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Welcome to my daily blog. If this is your first time, I'm a romance writer and a misplaced city girl currently living in the wild Sierras. I tend to have a lot of I-Love-Lucy moments that I share here but sometimes we talk about books, TV, and our favorite cookies. Okay, my favorite cookies. In any case, please feel free to comment by clicking on the Comments at the bottom of any entry. If you're too shy, that's okay, just know I love having you.

December 10, 2014

Deadline brain

So it happens with every book. Deadline hell. This means that I do nothing but panic and angst and work like a fiend, because no matter how far out I set the deadlines, I come up against that deadline.

Stupid procrastination. Stupid writer brain…

ANYWAY, what this means for the family is that there’s more than the usual insanity. After a week of poor Alpha Man having to do absolutely everything including laundry (if he wanted undies) and food shopping (if he wanted food) and start the holiday shopping (if he wanted Santa to come), I decided I was being a horrible person. I said I’d cook dinner.

Cut to six o’clock and I realized my nose had been in my book all day and I hadn’t done anything to get dinner together. Gah. I scoured the kitchen for possibilities. I found leftover ribs, a can of corn and a can of baked beans. Genius! I tossed the ribs into the microwave and cranked open the cans and wala! Dinner!

Alpha Man walked in five minutes later and nearly fell over when I said i had dinner ready. Hmph. He actually thought I’d be waiting on him to figure dinner out like usual. Note to self: cook more often so as to not give the husband a shock.

We sat down to eat and afterwards I told him the dishes were on him since I’d slaved over dinner.

He laughed for the next half an hour and kept shaking his head and repeating “slaved over dinner” like I’d said the funniest thing in the world. Damn. Note to self: don’t offer to cook dinner ever again!

p.s. You the cook? Or the one who amuses the cook?

December 9, 2014

Best Of

This is a repeat from a few years back but it’s the story of how we get our tree and it’s the same every year:

When did it become December? How did that happen? No, seriously, HOW? A few days ago I asked the teenagers to walk out into our woods and get our Christmas tree (in an overly wooded area that needed trimming anyway, I swear!). No one wanted to.


So I go off on a hike, pouting a little, and come home to find all the teenagers standing in the driveway, fully geared up (it was snowing like a mother), fake smiles in place. I asked them what was up.

“We’re going to help you find a tree,” was the unanimous answer. More fake smiles.


I looked at Alpha Man, who was also geared up, his saw in hand. Not talking. “This your idea?” I asked him.

“No,” the teenagers all said in unison. “It was ours. We WANT to go snow shoeing through five feet of snow to get you the Christmas tree you want.”

I looked at Alpha Man again but that man never cracks. I decided not to press the issue and into the woods we went. Teenagers grumbling under their breath. I started with Middle, cornered her. “Dad making you do this?”


Such a cute little liar. I trapped Youngest next. “Just tell me how he got you guys out here.”

“He took our phones,” she said, then clapped her hand over her mouth.

By this time I didn’t care how he’d gotten them out there, I was just happy to all be together, a family, hunting for a tree. It was so sweet. Minus the three fights over which tree, the two fights over mysterious snowballs in the back of heads and the biggee … what were we going to eat for lunch.

Sometimes I think family togetherness is overrated.

December 8, 2014

My writing day

Update: winner, randomly drawn, is: BETTYMC. Betty email me with your addy and put iTunes in the subject line. :)

Original post:
Here is my writing day in a nutshell:

Write down a few sentences
Check Tumblr for some inspiring pics.
Change the background on my desktop.
Write another sentence.
Get a snack.
Make a potty run. Take the dog for a potty run.
Can’t find my Word document, panic, soothe self with a cookie. Or two.
Write a page.
Have to erase page.
Get another snack.

Huh. It’s a miracle a book ever gets written at all, isn’t it? I have a $25.00 iTunes card which I would hope you’d use to buy my books that somehow got written in spite of myself (you can buy digital or audio books from iBooks). Leave a comment to be in the running. :razz:

December 6, 2014

A guest blog!

Update: Winners, randomly drawn, ar: Nancy B and KERRY K. Kerry, email me with Helenkay Dimon in the subject line. Don’t forget to give me your addy and a few book choices!

Original post:
Today Helenkay Dimon is guesting. We love it when she does because she always brings books to giveaway!

