Second Lucky Harbor Trilogy (The Chocoholics)

Dear Reader,

From the very first moment I put Mysterious Cute Guy on the page, I fell in love. There’s just something about a big, bad, sexy guy that you know nothing about that fires the imagination. But I have to be honest. When he made a cameo in Head Over Heels, (literally a walk-on role only; in fact I believe he only gets a mention or two) I knew nothing about him. Nothing. I never intended to either. He was just one of life’s little (okay big, bad, and sexy) mysteries.

Then my editor called me. Said the first three Lucky Harbor books had done so well that they’d like three more please. And maybe one of the heroes could be Mysterious Cute Guy.

So I put three strangers together in the small town diner during a late night surprise snow storm. Mallory, an ER nurse just off shift, Mallory the waitress, and Grace who is brand new to Lucky Harbor. The power goes out and all the women are left with is each other and the only thing in the café left to eat – a chocolate cake. Over the next few long hours they eat the cake and discuss their lives, and decide they each need to kick things into gear for themselves. Mallory is up first.

It was fun coming up with a story for her and Mysterious Cute Guy, aka Ty Garrison. More fun still to give this ex-Navy SEAL a rough, tortured, bad-boy past and a sweet, giving, good-girl heroine (Mallory Quinn, ER nurse). Oh the fun I had with these two: a bad boy trying to go good, and a good girl looking for a walk on the wild side. Hope you have as much fun reading their story, Lucky In Love.

And then, stick around. Because Mallory’s two Chocoholics-in-crime partners, Amy and Grace, have their own love with At Last and then Forever and a Day.

Happy Reading!

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