July 13, 2017

Thursday Tidbits

So I’m on my deck writing away today when a bear just walks on by. He came within five feet and never even gave me a second look. Not sure whether I’m insulted or what. I have a pic of my view but not the bear because I fell out of my chair when he strode past and it took me too long to grab up my phone. None of you are surprised at this.

Oh! And GREAT AMAZING news! LOST AND FOUND SISTERS hit the USA Today bestseller list for the THIRD week in a row!!! I mean holy cow! You are all amazing and I’m grateful to have the best readers on the planet. I’m so happy I’m giving away a mug and bag today as seen below. Except not exactly as seen because that pic is sideways and hell if I can fix it…

I’ll draw a random commenter. Today’s question: If you’ve read LOST AND FOUND SISTERS, tell me your favorite scene. If you haven’t read it yet … why not? :razz:

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  1. I haven’t read it because my Barnes and Noble didn’t have any copies in stock and you are one of my authors I have to have print copies of!

  2. My favorite was her thinking Mick was the maintenance guy and had him fix her sink.

  3. I like the excerpts from Tilly’s journal. She is a very believable teenager.

  4. I haven’t read it yet, but it’s in my “to buy” list for my kindle. I just have to wait for my book allowance to regenerate, sending a Kidlet off to grad school :wacko:

  5. The bee sting in the tree scene was awesome!! I was laughing!

  6. I started reading the book the day it came out (pre ordered it ). Loved it. Loved the part of getting Mick to fix her leaky sink, kill bugs.; also climbing the tree to talk to her sister. I just enjoyed the way she jumped right in to begin a relationship with this sister she didn’t know she had.

  7. Oh my that is like asking to pick a favorite book. I loved this story so much.
    Her asking him to get the bug out of the tub was funny, the bee sting, her trying to gather eggs…etc

  8. I have read the book. To pick just one thing is hard, but I will choose interaction with the ex girlfriend. I liked Lena.

  9. I have not read it yet….fighting some health issues. I have all your books including Lost And Found Sisters and I will read it. I love each and every one of your books. I know this is another winner too and look forward to reading it soon.

  10. :good: when the regulars show up for breakfast and they decide to serve and they send her for eggs ….that scene was funny. Also, they handyman mistaken identity.

  11. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet because I have a few ARC commitments to complete first. Meanwhile the anticipation builds!

  12. Not yet-on library wait list

  13. One favorite scene? That’s tough! I just finished the book last night. I really like where Mick was opening Tilly’s eyes to how

    Much Quinn cares for her. Oh! The hospital scene with Tilly and Dylan! I loved them.
    I could go on….

    Thanks for such a great read!!!

  14. Congratulations! I have not yet read it. I am reading a 12 book series and am almost done with it! I am one of those that can’t read multiple books at one time. I like to finish a book or series (if the series is complete!) before I start the next book. But I promise that Lost and Found Sisters is the next one on my list! :-)

  15. I like the bee sting scene and the first diner scene.

  16. Haven’t read it yet because I can’t afford to buy any new books till I get a better paying job. Fortunately, I have a TBR pile that includes some of your older books that I won at a Reader Appreciation event.

  17. Congrats Jill. There are too many favorite scenes to mention. Can I say it starts with Chapter 1 and goes all the way to the end?

  18. jill you are so funny !!! love to start my day with you !!! my favorite scene from lost and found sisters??? there are too many !! anything with a bug… any all banter between quinn and lena… bee sting… chickens… priceless !!! plus i absolutely loved your dedication and all of the mixed up files of tilly adams journal…

    stay away from the bears and bugs !!
    xo sister !!

  19. I have not read it yet, but it is on my hold list for both my local library and the Boston Public Library. So, very soon I hope. I can’t wait!

  20. Absolute favorite scene was the bug in the bathtub.

  21. I liked how Quinn several times busted her sister when she snuck out, a couple times on purpose and once completely by accident. This was a fabulous book!

