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October 10, 2014

TGIF goodness

So ONE IN A MILLION is coming Tuesday…

“I’m off men, you know.”

“Yeah. I know.” Tanner pulled Callie in, hard against his body.

She took two handfuls of his shirt. For balance, she told herself. But the truth was, she wanted to put her hands on him. He looked down on her face for another second, his brown eyes soft but full of intent as he slowly lowered his head.


He paused, eyes on hers.

She had her hands over his heart and could feel the beating beneath her palms. Slow. Steady. The opposite of hers, of course. “I…can’t remember what I was going to say.”

His eyes were smiling into hers. “So I can continue?”

She cleared her throat and nodded. “Carry on,” she whispered.

He started with a brush of his lips against one corner of her mouth, a butterfly touch. And then the other corner.

She heard a soft sound, an almost whimper, and realized it was her. He slowly sank his fingers into her hair, and she melted. No other word for it, her bones just melted clean away. And then he proceeded to kiss the living daylights out of her…

Yep, coming to a store and ereader near you. Spread the word? (avail for $4 or $5 preorder everywhere but Amazon, where you can’t get it until Tues, sorry)



Oh and one last little tease … a pic of Tanner Riggs, our sexy hero…


What do you think?

October 9, 2014

Thursday’s giveaway!

Thanks to those of you who put HE’S SO FINE on both the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists this week! XOXO!

To celebrate, I’m going to giveaway four copies of next Tuesday’s ONE IN A MILLION. Have I mentioned that one to you yet? Tanner, our hero, is pretty darn smokin’.


The giveaway is for those of you who’ve already picked up the first two books in the trilogy, IT’S IN HIS KISS and HE’S SO FINE. Tell me your fave part of one of those books and five of you will win ONE IN A MILLION. Go.

October 8, 2014

Catch up

You all mentioned that you like to be caught up on what I’m doing on Facebook. Here’s some of the past week’s posts.

Last Monday:
Sneaked into a store to visit HE’S SO FINE. A woman was in the romance aisle so I couldn’t really love up on my book. Or move it front and center like I secretly wanted to. She eyeballed my book for awhile but then bought Nora Roberts. Hard pressed to be upset about that since I love Nora. I was still in the aisle pouting when she came back and grabbed my book. My day is now complete.

Last Tuesday:
Had a gorgeous sunset.

Last Wednesday:
What my characters are doing today…


Last weekend:
Middle, me, and Youngest at parent’s day at their school. I’m here for the donuts.

Oh and here’s what happens at our house — the cat rules the roost. The dog has to ask permission and suck up before being allowed to drink water.

And my latest, HE’S SO FINE, you have that one right? Cuz it’s out now! Sexy hot MacGyver type Cole Donovan … so don’t miss, okay?


Need links?
You’ve all got this one, right? All 56,643 of you? Just checkin’.

Are you ready for the last Lucky Harbor novel, ONE IN A MILLION, to come out on Tuesday or do you still have to play catch up with the first two, IT’S IN HIS KISS, and HE’S SO FINE?

October 7, 2014

Super Heroines

Romance novels are all about strong women but in my latest novel, HE’S SO FINE, Oliva goes above and beyond trying to save our hero, Cole, from drowning. She jumps off the dock before realizing a) he doesn’t really need any help and b) she can’t really swim.

In honor of her somewhat misguided heroics and his nickname for her—Supergirl—I wanted to rank my top five female superheroes. And don’t worry about Olivia, Cole knows that the best way to stop hypothermia is to use body heat.

#5 The Invisible Woman

Because everyone wants to be able to hear and see things without anyone knowing.

#4 Rogue

This Southern Belle learns to not to take anything from anybody.

#3 Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Talk about tough—she is a Vampire Slayer who has to also survive High School!

#2 Catwoman

Because I wish I was as graceful as a cat and I could flirt with Batman.

#1 Wonder Woman

This girl knows how to accessorize. Bullet deflecting bracelets, a lasso of truth, and an invisible jet. Sign me up.

How about you? Who is your favorite Super Hero or … Super Heroine? :twisted: Today’s random commenter will win next week’s ONE IN A MILLION!

October 6, 2014

Monday’s Madness

Just thought I’d share for this Monday morning what my current hero looks like.


More details on his story to come. For now, I really really really want to hear some of your favorite books you’ve read lately.

October 3, 2014


Update: Winners, randomly chosen, are: JANE NELSON and RANDO. Email me with your choice of print or ebook, with ONE IN A MILLION in the subject, and don’t forget your addy!

Original post:
So cousin Doug’s back… I was trying to figure out to best describe him when I remembered I’d written about him six years ago on this very blog. And since nothing has changed, I’m reposting:

For two months, I’ve had two men in the house, Alpha Man and his cousin. Does anyone know what two men plus three kids plus a dog equals? A pack of wolves, that’s what.

But tomorrow, Doug is going home to New York. It’s a shame really, since while he was here, he taught my girls so much:

1. How to assign blame. When something goes wrong — immediately point a finger at someone else. This delighted my girls, of course, and they’ve adopted the policy.

2. How to fart at the dinner table and insist it was the dog. Another big family pleaser.

3. How to say you can’t do your dishes because they need to soak.

4. How to burp the alphabet. A big hit, as you can imagine.

5. How to eat see-food. Not seafood, but see-food, which is with your mouth open. He who grosses out the person across from them wins.

While l’ll miss having two men to boss around and bitch at, good-bye Doug. May some day you have children so I can return the favor …

And that my friends, is my Doug story. Either share your own visiting family story or commiserate with me and two of you will win my next book ONE IN A MILLION. (p.s. don’t forget HE’S SO FINE is out right now!!!!)

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