August 8, 2017

These two…

So these two are going to appear in next summer’s book and I can’t give you details … YET. But I am going to ask for your help.

Help me name them? If I pick your names, you’ll get next my book CHASING CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!

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  1. Muff and Fluff.

  2. Sadie Grace and Emma Jane! Selfishly throwing my hat in the ring to have them named after my two. To suck up further, I adopted my Sadie right after you adopted yours who is the inspiration for her name!

  3. Jeff & Sam

    Not original, but what popped in my head

  4. [email protected] Our neighbor at our cottage when I was growing up had two English Sheep dogs and their names were Chumley and Dudley. Or, if one is a female, Dudley and Daisy or Chumley and Charlotte

  5. Yeti and Grundle

  6. Bert and Ernie

  7. How about Knightley and Emma…jane austen ref anyone?

  8. BEN & JERRY

  9. Yeti and Nepal. Wow those are some big dogs

  10. Murphy and Bella

  11. If they are both female Thelma and Louise. If not then Dabney and Daphne.

  12. Shaggy & Shaggier
    Big Lug

  13. How about Squatch & Chewie? They look like sasquatch & Chewbacca when they’re on their hind legs like that. Kind of like very hairy naked people!

    • Those are great names!!

    • I love these!!! So funny.

  14. Gotta go with Flopsy and Mopsy

    • Hahaha..We posted a few minutes apart with the same names.. :) :yahoo:

  15. Turner and Hooch>

  16. Flopsy & Mopsy

  17. Laverne and Shirley

  18. Floppy and Moppsy

  19. If they are as goofy as my 2 furry friends then Mario and Luigi.

  20. Fred and Ginger ( Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers)
    Fred and Ethel ( I Love Lucy )

  21. Couple of choices
    first 2 are shout outs to my age group:
    Moe & Curly
    Pebbles and Bam Bam
    Second are more meaningful as they were actual dogs we had as kids:
    Daisy and Happy
    Fred and Ricky

  22. Humphrey and Bogart :)

  23. Beavis & Butthead
    Bert & Ernie
    Batman & Robin
    Bonnie & Clyde
    Cheech & Chong
    Cookies & Cream
    Scratch & Sniff
    Zig & Zag

  24. Lancelot and Ambrosius

  25. Shag & Mag

  26. Frick and Frac

  27. Sierra and Nevada
    Joel and Ellie
    Dallas and Texas

  28. Martha and Winslow. I grew up with a sheepie and he was absolutely wonderful. Their fur requires a huge time commitment and they’re stubborn but they’re fantastic dogs. My sister and I used to pile our barbies on top of ours and pretend that he was a Barbie hotel. He didn’t care and was just happy that he knew where we were. When he was outside, and if my mom had forgotten to tie his bang backs like the one above, he would rub his head against the glass to get his fur out of the way so that he could see inside the glass doors. He was the best!

  29. Yakko and Wakko two of the mischief makers from Animaniacs

  30. Frick and frack….not original but cute.

  31. ZIP and ZAP
    Teddy and Rosie
    Pop and Top

  32. Beezus and Ramona popped into my head!! I’m a retired elem school media specialist…guess that’s why!! Beauregard and Dakota are also great names!

  33. Nanook and Freddie. Two syllable names work best

  34. Mop and Molly


  36. Jack and Jill
    Duke and Duchess
    Oscar and Felix
    Laverne and Shirley
    Rhett and Scarlett (my Fav)

  37. So cute! How about Friday and Bingo? Or Dexter and Benson?

  38. Dulux and Turner

  39. how about mop and bucket?????? original isn’t it? :yahoo: :good: ;-) :razz: :lol:

  40. Fergus and Fiona

  41. Caitlyn and walker

  42. Mutt and Jeff
    Salt and Sugar
    Sweet and Sour
    I love Sheep Dogs – I see a woman walking two almost every morning. In the summer they are shaved down except for their heads – they look like lions then!