  22. I loved every scene! The bee stings, Tilly’s journal, the way Quinn rushed to hospital when she found out Tilly had been in an accident. Also, Lena needs a book!!

  23. I haven’t read it yet. :cry: It’s my reward for finishing summer school. :) :yahoo:

  24. I have not read it yet. My book budget went out the window when I lost my job in November. I have an Amazon giftcard but most of the books I have by you I get through Barnes and Noble. I will read soon. Not sure waht book or books you will have at the 7/29 book signing on Orlando but I will be there!!

  25. I loved how each chapter started with quotes from Tilly’s journal.

  26. *snort* I love you. Honestly I think we might be related. Your tidbits are the best and your humor is just my cup of tea.

  27. Haven’t read it yet. But it’s next on my list. Preordered it for my Kindle, so it’s ready and waiting!

  28. Not yet – saving for my birthday, the 21st of this month, as my birthday present to myself. The kiddos will be at their dad’s and I can have interrupted reading time, well, if I lock the cats on the patio…

  29. Congratulations on three weeks in a row of being on USA Today Best Sellers list. You Rock! am so glad the bear didn’t notice you! Never be insulted that a bear didn’t notice you. Lost and Found Sisters is on my wish list and as soon as I can free some money up I am going to buy it. I love, love, love women fiction and am excite to read your very first one! Sideways pictures, I know all about! So don’t worry there are alot of us that do That! Lol!

  30. I’m reading it now – loving all scenes, but had to laugh and gasp at the tree climbing, bee stinging, scene

  31. Congratulations, Jill! I haven’t read it yet. I have to watch my book budget since my husband is currently unable to work due to his back.

  32. Congrats on your third week on the list. You earned it.

    That said, I loved the way the chapters started with Tilly’s journal entries. And I loved every single bit of the book. It was great.

  33. Got it, read it loved it. I really liked when Beth popped in like when Quinn was in the shower or any other time. I did look forward to the quotes from Tilly’s journal I could go on but you get the idea.

  34. You are on my TBR list – have to wait until payday unfortunately.

  35. Saving it for my LONG flight to Alaska. If it’s any consolation, it’s been KILLING me!!!

  36. I haven’t read it yet because I’m getting it from the library and the hold list is really long.

  37. I have not read it yet because I’ve been waiting for the hold I placed on it at the library. Just received notification that it’s in and am going to go pick it up today!

  38. After youngest wrecks the car and her sister confirms that she isn’t leaving her or never going to Not LOVE her. I love all the hot guy scenes but the realization for the youngest in this scene was precious

  39. I haven’t read it yet. I am waiting for the Jersey Shore will post a picture on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I will tag you of course.

    Oh that was a Lucy moment with the bear. I completely understand. I would have fallen as well, but as I was running away!

  40. Wondwrful book! No wonder it is doing so well!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  41. My favorite thing is the books is Tilly’s Quotes at the beginning of each chapter. I loved the whole book.

  42. I like the last scene, but then again I always love epilogues and happy ever afters… :)

  43. the books one big favorite scene, girlfriend… :yahoo: :mail:

  44. I have read the book and loved it! Favorite part…ALL OF IT!!!

  45. All the scenes are wonderful, but I love the one when she finds the little black box in the dresser.

  46. I’m amazed that you even leave the house!
    Congratulations on making the List! I haven’t read it yet because I want to get it at the Turn The Page event so I can have you sign it.

  47. Well of course it has to be when Quinn climbs the tree to talk to Tilly, gets stung by a bee and falls out of the tree. LOL

  48. One of my favorite scenes – the mistaken handyman one. You know what they say about assume!

  49. Everyone is correct — there are too many things I loved to have just one but I will say this: Mick always put Quinn and her “issues” (and just HER) first. I know, he’s a JS hero but he really shined in the story. Loved that. Much heart all the way thru the book.

    And glad the bear ignored you — geez! Hope he does EVERY time.

  50. I loved the whole book but if I had to pick just one it would be mistaking Mick for the handyman. Congrats on the best seller list!

