June 13, 2017

One week!

Only one week until this lovely hits the shelves!

Lost and Found Sisters

Teasing Tidbit:

“Mick?” she whispered.


“Are you feeling something?”

“You could say that,” he murmured. “You?”

She licked her lips and he nearly groaned. “I think so,” she whispered.

“That’s good.”

“Are you going to kiss me?”

He cupped her face, let his thumbs trace her jawbone, his fingers sinking into her silky waves. “No,” he said quietly. “And not because I don’t want to, but because when I do, I want to know you’re ready. That you’ll feel it.”

She sighed. “Guys do whatever they want all the time, no emotions necessary. I want that skill.” Another shaky breath escaped her, and since they were literally an inch apart, they shared air for a single heartbeat during which neither of them moved.

Her gaze dropped to his mouth. “Okay, so I’m definitely feeling things.” She hesitated and then her hands came up to his chest. “Maybe we should test it out to be sure.”

God, she was the sweetest temptation he’d ever met, and he wanted nothing more than to cover her mouth with his. Instead, he brushed his mouth to her cheek.

“Please, Mick,” she whispered, her exhale warming his throat.

He loved the “please,” and he wanted to do just that more than anything. But when she tried to turn her head into his, to line up their mouths, he gently tightened his grip, dragging his mouth along her smooth skin instead, making his way to her ear.

“Not yet,” he whispered, letting his lips brush over her earlobe and the sensitive skin beneath it.

She moaned and clutched him. “Why not?”

It took every ounce of control he had to lift his head and meet her gaze. “Because I want to make sure you’re really with me, that you’re feeling everything I’m feeling. That there’ll be no doubt, no regrets.”

“You sure have a lot of requirements.”

He laughed. And she was right, it was all big talk for a guy who didn’t do relationships anymore. Still, he forced himself to step back and shut the passenger door.

As he rounded the hood to the driver’s side, he tried to remind himself of all the reasons she was a bad idea. He lived two hundred miles away and he was hoping to move his mom up by him and never come back here. Not to mention that Quinn lived an equal two hundred miles in the opposite direction and she was in a deeply vulnerable place. No way would he even think about taking advantage of that.

But when he slid behind the wheel and their eyes locked, he realized that while his mind could stand firm, the rest of his body wasn’t on board with the in-control program.

I can’t wait! So … if you’re planning to buy, will it be digital or print? Three random commenters will win the backlist book of their choice!

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  1. :yahoo: already pre-ordered for my nook.

  2. I pre-ordered digital and can’t wait to read it

  3. I am anxiously awaiting this book! I will be buying digital. However, I may read it in print from the library.

  4. Loved the excerpt! I’ll buy an ebook when it comes out.

  5. Can’t wait! I have a date with my e-reader and my porch swing.

  6. You are a print copy author because your covers are awesome.

  7. Pre-ordered in print. Can’t wait.

  8. Kindle e-book all the way.

  9. I have it on pre order in digital. I can’t wait, so ready.

    Hope you have a snow free day with sunshine!

  10. Both: about a month ago, I pre-ordered for my Kindle and while at RAGT17, I purchased a copy at the B&N Store. I’m half way through (only because I HAVE to go to work-otherwise I would be finished) and I’m loving it.

    Just one question; where can I find me a Mick? And Coop too!

    LOVE IT!

  11. Well, wish it was today. I’m an ebook reader! Love audiobook versions, too.

  12. Pretty ordered ages ago for my kindle!!

  13. Digital!

  14. Already preordered and counting the days!! Every time you add excerpts I want it more.

  15. Now that I have a new job have to start buying things in print since I can’t have my phone or tablet with me

  16. I bought it digital! I carry my Kindle with me at all times because you never know when you might want to read something. :-)

  17. Already preordered a digital copy- looking forward to reading it soon!

  18. Pre-ordered digital from BN :) Can’t wait!

  19. Pre-ordered, digital. Can’t wait, love your books. Hope yesterday was the last snow of the season, it’s time for spring and summer.

