June 14, 2017

Happy Hump Day!

Today’s writing inspiration is brought to you by one of the Chris’s. Chris Pine!

Question #1: Has anyone seen Wonder Woman yet?
Question #2: Can we see him starring in one of my books
Question #3: If not him, then who?

Three random winners today will win my next week’s LOST AND FOUND SISTERS!

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  1. Wonder Woman was Awesome!! Yes he could so be in one of your books!! Please don’t add me to win. I have already read this book and loved it.

  2. I haven’t had a chance to see it yet, but I’ll get there soon. Chris Pine definitely deserves to be in a book! :heart:

  3. No :sad: Yes, please, the sooner, the better. :heart:

  4. 1: Going to try to get in today! 2: Uh, yaah! 3: See second answer. :yahoo:

  5. I haven’t been to the movies since the movie Independence Day! Lol So I haven’t seen WW. Yes he could be in a book but how about Charlie Hunnam!

  6. No, I have not seen Wonder Woman yet. Most definitely Chris Pine should star in one of your books. He is so good to look at.

  7. I haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet. Chris Pine is a fav of mine, so yes he should be in a book.

  8. I’ve not seen Wonder Woman. I could see Chris Pine as a character. I also picture Taylor Kinney.

  9. Have not seen Wonder Woman but looking forward to it. Maybe this weekend. Yes I can definitely see Chris Pine in one of your books.

  10. Not yet, but looking forward to. Yes please!

  11. Yes saw wonder woman last night and yes i can see him staring in one of your books. He is hot.

  12. 1. No I haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet.
    2. I think he’d be a perfect hero in your books!
    3. Matthew Gray Gubler (Dr. Spencer Reed, Criminal Minds; Shemar Moore; Mark Harmon are a few that come to mind!

  13. Not yet
    Yes I can
    Chris pratt would be good to

  14. Wonder woman was awesome.. He is my favorite Chris…

  15. LOVED WW!! So did all 4 of my kids – girls and boy. He could star in anything. :P

  16. I have not seen Wonder Woman yet! I could picture any of the Chris’ . I have never been able to pick a favorite…

  17. No but I want to see Wonder Woman. Chris Pine would be fine. I could also picture Channing Tatum.

  18. I’m going to go see it tomorrow! He definitely needs his own book.

  19. I loved Wonder Woman and that man definitely needs his own book.

  20. 1) I have not seen Wonder Woman YET
    2) Oh Yes, he would fit perfectly in a book
    3) Others who would work are Ryan Reynolds, Tatum Channing, Chris Pine…

  21. I would pick Chris Pratt because he us so funny and hunky which fits the tyoe of characters that you like to write. He has a snarky personally ad well.

  22. How about Christopher Columbus or Christopher Robin? Bad joke. Chris Evans is not a bad choice

  23. I have not seen WE yet but want to soon! I can definitely see Chris in one of your books and would love to see Jason Momoa in one as well! :heart:

  24. No
    And any of the Chris’s, Ryan Reynolds, Alex O’Loughlin, Tatum Channing, Shemar Moore, just a few

  25. Have not seen WW yet…probably won’t until I can buy the DVD. I don’t like movie theaters with kids kicking my seat, whining about when they can leave, etc., etc. I do like Chris Pine…but more as a ‘I love him because he’s the same age as my sons’ kind of love. His dad was dreamy in CHIPS back in the day…Robert Pine…

    Maybe a book with Chris as the younger love interest and his dad as the older, more refined, silver hottie!

  26. No
    Definitely yes.

  27. Once my niece’s Bat Mitzvah is over this weekend, we will be going to see Wonder Woman. Chris can definitely be a hero in one of your books. He’s always been one of my favorite “Chris'”…

  28. I have not seen Wonder Woman yet. I can totally can see him in one of your books

  29. No, I haven’t seen Wonder Woman; not sure if I will or not. Chris Pine would be great in a book, but so would Sam Elliott or Tom Selleck!! (Can you tell my age !! Lol!)

