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Welcome to my daily blog. If this is your first time, I'm a romance writer and a misplaced city girl currently living in the wild Sierras. I tend to have a lot of I-Love-Lucy moments that I share here but sometimes we talk about books, TV, and our favorite cookies. Okay, my favorite cookies. In any case, please feel free to comment by clicking on the Comments at the bottom of any entry. If you're too shy, that's okay, just know I love having you.

August 8, 2014

Today’s giveaway

Update: Winners, randomly drawn, are: Sam Ramsey, Tina Weiss, MM, and Marie M. Curtis please hit the contact button and email me with your addy! :)

Original post:
So I came home and found two of my favorite shoes chewed up. Not the same pair, mind you, but one tennis shoe and one sandal. I asked Frat Boy what had happened, had some angry shoe trolls broken into the house?


He said yes. That’s exactly what happened.

But while in the midst of cleaning up the mess, the mailman brought me a handful of the UK version of my upcoming IT’S IN HIS KISS.


The cover is different and there’s some funny spelling but other than that, it’s basically an advanced reading copy of the book that comes out in two weeks. Want a copy? Four of you (randomly chosen) will get one. Leave a comment here with why it should be you. :razz:

August 7, 2014

Thursday’s Tidbits

Did I show you this one? Me and Alpha Man at Hot August Nights getting ready to enter the cruise with his ’72 Blazer that he loves more than his own wife at times.


How about you, what was the last fun you had?

August 6, 2014

What’s on your screen?

I’m a bit of a pop culture ‘ho, I can’t help myself. I read incessantly, I want TV incessantly, I inhale People and US like it’s my job… Right now I’m watching Outlander (loving it!) and consuming Supernatural season 6. What I’m wondering is, what are you watching?

August 5, 2014

Convo with one of the teens

The other night we were discussing the movie Cars at the dinner table, and naming the names of the actors who voiced the characters. Youngest asked me who did Doc Hudson’s voice.

Me: That was Paul Newman.

Youngest: The salad dressing guy?

Me (feeling OLD!): Tell me you know he did more than make salad dressing.

Youngest: Yep, he makes good pizza too.

Me: He was one of the best actors of our time, all the way up until his death!

Youngest: If he’s passed away, how is he still making salad dressing?

Me: Thunk…

August 4, 2014

Monday’s Madness


I’m not sure if this is really true, as my favorite book changes with my mood. Sometimes it’s any of the Harry Potter books, and sometimes it’s whatever I happen to be reading. Right now it’s Outlander since I just reread it and watched it on TV and LOVED. How about you, what’s your favorite book today?

August 1, 2014

How you know you married an alpha

So, yeah, I’m going to need you to come get me.

Alpha Man:
Didn’t you just drive yourself to the store?

Uh huh.

Alpha Man:

Fine. I sort of locked myself out of the car.

Alpha Man:

I don’t want to talk about it. Just come get me. Bring the spare keys. And some ice cream.

Alpha Man:
Babe, that’s what you went to the store for.

And I locked it in the car, okay? You happy? I locked the groceries in the car and to top it off, the car’s running. Now are you going to rescue me or not?

Alpha Man:
Depends. What kind of ice cream did you get?

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