Snow Day

Hard to believe but we’ve had two snow days in a row. And it’s still coming down…

I had to pull out the snowshoes…

But it’s so beautiful I am trying not to mind.

But I do totally mind freezing all my important bits off! How about you, what’s your weather like right now? Are you having winter in fall too?

Bonus content!

So … I’m offering bonus content to those of you who’ve preordered ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE. Yep, I’ve written an extra scene featuring Finn and Pru from SWEET LITTLE LIES, and it’s all yours! Follow the directions below:

Just the caption, ma’am…

Okay no fair laughing. Youngest found this pic, which is about fifteen years old. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to caption what my poor girls might be thinking.


I know. So many choices… 😛 I’ll be drawing three names, who will win the book of mine of their choice. Go forth and make fun…

Oh my Santa…

Can you imagine finding him beneath your tree? 🙄


I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!!!! I’ll be thinking of you. Thank you for being here and making this such a wonderful year. I’m honored to have you as my readers and friends!

p.s. I’ll be drawing one name for someone to win my next book ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE!

Happy Hump Day

Happy Hump Day starring today’s pretend boyfriend …

Chris Pratt. Who looks like he might be a lot of fun.

And plus he’s hot…

And plus, he loves animals and has a really cute wife and kid that he adores…

What do you all think? Yeah?

Today’s page

She hadn’t spoken to Archer since the Kiss Debacle. And although she hadn’t run into him, he’d made plenty of appearances in her dreams and he hadn’t walked away from her in those. In fact, just thinking about all the things he’d done to her in the deep dark of her fantasy world always made her break out in a sweat.

She could only imagine what would happen if they were ever stupid enough to try to swallow each other’s tonsils again. Her vagina might actually go up in flames . . .
But they wouldn’t be stupid enough for that. Or at least he wouldn’t. After all, he’d been the one to put the brakes on. And he’d not even looked back.
Which made that the second time. She didn’t usually keep score but she really needed to remember that the next time he appeared behind her eyelids in the night. He wasn’t right for her. And he was never going to be right for her.


And if that thought hurt, she shoved it away, shoved it deep. She was good at that, real good. She’d shoved deep lots of bad before. Such as giving up on ever having anything that resembled a “normal” family. She’d never known her dad and she’d walked away from her mom a long time ago. She’d had to do the same with her sister, although that one had been a lot harder and still haunted her.

So Archer not wanting her? Right in her wheelhouse. — from ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE, which you can get here… Interested?

Happy Hump Day

A little eye candy doing one of my very favorite things….




And it gets better…


And best yet…


You are welcome. 😛