June 19, 2017

Monday Musings

So it was a lovely weekend, got to spend time with two of my favorite people, Oldest and Middle!!!! My heart was so full!!!!

And then the mail came and I got this banner from the reader con I just came home from!! The dogs were VERY impressed.

p.s. LOST AND FOUND SISTERS comes out TOMORROW! Quite excited!! It’s already a bestseller at Amazon!!!

I can’t wait to hear what you all think of this first bigger book from me. If you intend to pick it up, will you be reading it in print or digital? Inquiring minds wanna know. :-)

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  1. Print. I’ll definitely be picking up Sisters! I can’t wait to get it in my hot little hands, put a ‘do not disturb’ sign around my neck and read it in one big leisurely gulp. :yahoo: :heart: :good:

  2. I am a print only kind of girl. I like the feeling of holding an actual book.

  3. Can’t wait to read it on my Kindle.

  4. I’m a kindle girl

  5. :yahoo: I preordered months ago. Anxiously awaiting delivery. Love your books.

  6. Pre ordered in print. Can’t with for it to arrive.

  7. Kindle for me. Can’t wait!! :yahoo:

  8. I got the shipping notice from Amazon today! Now all I have to do is not read it until vacation at the end of the week!

  9. I will be reading on digital. I am anxious to get it started.

  10. It will be waiting for me on my Kindle when I get up in the morning. I have been waiting SO long for this story.

  11. Kindle all the way! And I pre-ordered it as soon as I could.

  12. Pre-ordered for my Nook from Barnes and Noble!

  13. It looks like Cali may be crushing on Coop. Love the banner. I’ve been anxiously awaiting release day for Lost and Found Sisters. I preordered my digital copy.

  14. :bye: :yahoo: took long enough. Cannot wait to buy the book

  15. Congrats on being a best seller before your book is actually released !!! A honor you rightly deserve ! And I pre-ordered mine back in December and in print form. Congrats, again !!!

  16. I prefer print, digital tends to wear my eyes out faster. I picked up you book at RAGT17 and you signed it for me and I’m so excited to read it. Thank you for attending Lori Fosters and I hope you come back again.

  17. My print copy will be here tomorrow! :yahoo:

  18. :rose: :heart: :mail: :whistle: Loved it ! :!: :!: :yes:
    The whole darn .the cover. the storyline. the characters. as mention in my review: thought is was different in a special way… and the best ever of your books.

    Loved it ! Interesting to see what is next to come from you Jill Shalvis. !!! :-)

    A very special book … :-)

    For those who have not read it yet … are in the for a feature film between this book cover …. your words to eat and digest in mind their long after the last page is read !!! sigh

  19. Print. It’s on it’s way to me already from Amazon. Should be here in the morning. I can’t wait. :yahoo:

  20. Digital Pre-ordered! CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!

  21. I will be reading it digitally. I pre-ordered it month ago.

  22. Just preordered from Audible! It will arrive at Midnight tonight.

  23. Definitely PRINT – from the library. Can’t wait to read it. Loved the poster. No wonder your dogs love it – with that cute dog on the cover!!

  24. Digital-can’t wait!

  25. I am planning to get it in print when my budget allows it.

  26. I prefer the print copy.

  27. Beautiful pictures and women. I am going to get the book, would love the auto, but with being on S.S. I can`t afford it. Can`t wait for the book, love all your books you are great

  28. On Kindle, can’t wait!!

  29. Awwwwwwwwwwww! Almost all of your favorite peoples…except for youngest and Sadie… Print and it better arrive soon!! One never knows with the Big A, even with Prime. Congrats!

  30. Preordered in print. Hopefully will be here tomorrow.

  31. Digital…..have had it pre-ordered forever…..

  32. It’s downloaded ! But I’m making myself get up, take a shower, make a protein shake, and pick up my dog from boarding (my husband and I did a charity Walk called Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk in Washington DC this weekend – (17Miles). Got home to Vegas late last night. Limping around. Once I pick up my Lily, we will crash on my bed – me with my iPad,
    Lily with a treat where she will take a much needed nap.

  33. I will be reading it in print.

  34. Have it preordered it ebook!

  35. Pre-ordered for my Kindle….

  36. Amazon says I’ll get mine tomorrow!

  37. I”m waiting on the library copy. Hoping it’s ready for pickup by Friday so I can take it on my road trip to read.

  38. Digital~Kindle

  39. Print is my preferenc if I can find it! Otherwise digital! :) Nice banner!!

  40. That wonderful feeling when you get notification from Amazon that:

    Shipping Confirmation
    Hello Perrin Larton,

    “Lost and Found Sisters” has shipped.

    HARDBACK for me!!

  41. Print and so excited!
    Did the girls come home for Father’s Day? Lovely you were together….

  42. Digital. Already preordered so I can hardly wait.

  43. :yahoo: I am looking forward to reading this. It is pre-ordered in print. :grin: I haven’t checked email yet so I don’t know if it is on the way! Hope so!! :bye:

  44. Mine will be arriving in the mail tomorrow, print version of course. I can’t wait!!! So excited to read this new genre from you Jill, I know it’s going to be great

  45. Yes I am definitely getting a print copy.

  46. Amazon emailed me that my copy is on it’s way and I will have it tomorrow!

  47. Awesome Banner. Preordered so I guess I will have it tomorrow. Excited.

  48. In print. It will be delivered tomorrow. Whoop.

  49. Digital -Boy am I excited about having twice the amount of great Shalvis reading in one book. What a way to start my summer!

  50. Will be on my Nook. Looking forward to it. Some of my other favorite authors have new books soon. Adriana Trigliani, Diana “Outlanders”, and soon a new Jan Karon Mitford book.

  51. I usually read your books in print, but I ordered this one for my Kindle so I could wake up to it. Happy Birthday to me! :-)

  52. Both, I got it in print at the reader author get together and it’s pre ordered for my kindle. It’s wonderful, love Mick and loved being in the head of Quinn, but you know what I really liked, Beth, loved it when she showed up.

  53. Preordered and downloading any minute :heart:

  54. I pre-ordered it as soon as it was possible to do so. It is now on my kindle and I’ve already started it. Unfortunately I have an 8:10 a.m. pre-op appointment for cataract surgery so won’t be able to continue to read it until later in the day.

  55. Kindle .. I preordered this back in October I can’t wait to read this

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