Double Play

Double Play

Dear Reader,

There’s nothing more wildly sexy and appealing than a professional athlete, someone willing to put life and limb on the line for the win, someone so used to doing whatever it takes to save the game, that they don’t realize that they themselves need saving.

I love torturing my heroes with love. Not sure what that says about me, but there’s something about a watching a guy suffer before getting his happily ever after. This time I started with a big, bad sexy-as-hell major league baseball pitcher. Pace Martin is tough and edgy, a bit of a badass really, and doesn’t see a problem with that. Intensely private, he’s devastated to discover that what should have been a simple injury might well be a career ending one.

And then a reporter shows up. Holly Hutchins has a nose for secrets, and a free pass from the Heat’s management to travel with Pace’s team all summer and write about the guys in detail. From the very first moment with Pace, when he inadvertently abducts her, they irritate – and arouse – the hell out of each other. But certain life experiences have a way of bringing out the best in people, and the best between Pace and Holly is very, very good . . .

Poor Pace. He just wants to be left alone, and yet every single time he’s with Holly the oddest thing happens. He feels. He wants. That she drives him crazy is a problem, as is her ‘tude, but hey, he has his own bad ‘tude half the time so he can appreciate it. Especially when they’re kissing instead of banging heads. Pitting these two against each other was great fun. I’m only sorry it’s over.

As always, I’d love to hear what you think. You can find me on the web, along with my daily blog about my own adventures.

Oh, and be sure to look for Pace’s best friend Wade O’Riley to get his own story in the next few months!

Happy Reading!
Jill Shalvis

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