Adding Up to You

Adding Up to You

Reissue (eBook)
August 15, 2016
ISBN 9781488078422

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All’s fair in love and war…and business.

Kenna Mallory is loath to give up her hard-won independence, but when her father asks her to take over as VP of one of the family’s latest hotel acquisitions, Kenna can’t resist the opportunity to prove herself. The catch? She has to be the co-VP along with Weston Roth. With a name like that, Kenna is sure Weston must be old and doddering.

Wes is neither. And after years of working hard to get where he is, he doesn’t appreciate Kenna’s sudden arrival on the scene. Yet he can’t deny that she’s determined, smart, good with numbers…and nearly impossible to resist. Can he mix business with pleasure without losing everything he’s worked for?

Originally published as Natural Blond Instincts in 2003.