From Helenkay:
Hello everyone and a huge thank you to Jill for letting me be here today. I had to tear myself away from her newest, MERRY CHRISTMAS, BABY (and Sawyer!) to come over here. Have you all read it? If not, do it!

Jill and I talk every day. And by talk, I mean email and send photos back and forth. All of them G-rated, of course. (NOTE FROM JILL: THEY’RE NEVER G-RATED) Many times our topic turns to one of my favorite things – writing men. Usually it goes something like this:

Jill: My hero is being an idiot.
Me: Again?
Jill: Still.
Me: Mine just ticked off the heroine.
Jill: Sounds realistic TO ME.
Me: Yeah, I didn’t have any trouble making the heroine’s anger sound real.

In my newest release, TOO FAR GONE, the hero, Walker, is…well, difficult. Let’s just say he has some issues. He literally was a secret baby when he was a kid. He’s now a grown man and an FBI agent. As an adult, he gets to know his three brothers – men who did not even know Walker existed before they meet him. And they don’t like him very much. Brothers being brothers, Walker doesn’t stand a chance once his siblings realize he’s in romance trouble. Take a peek at an early discussion with brothers Callen and Declan:

Callen crossed his arms in front of him and leaned on the table. “But we should get back to the main topic. Do you think Mallory is going to welcome you back into her bed without making you crawl first?”
Just thinking about Mallory in bed had Walker sweating. “Let’s pretend I’m willing to talk about this, which I’m not.”
Declan kept flipping menu pages. “Uh-huh.”
“Mallory and I had an understanding…” Walker’s confidence faltered. “Stop shaking your head at me, Callen. I am three seconds away from smashing my fist in your skull.”
Declan finally looked up. “He has that effect on everyone, your girlfriend Mallory especially.”
The amusement in Declan’s voice had Walker jumping on the defensive. “She’s not my-”
Callen snorted. “Well, she’s not now. You screwed that up.”
“That’s not true.” Walker refused to let that be true. Yes, he didn’t handle Mallory as well as he should have. He’d admit to that, but he did have something with her and there was no way she would let that slip away without a fight.

Poor Walker. I think even Jill felt bad for him. (NOTE FROM JILL: I TOTALLY DID, EVEN AS I LUSTED FOR HIM…)



December 5, 2014

Name The Bean contest

Update: This was my fave contest in a long time! Loved all your ideas but in the end, Sawyer and Chloe named the bean Phoebe in memory of Chloe’s mom. Winners are: Renee Warren and Karen. Email me with Phoebe in the subject and give me your addy and a few choices of books. :)

Original post:
Okay so I have buckets and buckets of emails complaining that I didn’t name The Bean, which if you’ve read MERRY CHRISTMAS BABY, then you know that’s Sawyer’s and Chloe’s baby. I didn’t name her because I was saving it for you.

Yes, you.

So here we go. Name The Bean. I’ll pick my favorite and the winner will win a Shalvis drawstring backpack and the book of their choice.

and p.s. you look gorgeous today… :razz:

December 4, 2014

Thursday’s Tidbits

Update: Winners, randomly drawn, are: RUBY NORWOOD, GALE S, and VALERIE P. Email me with a few book choices, whether you want print or ebook, and don’t forget your addy!

Original post:
So earlier in the week I was in San Francisco for my three month post spine surgery check. Getting there was an exercise in patience given that we drove off the mountain through a snow storm and then down the hills through a rain storm.

And that’s not counting all the idiots on the road…

Anyway, I snapped this shot on the way over the bridge without even realizing how interesting the sky was.

FullSizeRender 2

I’d run out of cookies and chips by the time we got to Stanford. Which was just as well because somehow I managed to gain weight since surgery.

I don’t want to talk about it…

BUT my xrays finally showed some signs of healing! I was going to post the xrays but Alpha Man said that probably I shouldn’t, I might gross you all out. The bottom line is that I was cleared for physical therapy. That seemed like a great thing for this ADHD girl, who has been cleared for nothing other than walking this entire time.

But the reality of PT? Yeah, not quite as fun as I thought. Core strengthening sucks. Stretching sucks.

The one thing that doesn’t suck? The Girl Scout cookies I bought on the way home… Today’s question of the day is: What is your favorite cookie? I’ll be drawing three random names who will win the book of mine of their choice!

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