Firefighter series

Firefighter1Not too long ago I found myself in a firehouse, on the second floor, standing by the fire pole, looking through a large hole to the first floor. It was a long way down.
“The idea is to do it fast,” the hunky firefighter on my right said. “The bell’s gone off, remember?”
“People need us,” the equally hunky firefighter on my left reminded me. “You can’t stand there and think about it, you have to go.”

Right. We were in a hurry. Theoretically anyway. I was doing research for my upcoming series of three firefighter heroes, one of which would be a wildland firefighter, one a city firefighter, and one a city fire inspector
complete with a gun. Whew. Only problem, I knew nothing about these guys and what they face every day.

Hence being in the firehouse, now staring down at this twenty-foot drop. On a pole. Luckily I was dressed for the part in a firefighter’s gear (man, at 65 pounds, is that stuff heavy!). Unfortunately, my palms were sweating. So was the rest of me. “Here I go,” I announced.

The guys waited patiently. Then shook their heads when I just stood there. Someone rang the fire bell again, trying to be funny. Everyone laughed, me included (nervously!), and then I did it. I reached out for the pole and slid down (I might have screamed on the way; what’s it to you? *g*)

I landed incongruously on my butt. But I landed!

I thought, see, I could do this. I could be a firefighter.

And then came a real fire bell. Off we went to fight into the wilderness where some camper had lit an illegal campfire which had gotten out of hand. In less than an hour the fire had gobbled up an entire mountainside and was out of control, heading towards millions of acres of national forest land.

Other services were called in to help. By nightfall there were hundreds of wildland firefighters out there attacking the three hundred foot high flames in the vicious winds and heat, putting their lives on the line, all signs of
humor and teasing gone.


These guys were, are, real life heroes, and watching them in action was an experience I’ll never forget. I dedicate all three of my firefighter heroes to the real men and women out there doing this job every single day.

The Series

June 2004

Bush pilot Lyndie Anderson has gotten by on her own, and she’d like to keep it that way. She lives only for her plane and the open sky. Then she’s hired to fly a drop-dead-gorgeous fireman to a blaze in Copper Canyon, and
suddenly she’s struggling to douse a burning desire inside.

Griffin Moore hasn’t been the same since an Idaho wildfire claimed his crew. And when he heads for another fire, he’s prepared to endanger his life again. But when Lyndie and he set off sparks, he finds that his heart may be
at risk as well.

Now, as they fly toward the raging inferno, what was supposed to be strictly business becomes purely passionate…

WHITE HEAT was my first book with points of view from someone other than the hero and heroine. What a thrill! Suddenly I had all this freedom, and I’ve never had so much fun. My heroine was my first real kick ass heroine as well. I made her a bush pilot, with a habit of never looking back. Man, I wanted to BE her. *g* My hero was probably more tortured than I’ve done, poor guy. But I think I helped him through his pain by giving him his first real taste of love. I had a small secondary love story here, and also a third. *g* By the time I was done with this book, I needed a vacation…

December 2004

When San Diego firefighter Jake Rawlins is injured in a heroic, high-profile rescue, he decides to disappear from the media and recover in solitude. With nowhere else to turn, he retreats to the Blue Flame, the Arizona ranch he inherited from his father. This remote oasis under a clear azure sky might seem like a bit of heaven‹but Jake is just biding time until he can return to the city, where he can be lost in a crowd instead of alone with his

Unfortunately, the wildly sexy Jake is the last person Callie Hayes wants to see again. As ranch supervisor, Callie’s has made the Blue Flame her home. This place is Callie’s heart and soul‹both of which are shaken with the
reappearance of its absentee owner. But Jake¹s a changed man, and their stormy past could spark a new love–one hot enough to change both their lives.

I had so much fun with multiple points of view in White Heat, I did it again here. In fact, the secondary romance in this story grabbed me by the throat and never let go until the end. After I wrote the last page, I had to take a
month off. I just couldn’t get these characters out of my head, they’d become THAT special to me. This was the first time that had ever happened to me…

May 2005

Summer Abrams nearly died trying to save her father from a warehouse fire that, in the end, took his life. Consumed by guilt, she never set foot back in the town where her world fell apart. But now, twelve years later, another
fire has ripped through that very warehouse, drawing Summer back to Ocean Beach–and to the man who was once her best friend…and is now a wildly sexy fire marshal who ignites her deepest desires.

Walker Montana has spent most of his life keeping people at bay. Summer was the only person he’d ever let in, but she’d broken his heart…and then took off without a word. After all these years, she’s back—and she won’t leave
until they track down the arsonist responsible for this latest fire. Now Walker, who swore he’d never fall for Summer again, discovers he can’t resist the scorching heat between them‹and suddenly he’s wondering if all
these hot nights could be become something more lasting…

I literally JUST finished this book, and sigh…I miss it. This was is definitely the most emotional of the three firefighters, with its wounded warrior hero and the heroine who doesn’t think of herself as anyone special until she sees herself reflected in the hero’s eyes. Also, this story has the most suspense, and wow but that was a huge challenge, mixing the romance with the mystery. The hardest part was knowing this was the last in the series, and that it’s over, sniff sniff!

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