Happy Hump Day

So I was looking at my stats on my blog and various social media crap– er, platforms, and I realized something interesting.

On Pinterest, I pin things that interest me. Things like cookies, pics of Frat Boy, my office views, cute baby animals, and the occasional hot guy.

Okay maybe more than occasional… But I digress.

Would you like to see the highest ranked pic on my Pinterest account this past week?

Okay, but you might want to squint…


So either my readers and friends (and me!!) are all a bunch of ho’s, or we’re all interested in biking. Hmmm, wonder which it is…

Tuesday Tidbits


I was having a crappy morning. My hair is ridiculous and I don’t fit into my clothes the way I want to, and then I saw this pic. This little guy is adorable. Clearly he doesn’t care what his reflection in the watering hole says. He’s happy.

So I decided to find something about myself I was happy about. And I decided I smell delicious (thank you Victoria Secret Bombshell Lotion).

Now you. What’s something about yourself you’re happy about today?

Jill does SF

Off the mountain and the land of the endless snow…

And hanging with Oldest and Middle in San Francisco…

And enjoying life without a down jacket, gloves, hat, boots… And also enjoying this little guy. Mini Coop, who is Oldest’s foster fail turned forever fur baby.

Who is always cracking us up. When an ambulance or fire truck goes by, he tips back his head and howls like nobody’s business. I tried to get it on video but he’s camera shy.

What are you all doing, are you off today or stuck at work? If you’re off and feeling like reading, don’t forget my latest is out there, sexy badass Archer Hunt in ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE! Just sayin’… :rose:

An I Love Lucy (Jill) story…

So I’m home with the dogs working and Cali, the puppy, decides she’s bored. To show just how bored, she sits at my side, puts her face in mine and sighs dramatically. Trust me, it’s effective. And annoying. I finally give up keeping a thought in my head, much less getting it onto paper, and take the dogs outside to throw the ball.

Cali, not into fetch so much as steal, takes the ball and climbs up on top of a huge wood stack that in most years is unreachable. But we’ve had what, 15 feet of snow since the first of the year, so she climbs up the snow and plays Queen of the Mountain for a minute. But only a minute. Because now she has a problem. She’s high up and she decides she’s stuck.

So she starts barking.

Now I have two choices. Climb up after her and help her down, or leave her there. If I leave her there, I’d have to call Alpha Man and explain how I lost his beloved but stupid puppy.

So I climb up. And then I see the problem. It’s ice at the top. Ice, ice, baby, and any movement is certain death.

Which leaves us both stuck.

During this realization, Middle calls me and asks what’s up. “Oh nothing,” I tell her. “Just certain death.”

“Climb down – CAREFULLY! – and then tell the dogs you’ll give them cookies. They’ll come down too.”

Why didn’t I think of that before I climbed up? Damn. So I roll onto my stomach and take the two year old slide down the snow bank and make it to the bottom covered in snow. But I’m alive! I stand up and tell the dogs “cookies for everyone!” and they race me to the house.

And beat me there…

Monday Musings

So I spent last week in LA getting stuff done. First up, meeting with the producers from Passionflix, who are making the movie of THE TROUBLE WITH MISTLETOE. So. Much. Fun. Oh and for even more fun, take a look at what the Manhattan Beach humidity did to my hair.

Good times. But oh my goodness was it nice to get out of the snow and stay at the beach. Too this from our deck.

In a t-shirt. No gloves. No sweater and jacket and hat and boots. And the sunsets…

Sigh. I tell you, I almost didn’t come home. But then this little old lady might have objected.

So I’m back on the mountain and back in my snow gear. And back to writing!!!!

How you all doing?

Today’s writing view

Today’s writing view is different from my usual because …

I’m off the mountain! I’m in Southern California, Manhattan Beach to be exactly, having a write-in (or write-outside) with some friends. Sometimes this is the best job on the planet.

Which reminds me to ask … what is it you all do? Or did? Would love to hear! Three random commenters will win my latest ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE or any of my Heartbreaker Bay books, like SWEET LITTLE LIES, THE TROUBLE WITH MISTLETOE, or ONE SNOWY NIGHT!

Happy Hump Day meets Spence

So … bunches of you have asked me if Spence from the Heartbreaker Bay series is getting his own book. The short answer is HELL YES, and here’s what I think he looks like:

His book is CHASING CHRISTMAS EVE and it comes out this fall! (and for those of you who haven’t read the other books in the series, this book — and ALL my books — stand alone. You can start here with Spence, no worries. (Although I hope you’ll pick up my current book, one of my personal favorites, ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE.

But back to Spence … here’s the very first teasing tidbit I’ve posted anywhere. You ready?

“I’ll remember you,” she promised and walked away.

More coming next week! Now, if you’re interested, and you want to keep your author employed, click HERE!

Now if you’re worried you have to wait that long for a new book from me, you don’t. LOST AND FOUND SISTERS comes out this summer and you can check it out here.

So … what do we think? We all on board with Spence being the next in the Heartbreaker Bay series?

Best of…

Someone asked me to rerun one of my bear stories so here ya go!!

I have pics, but let me set up the scenario for you, shall I? So I was in the yard out front at dusk, playing ball with the dog when suddenly, and brace yourselves because I sure did, a baby bear came bounding up to us, all “hey can I play too?” I went utterly still in shock because for a second, the dog and the bear cub looked so much alike it was startling. And I know that’s what happened with little baby bear too, he thought the dog was one of them.

Not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, the dog blinked, then shook it off and panted happily, willing to play. I’m like DOG, HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING? And she agreed that no, she’d learned nothing, so she offered the baby bear her ball.

I grabbed the dog. Because I actually have a learning curve, and I know damn well that where there’s an adorable baby cub there’s also a bitch of momma bear, and they are always PMSing. Always. So I turn to drag the dog into the house when I see the momma, about fifteen feet behind me, digging through our trash.

I did what Alpha Man always does, I yelled at her, except when he does it she runs. Okay, when he does it, he’s often setting off a fire cracker at her ass to really get her moving, but he’s male. That’s what males do, blow up things and make lots of noise. I just stood there and jumped up and down and waved my hands like an idiot, and in return, she stared me down.


This is where my knees turned to overcooked noodles. Because it’s one thing to walk past a lazy bear sunning on the trail. It’s another entirely to get past a HUNGRY, pissed off PMSing momma bear. So I cursed Alpha Man for being at a basketball game and ran into the house with the dog. I raced up the stairs and onto the deck, where I once again yelled at the bear to get out of our trash.

She said I could come down there and tell her that. I said I would, but I didn’t want to scare her. Because I’m so tough. That’s when I realized I heard a sound behind me. On the deck. I whirled around and found the baby. She wanted to get back to Mountain Barbie and play, and was willing to climb and tree and jump to us.

This is where I just about had heart failure. If he got to us, you can bet that Momma would be right behind him. I tried telling the baby that his momma wanted him. He wasn’t buying it. I promised that baby I’d leave him some really stinky trash if he only WENT BACK TO HIS MOMMA.

He started to cry. He wanted to play, dammit. And then the momma bear gave me one of those I’m going to eat you up for a snack looks. She puffed up and growled at me. And I am not ashamed to admit that that’s when I gave up being brave and trying to save the trash. I dropped my camera, and ran like hell into the house.

And ate a box of cookies.