September 14, 2017

New set pics!

So the filming for THE TROUBLE WITH MISTLETOE is underway! So exciting! Here are the actors playing Mason, Keane and Sass in between scenes.

And Thomas Beaudoin, the acting playing Keane, in the renovation scene:

For anyone who’s missed picking up THE TROUBLE WITH MISTLETOE, it’s on sale today for $1.99!!!

Stay tuned, more set pics coming!!!

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  1. That will be so fun to watch! Can’t wait loved the book!

  2. I loved the book and I can’t wait to see the movie.

  3. AWESOME!!!! :good:

  4. I must have missed the announcement on the movie so I would like to know is this going to be a Hallmark Christmas movie?

    • Jessica, it’s on Passionflix which is a new streaming channel (like Netflix) that turning romance novels into movies.

  5. Yay! So cool!

  6. So excited to see this movie being made and looking forward to watching it on Passionflix.

  7. The entire series should be turned into films! All your books should be turned into films!

    I’m signing up for Passionflix and understand I miss out on stuff until September 20th since I am outside of the US, but I’m still so excited!

  8. Can’t wait. I hope it will be released on dvd. I did not sign up for Passion Flix.

  9. Woohoo!!! Awesome!

  10. How exciting! :yahoo: I can’t wait to see this movie. Thank you for sharing with us.

  11. :heart: La sigh…can’t wait!

  12. I signed up for Passionflix because of this movie. Can’t wait for it!

  13. Awesome pictures! Jill, are you actually on the set or is someone sending them to you???

  14. :smile: This must be so exciting for you Jill. I’m thrilled for you.

    I may have to reread to refreshing my memory! :cool:

  15. love Christmas movies. …. out this Christmas … 2017 !

    Do you have a release date and where it will be aired ?

    Dixie-Lee :-)

  16. Any new releases for the Cedar Ridge series?

  17. This is going to be so awesome!! Looking forward to watching it.

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