  51. Pick a favorite scene ? How about the whole book ?!

  52. I loved the whole book so it’s hard to pick one scene. I laughed quite a bit when Quinn was trying to get eggs from the hen boxes for the first time.

  53. I loved the book but my fav scene prob when Quinn was in the hotel room and Beth would pop in….I can’t wait for more in this series!!!

  54. I just was able to find Lost and Found Sisters yesterday and bought it. I started to read the book before I fell asleep last night. It is great so far. I bought two other books yesterday also and started all three of them before sleeping last night. So happy it is in the best seller list for 3 weeks in a row. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  55. I haven’t read yet it because I just picked it up from the library yesterday. I’ll be reading it soon as I’m going to Long Island to visit my brother and his family on Saturday. I figure it will be good to read on the plane.

  56. I ordered it from amazon but haven’t got it yet.I always want paperback cause I collect them

  57. Read it……loved the whole book. There was laughter and tears.

  58. The discovery of the special collection kept by their Mother… … and the madness getting the chickens.

    Actually there are so many scenes and special moments in this book !!! I loved in this book !!!!

  59. I loved the whole book. If I had to pick a scene it would be the bee sting or when she had to get the eggs from the chickens. I went to a little zoo in my hometown about 14 years ago and they had chickens running loose and I tried to keep a wide berth from them. Didn’t work too well but my son and daughter thought it was hilarious. Not a big fan of chickens unless it is on my plate, lol. I am also not a fan of any bugs. I am the type of person who only likes animals who have 4 legs and fur.

  60. Your books are always enjoyable, and I will purchase Lost and Found Sisters as soon as I find it. I have set aside money for it, so my budget is okay! :mail:

  61. I loved Tilly’s journal

  62. Because you’re too darn popular and the library is slow getting it to me…husbanding my pennies now to snag it because I’m tired of waiting!
    Our bears seem to have-knock wood_ moved further up the mountain….haven’t seen any for a week….

  63. :yahoo: LOVED Lost and Found Sisters!!!!! I think that you should consider making a series for that town! I didn’t want the book to end! I loved the love/hate relationship between Lena and Quinn! I loved how Mick treated Quinn with respect at all times, that’s a real man.

  64. :cool: I love your view. So glad the bear didn’t notice you!

    I’m still reading Lost and Found Sisters so I did not read any responses because sometimes people give things away!! I hate that. When I went to bed last night I was reading & laughing, laughing so hard at some parts that I couldn’t settle down to sleep!!! Lovin’ this book.

    :yahoo: Congratulations on a third week on the best sellar list. You are so talented & deserve it. :rose:

  65. Haven’t yet, haven’t been out to get it! Can’t wait, though! Thanks for the chance!

  66. The whole book was my favorite! I especially loved Tilly’s quotes prior to each chapter. One of my favorite quotes was “why can’t everything be as easy as getting fat” My life story! Thank you Jill! :heart:

  67. Wish I had your view. Mine is so boring living in the burbs on Long Island. Yes. I read your book the first week it came out and I even wrote a review.

  68. I’m on the list at the library!

  69. Sitting in front of a beautiful ocean enjoying the breeze and beautiful water

  70. I like the hug scenes with Quinn and Tilly.

  71. I am reading it now– about half way through.

  72. I just love all the humor in it. Gathering the eggs was hilarious. I love books that lift your spirit.

  73. Does the emailed bonus scene with Archer and Elle count? :smile:

  74. My favorite scene was Mick throwing the ball for Coop. I use the term “throwing” very lightly. :whistle:

  75. There was never a dull moment through out the book, and they were a lot of scenes that I really loved, but the one where Tilly finally gave Quinn the baby clothes that her mom had made for her. That was adorable.. That was one good book!!

  76. :cry: so sorry….haven’t read because I was saving it for the beach! First, I had to find it….finally ordered because I was laying an egg just to get even though I knew I was going to save it!