  20. Pre-ordered in print. Love your books.

  21. Only way to read it is by holding a book in my hand! Just not the same with digital! Can’t wait though! :yahoo:

  22. Already preordered for my Kindle. Can’t wait – always “can’t wait” for anything you write.

  23. I preordered mine in print. Can’t wait to read it!

  24. Print. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book

  25. Digital so it is always with me!

  26. I will buy print because I don’t use e-readers. They give me migraines. Thank you for the chance.

  27. I have already pre-ordered it in digital. Can’t wait!

  28. I’ll be buying it in print

  29. I’ll be purchasing it for my Kindle!!

  30. Pre-Ordered for my Kindle! Can’t wait :yahoo:

  31. Can’t wait for it to be on my NOOK :)

  32. Definitely print. I have all your books lined up on my bookcase. The real thing from my favorite authors are a must.

  33. Cannot wait. It has been forever. I am buying a print copy. I snuggle with my books :unsure:

  34. Pre-ordered from Amazon for my Kindle.
    Can’t wait :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  35. I am going to order on amazon so that I can add to my collection can’t wait

  36. :yahoo: Print of course! :yahoo:

  37. Print from the library.

  38. It will have to be digital, Jill, because my thousand + print books are pushing me right out of my house. Unfortunately, I’m a book hoarder, and I have a lot of difficulty getting rid of any of them. I prefer paper to digital, but unless I move into a mansion, digital it has to be. Looking forward to reading your book regardless

  39. Digital because I read too much!!!

  40. Pre-ordered it for Kindle.

    Waiting….Not very patiently though!

  41. Print

  42. So looking forward to reading this. I sure wish it was out this week, instead of next week. I will be reading it as a print book. That is my preferred way to read.

  43. I have pre-ordered digital.

  44. Will be getting the digital version on the Nook. Can’t wait.

  45. Will be ordering the Audible version!

  46. Print so I can share with my 92 year old aunt!

  47. Already preordered for my Kindle! Can’t wait!!

  48. Digital…running out of room for print..

  49. Print! So I can get it signed, of course.

  50. Print always. No other way to read. Thanks for the chance!

  51. Print from the library. I might eventually purchase.

  52. Already pre-ordered for my Nook app from Barnes and Noble!

  53. PRINT.

  54. I can’t wait for the release. I would but it in book form.

  55. Pre-ordered the paperback from the big A. Can’t wait! :good:

  56. Will be buying the print edition. Have it pre-ordered through Amazon and can’t wait to read it.

  57. I buy your books in print.

  58. :yahoo: I bought my copy at RAGT, yeah me.

  59. Excellent tease! Pre-ordered in digital on my Nook!

  60. I’m a purely digital girl these days. :D

  61. I preordered the print but will probably end up buying the kindle as well.

  62. :heart: I preordered in January!! The teaser made it almost impossible to wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Pre-ordered. Print. Need it now.

  64. I pre-ordered from iBooks and Audible.

    Love your books!

  65. Pre-ordered at Amazon… Can’t wait. Will read it in Portugal, on vacation.

  66. already pre-ordered for my kindle but would love to give my sister the printed book. she loves to read you!!!!! :heart: :yahoo: :yes: :razz: :wink: :lol:

  67. I’ll buy it in print to add to my Jill Shalvis collection in my library! Plus, I love the smell of books!!

  68. :yahoo: Print!
    :yahoo: Yea to the Warriors!!

  69. Digital. It’s in my iBooks preorder queue. Can’t wait. I intend to spend the day by the pool reading!

  70. I buy all of your books in print !!!

  71. I’m so looking forward to this book! I’ll be downloading it to my Nook as soon as it’s available.

  72. Digital. I have no room for print until I get rid of some!

  73. Eeeep! So frickin’ excited! I will be purchasing via ebook for nook.

  74. I have had it on preorder for what feels like forever. I’m so looking forward to this.

  75. I have preordered an ebook for my kindle for awhile. Love your books!!

  76. Well I would have to say print b/c I prefer it…reading digital gives me a headache and I like to be able to hold and see everything…guess I’m old fashioned….I donno what I would do if paper books go out….sorry guess I should have posted this yesterday for my complaint lol…love your books!

  77. Can’t wait to read it. I will buy print copy.

  78. I preordered October 24, 2016….just waiting……


  80. I have it pre-ordered in print.

  81. Digitally pre-ordered. Can’t wait!

  82. Ordered and it’s digital so I do not have to wait to start!

  83. I’ve already ordered the new book, and paid for it. Just waiting for it to be published….. :whistle: :-)

  84. Digital – so I can easily take on a plane!

  85. Print! Always print. I love the smell of books and seeing them take over my bookshelf.

  86. digital!

  87. digital!

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