August 10, 2017

Dead pup walking…


Dobby, aka Dumbass:
Satan, I love you. I want to marry you and have your kitties.

Look at me and die.

I can’t stop looking at you, you’re so beautiful.

You’re a dead puppy walking and you don’t even know it.

(Caption this pic and I’ll draw three names from the comments. Winners can pick my upcoming HOLIDAY WISHES or CHASING CHRISTMAS EVE!)

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  1. Ho hum. Same song, different day

  2. Keeping out the riff raff!!

  3. Look into my eyes, you will do as I say

  4. Boy, I gotta stop drinkin and partying. I look as bad as I feel!

  5. This glass is the only thing saving you, dog

  6. I’m sorry, I don’t speak Dumbass!!!!

  7. Oh, was that your food? It was delicious.

  8. Come a little closer so I can see you my pretty.

  9. Stay outzide and drool dumbass while I stay inside enjoying your bed, cool water and using your dog bowl for a litter box. :yahoo:

  10. Your mine dumbass!!

  11. Do I care that you are shut outside!!! huh NOPE DONT THINK SO.

  12. Yummy….Cali was quite tasty Now where did opera get off too…..

    • I meant to say: Yummy….Cali was quite tasty Now where did Cooper get off too….

  13. It’s like this buddy…I’m in control here, deal with it

  14. I need to stay away from that catnip.

  15. I’ve got the perfect punishment for you dog. :evil: Just wait until I’m back in the house.

  16. Dumbass. They certainly got that right!

  17. come closer and I will teah you a lesson

  18. Hello Clarice. It’s nice to see you again.

  19. Across the great devide.

  20. Dobby: Want to play Lady and the Tramp? I think they’re having spaghetti here tonight!

    Satan: You bore me peasant, I only date date “Devil Dogs”

  21. Dumbass: That looks good, can I have a lick?

    Satan: Lick me and die dog breath!

  22. Cats rule, dogs drool.

  23. Come on. Just one little kiss.

  24. You gotta have respect for me. Or, the boys will take you in the woods.

  25. You talking to me? Are *you* talking to me?

  26. Sadie: DA do I look like I care? Although, touch me and know what a flurry of cat claws feels like.

  27. Listen Dobby just reach up and open the door. We’ll play all you want. I promise…

  28. Satan does not know it yet, but I am his destiny.

  29. Oh you silly, silly dog. I could take you out so easily.

  30. “I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart. You broke my heart.

  31. Nannie Nannie Boo Boo!

  32. Ah, youth!!!!

  33. I told you to get out and stay out!

  34. “My name is Montevideo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

  35. Come on big guy make my day. Just how may claws to I have? Five or ten , I’ll fix you so you don’t mess with any one again. Lol Dead dog walking. Lol

  36. I dare you to bring your butt out here where I can get to you.

  37. I’m in, your out! Meow Meow

  38. Give me another chance Queen Sadie! Ì promise this time will be different!

  39. “I’ve told you before, the answer is No way Jose”

  40. :whistle: Silly dog doesn’t even know the locks have been changed! /waits patiently for dog to notice…

  41. Somehow I envision a Godfather voice coming from the cat saying I told you what would happen if you walked out that door lol.

  42. This is the paw of will KEEL you (I’ve been watch Forged in Fire way too much!)

  43. Let me in, you miserable mutt.

  44. Sadie: You think you are so smart closing the door behind me. I hope you realize the food dish AND the water bowl are on my side of the door.

    DA: Yes but the cookies and humans are on MY side.

    Sadie: [rude paw gesture]

  45. “I’ll get you my pretty….”

  46. And though she be but little, she is fierce. – Shakespeare

  47. I’ll need the password before letting you through.

  48. But I wuv you Satan kitty…. sighs Dobby

  49. My bite is not as big as you think

  50. “Listen Dog, I’m only gonna tell you this one more time–Jill.Is.Mine.”

  51. Please let me in!! My food and water is there.

  52. Sadie: You stay on that side and no harm will come to you.

  53. SAAays the cat
    Till the Tenth of NEVER :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  54. Oh she is going to be finger lickin good!

  55. You better stay out of my way Dobby, when I get in…

  56. Dunbass, if you come through this door you are dead!

  57. Saten: Let me finish cleaning the last dog that wanted to be friends from my paw, then I’ll let you through the door.

    Dobby: Okayokayokayokayokay… hurry, I want to play with you.

  58. “How will I hurt thee? Let me count the ways…”

    OMG, hasn’t the poor pup figured this relationship out yet??? :unsure: Well, I hope Sadie JUST keeps messin’ with Dobby’s mind; cats are great at mind games.

    :whistle: :yes:

  59. Speak to the paw, because it’s going to wipe that look right off your face as soon as this door opens.

  60. In your dreams!

  61. Excuse me while I prepare my paw for the biggest bitch slap you will ever receive.

  62. Dobby to Satan you are in prison not me. I can go run into the woods and you can’t. HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  63. Hee…hee…you can touch me!!

  64. I’m watching you.

  65. Patience puppy, patience … I like to be neat and tidy before taking on a victim … B-)

  66. Dobbie: Boy I sure look great today, it’s a good hair day.
    Sadie: Dumbass. I look great today!

  67. :roll: There will be a $10 fee pass before the door opens.

  68. :evil: I told you NO – and just stop looking at me lol

  69. Please let me in. I play nice. I promise I won’t scratch you.

  70. I don’t care if there are bears out there, no cookies,
    No come insides! Those are the rules!

  71. Love at first sight!!! :yahoo: :smile: :yes: :wink: :wink:

  72. That’s right. I’m teasing you.

  73. Ugh, puppy love.

  74. I’ve removed my enemies from the forest, now it’s your turn pup! :evil:

  75. your mine all mine

  76. As soon as I get this door open, Dumbass, you’re in for a world of hurt

  77. “Shhh, the human is right behind you. We will commence with the plan when she leaves. Just keep playing dumb.” ;-)

  78. So close, and yet so far….

  79. Ah, unrequited love.

  80. Satan: “My evil plan is coming together – heh heh heh”

  81. You know you love me!

  82. There is no way I am letting you in here; cats are a pain.

  83. Ha ha! Mom likes me best!

  84. You are so lucky there is glass between us…:-)

  85. I’ll share Mom’s cookies with you.

  86. NAH NANNA NAH-Can’t touch this!

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