August 17, 2017


Alpha Man put in a very long day on the lake working Disabled Sports, which he’s been doing several weekends every summer for fifteen years now. He came home completely sun and wind burned. Day two, I forced him to wear sunscreen and a hat, which just happened to be a Giants hat. Oh and I have I mentioned he’s half deaf? This is how just one of our many of our conversations went:

Alpha Man: I look ridiculous.

Me: You look like a Giants fan.

Alpha Man: Good, because I am a vagina fan.

Me: No, I said … you know what, never mind.

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  1. Well, it’s always good to have confirmation. *snort*

  2. LOL

  3. Better than the alternative, I suppose.

  4. Too funny. He cracks me up and I could use a laugh today.

  5. You two are too funny, I love your Alpha Man stories.

  6. Two peas in a pod. :)

  7. Sometimes you need to just cover your mouth turn around and smile

  8. I believe Alpha Man may just be my husband’s twin separated at birth….I swear I feel like you’re a fly on the wall at my house!!

  9. I just love your family stories! Laughing is good for the soul :-)

  10. Love your “sharing” posts. Always a great way to
    start my day.

  11. Yup. Sometimes you’ve just got to let it go!!

  12. I love y’alls banter Cracks me up every time!

  13. He is a good man.

  14. Lol! Well That has to go into one of your books!
    Love it lol

  15. :heart:
    Luv it !!!

  16. I love you guys! :heart:

  17. Isn’t called selective hearing.. That’s the way my mom always referred to it. :smile: :smile: :smile:

  18. Happy to hear that! As are you, I’m sure! ;)

  19. My dad was half deaf also and refused to admit it. He finally had to get a hearing aid just a few weeks before he died. Hopefully Alpha Man will not wait that long. Just think about all the words he is miss hearing. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  20. I love your conversations!!! That seems to be soooo funny!!

  21. you make me smile an laught every day! Yhanks❤️

  22. :lol: You & Alpha Man are a priceless pair. Thanks for giving me a needed laugh this morning. :smile:

  23. Lol y’all are a hoot

  24. Y’all have provided me with a wonderful laugh. :yahoo: And you are darn lucky to have one another.

  25. Well hey that means you’ll always have your man ready and happy to make you happy! :yahoo:

  26. LOL. I think I snorted!!

  27. LOL. I think I snorted!!

  28. Please encourage him to have his ears checked and get hearing aids if they will be helpful. Everything I read encourages people to get hearing aids (if they will work for them) as soon as they have problems The longer he waits the harder they will be to use.

  29. It’s good to know he hasn’t switched teams!

  30. I’m the one with the hearing loss in our family…my life is constantly hilarious as I miss hear things people are saying. I’m always laughing at the things I think I hear!!!

  31. Go Giants! #61 is my brother. :)

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