August 29, 2017

Tuesday Tidbits

My yesterday:

1. Got out of bed to the puppy hurling. Best sound to wake up to ever… NOT.
2. Ate the last of Youngest’s Boy’s cereal — and then denied it.
3. Found out that LOST AND FOUND SISTERS is still selling in print in Target!
4. Cried over writing The End of my next summer’s book… Which I can’t tell you about but SOON!!
5. Burned my toast and it was the last piece of bread in the house.


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  1. The dog woke me up before the alarm because he HAD to go out! Tripped over my own shoes and knocked the alarm off the nightstand. It didn’t survive.

  2. No one could top these!!!

  3. I had a fairly lazy day. Reading on Sandra Braown’s new book ‘Seeing Red’. Did a little exercise.

    Hope you have a great day!

  4. Woke Dawn (daughter) at 5:00 AM, to get ready for work. Crawled bac to bed, and revoke to Luna barking to go out. Took her out, so she could look around, frustrated! Went back to sleep to be barked at again. Took her outside to greet the cat. Took my insulin, poured my Pepsi, went back to my recliner, and Luna is now asleep in my lap, and I’m still up! I’m not a happy camper!

  5. Morning! Let’s see. Car broke down Friday. Let at repair shop walked home. For so s truck to get food Saturday. Stayed home all day Sunday. Had to get up Monday for ride to sons house to watch kidos. So far car not fixed waiting g for part. !ol only good thing is having a wonderful family!

  6. Just trying to stay dry in the face of a major hurricane. No roads open in or out of my town. But my house is dry.

  7. Well, at least your career is going well!!

    I’ve spent most of my time worrying about my sister and her family who live in Houston. My niece and her family are flooded in but house not flooded. My sister and brother-in-law have evacuated their house which was filling up with water really fast. Unfortunately they just finished recently getting the whole house rebuilt from the flood about a year ago. I just can’t believe they’ll have to do it all over again.

  8. My daughter 22 went to the store with her dad layed her phone down lady went and picked put it in her cart then I guess when my daughter didn’t miss her phone she put it in her purse .It was caught on security camera.

  9. Sounds like the day I had yesterday! Hope your day improves.

  10. Wow, you and Mondays don’t get along that well. ;) Just joking ! Congrats for still being at Target.

  11. Seems like a normal day to me

  12. Your Monday sounds like how I started my Tuesday morning. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  13. Simply incredible post :good: :good: :good:

  14. 1. I got injured during my workout at the Gym.

    2. My trainer quit on me and left me alone at the gym without saying anything to me.

    3. Only have cereal in the house to eat until payday next week.

    4. At least my beagle loves me and wants to be with me.

  15. Woke up freezing .Grandson
    had turned down the thermostat.Then my son wanted me to get dressed before coffee and run to the store to get cigarettes.


  16. Aww. Poor thing, Sounds like a normal day around my house…

  17. Hey, it’s YOUR house so that makes it YOUR cereal — no matter WHO bought it! Right??? :yahoo: Sorry about the other stuff, though. Hope your Tuesday went better!

  18. My dog dropped her ball in the toilet. In the toilet. Her ball.

  19. Cant really beat that wake up , I had a better day and I evened worked!!!!

  20. I drove up I-5 yesterday in very smokey Oregon from Medford to Eugene where the smoke is the worst. There are many fires in Oregon. It was worth as I am now visiting one of my daughters & her family. We drove over to the coast today, no smoke! Great day so far. :grin:

  21. Everything went well with my morning until I showed up at an interview they were having a surprise fire drill and the had to evacuated the whole building the office I was in was on the 12th floor so I had to go 12 flights of stairs with the staff that was in the office after the fire marshalls gave the all clear I still had to go back and interview

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