sex,” Kellan said, sounding doubtful, clearly wanting to clarify. “You’re telling me your guests all get sex.”

“Well . . .” Marilee started. “Not necessarily…”

“Yes,” Axel interrupted. “Seriously. I think it’s in the water, dude.”

I drifted off a moment, picturing getting sexually healed by . . . Kellan? Damn, the guy needed to get the hell out of my fantasies.

“So,” Kellan said, sounding amused now. “You’re telling me what, that I’m going to have the sex of my life here?”

Axel laughed. “Hey, dude, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.”

In spite of myself and my interest in this topic, I drifted again, dreaming about Kellan getting the sex of his life. With that girl he’d dated a few times at his work, that cute little blond what’s-her-name”

No. I didn’t like her. Too perky. I tried someone else. Maybe that actress on that TV show he had such a crush on . . . No, I didn’t like her either. Concentrate, I told myself. Concentrate on getting Kellan sex with . . .


I could see it so clearly, too; his long, rangy body towering over mine, him leaning in for a kiss as he sank into my body, taking us both to heaven and bac…

Whoa, stop the presses. But it was too late, the image stuck, and not only did it stick, it was…hot. My face heated. I sighed dreamily. And grinned stupidly…

“Rach.” Kellan gently shook me. “Come on.”

Come? Yeah, I think I could probably handle coming right about now…

“Let’s get you changed,” he said. “And then…

“Yes?” I murmured hopefully, waking all the way up. “And then…?” More coming?


Sleep. Right. Sigh…

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