July 12, 2017

Happy Hump Day!

So today’s writing inspiration is actually all about the smile…

… but the abs aren’t bad either.


What are you all doing this week? Working? Vacay? Sunning? Watching movies? What? I am writing my fingers to the bone and will live vicariously through you…

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  1. Back at work after a week off with family.Had all three of my grandsons in one place for that week and all 5 of my kids here in town for 10 hours, which meant breakfast together at our favorite restaurant. I agree with you – the smile is the best! (and the abs aren’t bad either!)

  2. Same old, same old. But I do appreciate your sacrifice.

  3. Sure it is, all about the smile :grin:

  4. Working, working, working! Getting wholesale orders done then starting Christmas stock! ACK!!!

  5. Love hump day! I was so tired from getting up at 3:30am to take my kids to Cleveland airport. There going on Vacation in Cancun an I’m taking care of the cat and pool. Not sure it’s fair as it’s rained all morning. Lol.
    Thanks again for the abs an bod. Love Weds! Have a great werk

  6. Good inspiration.

    I am not having a great week so hope you have someone to live through that is better.

    Take care

  7. Part work, drudgery day and part fun. Have laundry, which is done and out on the line so now can spend rest of day working on my stained glass. I’m working on boards for the garden with glass inserts in. So I have one ready to foil, but before I get to that I have one ready do outlay my next design, which will be a cat. Then 3 needing outlines layed out for my husband to cut the pattern holes. The glass part is the fun part of the day.

  8. No luck here. I am preparing delinquent tax returns for a “real sweetheart” of a client. Better luck next week.

  9. Don’t know where you get these great pics, but keep ’em coming!

  10. Definitely works for me

  11. Looking forward to going to Red Rocks in Colorado and to Estes Park for some hiking and river rafting.

  12. No special plans….just my usual reading and crocheting. I am not big on TV or movies.

  13. Working at home today…yay…so I don’t have to face the SF Bay Area traffic from south of San Jose to Alameda!! Maybe to Portland OR tomorrow…depends on a number of factors…but…I’d rather fly to Portland than drive to Alameda!!

  14. Please don’t live vicariously thru me — I’m working on home renovations (yup, DIY) and interviewing for a new job. Yay, me! AND it’s in the hundred teens here… Oof! But I’ll keep that…SMILE…in mind as I go thru my day! Thank you for that. :yahoo:

  15. Working.

    I Loved,Loved,Loved Lost and Found Sisters. It was great.
    Now I’m reading The Harder They Fall, One of your stand alones. Love it too!

  16. Working until tomorrow at 5pm then headed to the lake camping until Sunday. With my middles friend and their family. 15 people camping I am sure there will be shinanigans at play

  17. I watch my grandson.

  18. Definitely the smile!! This week I’m reading and existing, barely, in the heat and humidity. Leave Saturday morning for a vacay, visiting my brother & his family on Long Island. Looking forward to it!! I hope your book gets to my library branch by Friday since it’s in transit & I would love to have it to read while away.

  19. Everyday’s a vacation day!
    (looking to see if anyone bought that …… Nope) LOL! B-)
    But, Hump Day pics definitely lift the spirits! :good: :yes:

  20. Trying to stay dry in Northern IL after 9″
    of rain last night. Pumps working over time
    Doing all things possible not to flood.

  21. Working today, unfortunately, but hoping to do some camping next weekend. B-)

  22. you have the best job ever!

  23. catching up on sleep and reading!!!!!! :yahoo: :-P :lol:

  24. You’ll be bored with me…babysitting friend’s doggie while he’s working in Barrow, going to PT and hoping for the best. ;)
    Congratulations on two weeks as best seller!

  25. Just got home from vacation & a wedding back east. Now I fly to TX to pick up my 10 year old grandson to come visit with us here in Vegas. He’ll be doing parkour camp while here.

  26. :smile: I’m reading Lost and Found Sister, which I love! No surprise there. :grin: Other than that surviving summer heat, watching a little tv & enjoying the freedom of choice on my SMART tv. It is still new to me & I’m still learning. :cool:

    Love the “inspirational” picture at the top! Whew!!!! His smile is great as the rest of him also appears to be!! :good: :yes:

  27. Just got back from vacation. Why is it that you always have more laundry after your vacation that when it is a regular day at home. Sigh. Tomorrow is back to taking care of my 2 very active grand daughter.

  28. I’m already starting to pack for the RWA conference at Disney! I’m a first time author with 205 pages of an approx 310-325 full length contemporary romance novel completed! I’m excited to be able to attend and learn as much as I can. I plan to attend 2 of your workshops Jill. I’m not pitching cuz my book is not finished but I am preparing in case somebody asks me what my book is about in an elevator or over a Gass of wine!!!

  29. I like the smile , thanks , working but took Friday off !!!!

  30. Watched a friend who was on last night’s episode of “Forged in Fire” on History last night and binging on the episodes of Mythbusters that Hulu has available. :yahoo: Love to watch them blow things up. :whistle:

  31. I’m sure glad you are writing, after reading Lost And Found Sisters. I’m ready for another one of your books to read…

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