  43. Ollie and Alice

  44. Well since I love those Winchester boys, Sam & Dean!

  45. Casper & Suzette

  46. Fluffy and Floppy. Cute names for cute dogs

  47. GOO and TWIT (Google & Twitter)

  48. Lucy and Ethel
    They look like they could get into mischief.

  49. Dusty and Harry

  50. Laffy and Taffy

  51. Gilligan and Skipper

  52. Chloe and Zoey. No reason why, just what came to me when I saw the pic. :unsure:

  53. Frick and Frack

  54. Flip & Flop.. lol :mrgreen:

  55. Minnie and Maxie

  56. Lucy and Ethel :good:

  57. Peanut Butter & Jelly
    Mac & Cheese

  58. Ozzie and Harriet

  59. Muffin and Winston (I had two Old Englishes by those name when I was a kid)

  60. George and Gracie
    Mike and Ike

  61. Pete and Repeat

  62. Lucy and Ethel
    PB and Jelly

  63. Shaggy and Scooby
    Flopsy and Mopsy
    Puffy and Fluffy
    Samson and Delilah

  64. Captain and Morgan

  65. Chip and Dale
    Frick and Frack
    Laverne and Shirley
    Thelma and Louise
    Minnie and Mickey
    Ross and Rachel
    Merry and Pippin
    Sam and Frodo

  66. Yeti and Sasquatch

  67. How bout Harry and Carey? (Cubs win!)

  68. Bert and Ernie

  69. Bonnie & Clyde

  70. Thelma and Louise or Bonnie and Clyde

  71. Mutt and Jeff

    Thelma and Louise if they’re troublemakers!! and girls!!

  72. OMG! I’m in love! They are adorable. One of them has to be “Sass” as in Sasquatch. LOL.

  73. Mercedes and Benz

  74. I will go with
    Chablis and chradannny
    Alvin and Simon
    Chebacca and javja bunks
    Yoda and darth Vader
    Skittles and Twix
    Oreo and twinkle

  75. Scruffy and Muffy

  76. Sam and Dean, or morelli and ranger

  77. Bonnie and Clyde

  78. Shep and Curly

  79. Curly and Moe.

  80. Al and Mikey?
    Curly Sue and Mo Man? Mo and Curly for short?

  81. Shaggy and Rags.

  82. Rufus & Lupin (M)
    Seamus & Shamus (M)
    Tandy & Tonks (F)
    Bernice & Harriet (F)

  83. Oh they are so cute. Can’t wait to see how they are brought into the story line. Love it.

  84. Not knowing the sex of the dogs or the sex of the owner, I go with the following:

    Female dogs owned by a woman: Crumpet and Poppet

    Male dogs owned by woman: Bentley and Jeeves

    Female dogs owned by a man: Daisy and Rosie

    Male dogs owned by a man: Windsor and Winston

  85. How about peanut butter and jelly??? Lol

  86. Such cute doggies. Rags and Roo. Whitney and Wiley are good names. Chilie and Willy. Happy day. Hot man Wednesday is tomorrow. Thanks

  87. Zach & Zoe

  88. We have an Old English Sheepdog her name is Daisy or Daisy Bear depending on how she’s acting that day. she is the best dog. She is so funny when she’s hungry she lets you know she sits by her bowl and does this kind of bark howl put together And all of her toys go under the couch so no one else can touch them she’s also been known to steal toys from visiting dogs and put them with her collection She’s the biggest sweetheart ever. So of course I’m suggesting Daisy for a girl and for a boy Finn.

  89. Shagg. And Mopp

  90. Mischief & Mayhem :-)

  91. The one on the right is Miley and the left is Milton.

    Or maybe Moose and Natasha.

  92. Barney and Rubble
    Pebbles and BamBam
    Scooby and Shaggy

    Can you tell I love the old cartoons, lol.

  93. Ĺittle Beau and Peep

  94. Looks like one has a little ponytail on top so I’m guessing a male and female.

    Mac & Maggie
    Gryff & Gilly

  95. I think they look mischievous, so I’d name them either Thelma and Louise or Lucy and Ethel

  96. Holly and Dolly?

  97. Fred and Ginger

  98. harry and sally

  99. Mumbo & Jumbo!

  100. Claire and Jamie

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