July 17, 2017


Satan– er, Sadie keeps her own council but sometimes it’s not too hard to envision what she’s thinking.

Caption this photo. Three of you will win the book of their choice from my backlist, which of course won’t be LOST AND FOUND SISTERS because you guys all have it already, right?

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  1. Dreaming of world domination – after a nap.

  2. I wish I were an only child!

  3. “You did what? Really? Humans!!”

  4. What am I doing in this light? I thought my nickname is Satan and isn’t Satan in the dark.

  5. My evil plan is about to unfoil. Bwaaahaaa

  6. the sun rises and sets on me …. ah … the silent power is wonderful ! The world … the Shalvis roost is my oyster !! Life is good !

  7. Why must we have so many dogs? Seriously, aren’t I enough.

  8. Feed me NOW, or heads will roll!!!

  9. Feeling my love?

  10. What the crap were you thinking getting all these dogs?Wasn’t I enough to love?

  11. I have ways to make you talk

    Hope you have a good day Jill

  12. This is my suntangle! Get out of my sight!

  13. I told you NOT to bring that dog back!

  14. You talking to me?

  15. “It’s time to get your s— together”

  16. “You all disgust me.”

  17. Take me to your leader!

  18. You know you want to pet me…but don’t or I will bite you hard!

  19. Ah…freshly fed on blood. Hope I’m not sparkling in this sunlight.

  20. Ugh humans….such simple minded creatures.

  21. Wow Sun at last after all that snow, this is more like it, Now where is the food.

  22. Yes, even the sun rises at my bidding.

  23. “Oh, the things I’ve seen…the things I’ve had to endure… Rescue me, and I will tell all!!!”

    Poor baby! Such a tough life, right? (I still think she is adorable.) And yes, of course I have LaFS; already read and reviewed. Loved it! :yahoo:

  24. She is just beautiful. Think she is thinking it would be a good spot for a nap

  25. How dare you…eating a cookie without sharing is just WRONG!!!

  26. :scratch: :scratch:

  27. Silly humans.

  28. She thinks she won this time. Just wait til she gets in bed tonight. She’ll realize who really won!!!!

  29. “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy. Sunshine in my eyes can’t make me cry…”

  30. First I’ll get rid of the dogs, then the woman and then Alpha Man will be mine.

  31. :evil: Your panties will catch fire in 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … (in a former life, I was Carrie!) :evil:

  32. I see that book in your hands. It is not Lost and Found Sisters. WHY AREN’T YOU READING LOST AND FOUND SISTERS?

  33. Seriously? I do not kill spiders.

  34. The sun is out, now to rule the world.

  35. Human where is my lunch

  36. You SHOULD know by now why I’m not happy!

  37. Okay people, feel me roar!! We all know who’s in charge.

  38. So you’re a writer pffffffffft,where is my breakfast,human??

  39. i guess its time to take over the world

  40. I hate Mondays!

  41. I am the queen and don’t forget it.

  42. Oh Jill, you do not just do that!

  43. Hello Sunbeam, we meet again!

  44. I don’t do pictures.

  45. No one enters without catnip! :evil:

  46. I know where you hide your secret stash of cookies. I will show Alpha Man if my demands are not met – Often and Immediately!
    Sated kitty, Safe stash. You decide.

  47. The sun shines on me, therefore, peasants, you may drink in my glory, but for only a moment, because you bore me, now go away! :twisted:

  48. Giant orb in the sky…why did you leave me this winter? Was it something my human did? :eek:

  49. If she’s like my cat cookie. That’s the evil eye. Go ahead make my day. I’ll take a nip out of you. lol I’m so sweet with, a evil side. Lol

  50. Sunshine, finally, I thought it would snow forever.

  51. :grin: I’m watching you!

    I finished Sisters Lost and Found. Loved it, sorry to get to the end. I hope there will be more books like this. Some of my favorite parts were the laughter! Thanks for keeping my mind off the heat. :cool:

  52. Look into my eyes, you are getting sleepy, very sleepy. Soon you will be doing my bidding!!!!! MUAHHHHHH!

  53. You’re kidding me right?? You know I can read your mind.

  54. :heart: look into my eyes. You are getting sleepy. My food bowl is half empty…

  55. I am the goddess! You, mere human, are my servant.

  56. She looks mean, like I will get even with you!! Lol

  57. You may bow to me now.

  58. [email protected]
    You’re disturbing me! Why?

  59. Mind control is just too easy with these humans.

  60. No, the sun may NOT touch my right ear.

  61. I’m not going out there – I’ve seen the bears! :negative:

  62. Read my status — I’m in a relationship with me. If you want to take photos, turn the camera around. They’re called selfies for a reason. Geez, overzealous fans!

  63. Take away my sunny spot and you will pay!

  64. I know it’s Monday and I just don’t care!

  65. Ok, tell me where you hid the cookies, or somebody

  66. “Seriously???” :scratch:

  67. Am I real, or am I a Polaroid?

  68. Seriously? I can’t believe you are leaving me again.

  69. “I’ve not been on a single cover, yet she continues to snap these photos of me everyday!”

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