  30. Preordered, and put the download date on my calendar! Not planning on doing much that day but go to the gym and then read!

  31. I haven’t seen wonder woman yet.
    Yes, Chris Pine is in your books.
    I think I’ve seen Aiden Turner as well as Charlie Hunnam! :lol:

  32. He would be perfect for a book.Haven’t seen wonder woman.Will have to wait for DVD to come out.Happy Hump Day!

  33. No
    Yes of course
    And any of the Chris’s, Ryan Reynolds, Scott Eastwood, Alex O’Loughlin, Tatum Channing, Shemar Moore, just a few

  34. 1. Not yet. 2. We sure can. 3. How about Tyler Posey alias Scott McCall from Teen Wolf. :-)

  35. 1. Not yet
    2. Of course!
    3. Sam Heughan or Aidan Turner :heart:

  36. I have not seen Wonder Woman. I rarely go to the movies. Yes I can definitely see Chris in one of your books. Look forward to each and every one of your books.

  37. i would like to see chris hemsworth, with the long hair!!!!!! :whistle: :yahoo: :good:

  38. He looks like an Ilona Andrews character to me. No Wonder Woman, have to wait for it to come out in the cheap seats.

  39. saw it on Saturday – it’s a dark & violent story – not for younger kids, which is too bad cause the Wonder Woman character could be inspirational for young girls

  40. Yes, he belongs in your book.

  41. Saw Wonder Woman last week – LOVED IT!!!!! Chris Pine is wonderful in this movie. And Gal is simply beautiful as Wonder Woman. I would see it again.

  42. 1. No I haven’t – hubby is down in the back :unsure:
    2. Yes
    3. A lot of guys but start with CP

  43. Were I live they don’t s how for while :cry:

  44. I’ve not seen Wonder woman but hear people raving about it.
    Yes, Chris Pine can be and should be in your books! ;)

  45. Haven’t seen it yet, Chris looks good starring in one of your books, I’ll settle for Chris!!!!!

  46. Not seen WW but always willing to look at Chris!! Thanks!

  47. My favorite Chris! He was wonderful in Wonder Woman. He’s my guy in all books. :D

  48. Not yet. We want to go this weekend. Do you really want him to star in only one book?!? I’m thinking he should make it into a few of them!

  49. No I haven’t seen Wonder Woman. Yes Chris Pine should be in one of your stories. And also Stephen Arnell and Taylor Kinney. ☺️

  50. No, I have not seen Wonder Woman, probably won’t ever see it as it is not my kind of movie. My daughter was not impressed. :sad:

    Chris Pine if okay! He can be in whatever book you choose!! :grin:

  51. WONDER WOMAN was a lot of fun & Chris Pine was adorable. Yes, put him in a book by all means.

  52. Q1: NO, I have not seen Wonder Woman.
    Q2: Absolutely
    Q3: George Clooney, Sam Elliott, or Tom Selleck

  53. No I have not, but my son owns a comic book store and he has and raves about it!!!!!!

  54. NO, I haven’t seen wonder woman!!
    Absolutely yes!!

  55. No and yes of course! :good: :yahoo: :heart:

  56. No, YES, & his twin!!

  57. 1. No
    2. Yes
    3. Don’t know but thanks soooo much for this pic!

  58. No,I haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet.
    Yes, I can definitely see Chris Pine in one of your books.
    I am patiently waiting for Lost and Found Sisters.

  59. Haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet, but soon!

    Absolutely can see Chris Pine in one of your books, which are always great to read!

  60. I’d like to see him in ANYTHING … or NOTHING …

  61. Wonder Woman was so much fun! Chris Pine was great there and I was really rooting for them (what can I say – I am all for the romance). Would love to see him in one of your books! His character in the movie is a classic Shalvis hero: alpha who can step aside and let the heroine do her thing…

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