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Welcome to my daily blog. If this is your first time, I'm a romance writer and a misplaced city girl currently living in the wild Sierras. I tend to have a lot of I-Love-Lucy moments that I share here but sometimes we talk about books, TV, and our favorite cookies. Okay, my favorite cookies. In any case, please feel free to comment by clicking on the Comments at the bottom of any entry. If you're too shy, that's okay, just know I love having you.

July 21, 2015

Jill does NY

So it’s still hot as hell in New York. For those of you wondering… But the good news is that I only got lost once so far. Okay, twice. But it’s only day one so …


Send ice cream. Oh and what’s the hottest temperature you’ve ever been in? Cuz NY was 95 yesterday and I was sticky. STICKY! I don’t like sticky…

July 20, 2015

Monday Musings and Other Stuff

So I’m in New York in a hotel room about to have a week at a writer’s conference…


But over the weekend I did a signing with my girl crush Nora Roberts:



Oh and here was Alpha Man pretending to be me at the signing.



I’ll be posting pics all weeks of the authors I’m stalking so stay tuned. In the meantime, caption this picture of Middle’s bff being driven to the lake.


Winners will receive my next book ALL I WANT.

July 16, 2015

Thursday’s Tidbits

So I leave tomorrow for Maryland, going to the Nora Roberts’ big summer book signing and I’m so excited. And then from there head to New York for Romance Writers of America’s conference. There are signings at both, so please come visit!!

20th Anniversary Signing with Nora Roberts
Turn the Page Bookstore
July 18th, 11am-1pm
Boonsboro, Maryland

Romance Writer’s of America
Literacy signing open to the public
July 22, 5:30pm-7:30pm
New York City Marriott

But before I go (I’ll still be blogging!) please help! I’m packing for two weeks and that’s taking more thought than I imagined it would. What can’t you travel without? Three random commenters will win my next book ALL I WANT because I’m gonna assume you all have my current book SECOND CHANCE SUMMER! :twisted:

July 15, 2015

Jill and Bear

Huh. I was sitting on my deck and saw something moving in the woods. I thought it was Frat Boy.

Except … it’s bigger than Frat Boy. And has sharp claws.

But he wasn’t interested in causing trouble. He just wanted to play in the wood rounds in our yard, the ones we’re chopping up for winter for our wood stove. He played forever, first foraging for bugs …

Then rolling the logs, eating the bugs, rolling in ecstacy on the chips on the ground. We’ve had him since he was a baby, he’s one of triplets. Thank God his mama and siblings weren’t around. But he is so flipping cute. And a total time sink. Who needs the internet, I managed to lose 2 hours watching him scratch his back on a tree…

Finally it was time to mosey off down our driveway to find something else to do …

Bye, teenager bear! You are a whole lot less trouble than my own teenagers!

But if you wouldn’t mind not coming back tomorrow with your grumpy mama and your two siblings, that’d be great, ‘k, thanks!

July 14, 2015

Tuesday’s Tidbits

Name the book this excerpt is from:

“How did you fall?” he asked.

“Backward. Fast,” she quipped, not about to admit she’d been startled by a bunny. A baby bunny.

“Smartass.” He began to check her over. As in he put his hands all over her and ran them over her body. “You’re bleeding,” he said.

“I’ll buy you new sheets.”

“Shut up.” He frowned at her wrist and found another problem at her ankle, all while she attempted to keep her T-shirt covering as much as of her as possible.

Then he pointed to her shirt. “Lose it.”

“Bite me.”

“Later,” he said. “I want to see your ribs.”

“How about my foot up your ass?”

He met her gaze, his own stubborn and unbending. “Me or a doctor, Lily.”

He’d do it too, she had no doubt. He’d drag her kicking and screaming out of here if need be. So she sighed and very carefully lifted the T-shirt to just beneath her breasts. “See? I’m fine—”

She broke off, the air backing up in her lungs when he ran his hands very lightly over her ribcage, stopping when she managed to suck in a breath.

“Bruised, not broken I don’t think,” he said, his voice quiet and calm and clinically dispassionate, in direct opposition to his eyes. “Turn over.”

She bit out a harsh laugh. “Yeah, that’s going to happen nev—”

He rolled her over and pinned her there with a hand low on her back.

She sputtered and fought him, but then went utterly still when he ran his fingers up the back of one thigh, scooping the edge of her boy cut panties up a cheek.

“Also bruised,” he said.

“That’s where I landed. No worries, I’m padded nicely.”

“Nicely is right,” he said, and he removed his hands from her.

She leapt off the bed, tugged down her shirt, and had to tighten her lips not to whimper at the fast movement. “Okay, thanks. Be sure to lock the door on your way—”

“Did you hit your head or lose consciousness at any time?”

“No!” She didn’t want to need his help, wanted to lick her wounds in private rather than get turned on by his gentle touch. But she was stupid light-headed from getting up too fast and knew she wasn’t in the greatest shape.

And must as she didn’t want to like it, she did like how he always seemed to be there for her, even if her brain kept telling her heart she didn’t want him to be.

He still wasn’t leaving. “Tell me what really happened.”

“I loaded up some wood and was making my way up the stairs when”—she broke off and grimaced —“something popped out of the wood. I nearly had heart failure and fell down the stairs. The end.”

He never took his eyes off of her. “What popped out at you?”

“A spider,” she said, because hey, that could’ve totally happened. Just because she’d freaked out over the baby bunny didn’t mean that there wasn’t also a spider. Maybe she’d been so busy falling down the stairs she just hadn’t seen the spider.

“A spider made you fall down the stairs?” he asked in disbelief.

“A big one.” She lifted her hands so that they were about a foot apart.

His lips twitched.

Her hands spread apart even wider. “It might have been a mutant spider.”

“Or a baby bunny,” he said.

She stared at him while he grinned wide.

“You knew the whole time,” she accused.

“Yep. Lenny told me.”

“Well isn’t that just like a man,” she said in disgust.

Aidan tipped his head back and laughed out loud.

“Fine. Whatever,” she said. “I’m taking a shower. Alone.”

“Make it lukewarm, not hot,” he said. “I’m going to the truck for my first aid kit.”

“Aidan, I’m so not in the mood to play doctor.”

“Good,” he said. “I’ll play doctor and you play the nice, sweet, passive patient.”

THREE of you will win the book of your choice! :P

July 13, 2015

Monday’s Musings

It snowed and then hailed in Tahoe. In July.


What. The. Heck.

Where are you and what’s your weather like?

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