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Welcome to my daily blog. If this is your first time, I'm a romance writer and a misplaced city girl currently living in the wild Sierras. I tend to have a lot of I-Love-Lucy moments that I share here but sometimes we talk about books, TV, and our favorite cookies. Okay, my favorite cookies. In any case, please feel free to comment by clicking on the Comments at the bottom of any entry. If you're too shy, that's okay, just know I love having you.

May 17, 2016

Tuesday’s Tidbit

The person who wrote this…


Is my hero.

May 16, 2016

I’m back!

So I spent the last week in Chicago at Book Expo and BookCon, and fun times were had! First I got on a plane for a LONG time …

FullSizeRender 2

And then I ran into some writer friends! Here’s Susan Elizabeth Phillips…


And Meg Cabot …


And Lori Foster…


And then I had to do a big signing and I was nervous enough to hide away for a few minutes and eat cookies first…


Because there were a LOT of people there…


But I survived. Chicago, you were great!


For those of you who came out to see me, THANK YOU! I have lots more events this year. Some of them are listed on my site under the appearances tab so do check to see if I’m coming to a place near you. :yes:

Three of today’s commenters will win an advanced copy of my upcoming SWEET LITTLE LIES!

May 12, 2016

Thursday’s feel good

I love feel good songs and I love Justin Timberlake, and now I also love Anna Kendrick, both of whom provide voices for Dreamworks newest movie Trolls. Here they are singing True Colors and it’s the sweetest thing ever. If you need a pick me up, listen to the words.

Now go off and have a righeous day because you look amazing. XOXO

p.s. There’s new covers up on my home page, don’t miss them!
p.s.s. Giving away two copies of SWEET LITTLE LIES to random commenters today…

May 11, 2016

Happy Hump Day

Today’s hunk is one of my favorite boyfriends who has a DVD of his latest movie coming out this week. Ladies and gents, I bring you Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds.


Who is with me?

May 10, 2016


I’ll be in the library.

Who are you and what have you done with my daughter?

Oh and I need twenty bucks.

Ah, there you are…


So if I upgrade to U-verse I’ll get a faster internet?

Yes you will be paying for a faster internet.

Wait. I get that I’ll be paying for it, but will I actually GET it?

Yes. Soon as we put U-verse in your area.

Head thunk.


I’m going to need you to relinquish your stash of M&Ms pronto.

Alpha Man:
You made me promise to never ever ever relinquish them into your possession.

It’s an emergency.

Alpha Man:
You said you’d say that, and I was to hold firm.

Hold firm and die.

Alpha Man:

WHAT? Just say it.

Alpha Man:
I can’t. Last time I asked if it was that time of month you put it on your blog and everyone thought I was a dumbass.

I wouldn’t read my blog tomorrow if I was you.

May 9, 2016

Monday’s goods…

Middle and I went hiking to the cliffs. I do this a lot. What I don’t do a lot is actually … gasp … climb out onto the rocks like Middle does so fearlessly.

She got that from Alpha Man, not me…

If you’ll notice, I couldn’t stand up. Hell, I couldn’t let go of the rock. And I needed cookies afterwards.


Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I’ve got one copy of the upcoming SWEET LITTLE LIES available for someone who tells me that they read my current book NOBODY BUT YOU. B-)

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