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November 24, 2015

Today’s writing inspiration

Today's writing inspiration

Dark, slightly ‘tude-ridden gaze. Check.
Some stubble. Check.
Overall hotness quotient high. Check.

Today’s writing inspiration.
Who would be your today’s writing inspiration?

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November 23, 2015

Sadie’s I Love Lucy story

Sadie's I Love Lucy story

Update: winners randomly drawn are DAWN A and JV. Email me at [email protected] with MY KIND OF WONDERFUL in the subject line. Don’t forget to tell me print or …

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November 19, 2015

Sneak Peek

Shh, an advanced sneak peek at MY KIND OF WONDERFUL:
“What I’m trying to say is that I want a one-night stand.” She met his gaze, clearly waiting for his …

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November 18, 2015

Very important question…

Very important question...

Update: winners, randomly drawn, are: CHANDA COX, KAREN F, BARB CALL, MEG, and MARTI. Email me at [email protected] with MY KIND OF WONDERFUL in the subject line, let me know …

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November 17, 2015

Where to go?

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November 16, 2015

Did It Again

Was on a snow hike yesterday, music cranked up to earsplitting levels, singing to myself as I went. You see where this is going, right? Now to be …

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November 12, 2015

Caption this

Caption this

So I was out on a snow hike with Frat Boy, and even though he is always just looking for a good time, there’s something very valuable about having Frat …

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November 11, 2015


Update: winners, randomly drawn, are: TALINA F, DEBI WELCH, and DANA ALLISON. Hit the contact button above with MY KIND OF WONDERFUL in the subject line, let me know print …

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November 10, 2015

I do…

I do...

I saw this pic on Pinterest and it totally captivated my inner romantic soul. Someone was lucky enough to have this be their proposal:

Adorable, right? So now I’m …

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November 9, 2015

Snow Day

Snow Day

Once in awhile, a day dawns so jaw-droppingly gorgeous that I can’t stop looking out the windows.

It’s really very distracting.

In today’s case, we’ve just spent the past 24 hours being …

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