  77. so sorry….haven’t read because I was saving it for the beach! First, I had to find it….finally ordered because I was laying an egg just to get even though I knew I was going to save it! :cry: :cry:

  78. I loved it when the senior citizens placed a bug in the mayor’s office.

  79. I liked the conversation between Mick and Tilly in the kitchen after the car accident. It was truthful, warm and heartfelt. And from Tilly’s journal, the leggings as pants observation. My daughter would strongly agree!!

  80. Hi, Jill. I just finished reading, “lost and found sisters”! I truly didn’t want it to end…sooo glad to hear you’re planning on continuing to use Wildstone as the setting!!!

    Loved the relationships you built between Quinn and Tilly. Love between sisters is an amazing feeling and you developed both characters in such human, vulnerable, and true ways.

    Thanks for sharing your story, humor (laughed out loud quite a few times!!!) with me! It’s my first read and now I’m hooked on your style…more purchases for me!!

    Oh, and the inclusion of “Coop” and “Tink”- just added to the realness of the novel!!! Love a good dog & kitty cat.

    Best Regards~

    Barbara McKinney

  81. [email protected]
    I have your book but haven’t started reading it yet because I’ve started re-reading the Psy-Changeling series. I’m on book 5! Once I’m done with that series (again), I’ll be starting your book!

  82. Sorry, I haven’t yet . The past month we’ve moved
    cross country into 2 different houses. We were only
    at one house for 2 days, because we had to make
    the closing at our full time house the next day. So,
    it’s been a bit hectic! But I can’t wait to read it when
    things finally settle down a bit. I love reading your

  83. I pre-ordered the book and have in on my Kindle but have not finished the book yet. The reason being that my husband had his social security number hacked from an account that had his retirement funds are in (NOT even our account, the Company he works for owns the account) and we (I) have been spending days trying to cover every base so they don’t steal everything we own. It’s been exhausting PLUS we had 7″ of rain in a matter of hours and I’ve been trying to keep us from flooding…. enough said.

  84. I’m reading it now. Savoring it. I put it off as long as I could because if I started reading it, it would be done. And I don’t like when your books are over and I have no more to read. So, if I wait to read it, it lasts longer. Understand the logic?

    • I LOVE the comment Mick made about not ever asking someone if they think you are overreacting. I’m going to keep it!

  85. I promise it is on my to-do-list.

  86. Loved the egg collection scene. It reminded me of when a friend had chickens and the only one who could collect eggs without being in danger of getting spurred by her little Banty rooster was her pre-teen son!

  87. Jill, I absolutely love your books! There were many favorite moments in this book, many, many laugh at loud moments!!!!!
    But, the vibrating suitcase scene had me laughing so hard, I was crying! I reread this about 5 times!
    Thank you!!!!!

  88. :wacko: I haven’t read it yet and have no darn good reason, I guess I better make a virtual to the nook store and recipe this situation. Love the mug and bag. Thanks an be BEARY careful

  89. I am anxious to read any of your books as soon as I have a few extra dollars.

  90. I absolutely loved this book. Tillys journal entries were hilarious and so teenage like. Ok, a lot were adult like too. :)

  91. Be glad you don’t have a Chihuahua….apparently they seem to think they are bear hunting dogs. Bigger than them pffft…could eat them as an appetizer…pffft….they are CHIHUAHUA fear their…well I’m not sure what exactly a bear should fear from a 5 lb dog…but they DO!

    How do I know? Would you like to hear about the 5 lb Chihuahua I had who was feared by bears, packs of hunting dogs and …well…everything feared little Yoda except the humans and a certain black Siamese cat who loved to pull practical jokes on the littler terror.

  92. I loved the whole darn book but when Dylan kissed Tilly, I am so hoping they get a book when they have grown up because I see a story there. I also loved all the quotes at the beginning of each chapter from Tilly’s journal.

  93. Loved the conversations between Beth and Quinn.

  94. :yahoo: Loved the book!! I really enjoyed when the heroine met Coop for the first time!! I loved the whole book, but that is my first happy scene! I also love when she first mistakes Mick for the handy man!

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