June 12, 2017

Monday Musings

I don’t remember ever having snow in June before.

Have to say, I don’t like it all that much.

Or at all.

I think in light of that, today should be National Complain Day. My complaint? I need WARM. I need SUN. And I’m going to whine like a little boy until it happens.

How about you, do you have a complaint? Don’t worry, tomorrow we’ll talk puppies and rainbows to even out the bad karma we cause by whining today. But in the meantime, go for it. Come on, you know you want to.

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  1. You want warm, I got warm Jill! I just hate that it went from cold where you need to have the heater on to so darn, sticky hot that to sleep comfortable you have to turn the A.C. on. Can’t there be a happy medium where you can throw all the window open and enjoy a breeze blowing through? Does it have to go from cold where the house is shut up to so stinking hot that the house is shut up. Ok, I am done! Rainbows and puppies and baby kittens tomorrow!

  2. I think I took your warm and sunny. High today will be in the 90’story. Well you got snow. Ilove snow, but this morning what I got is facebook jail. I was pimping my authors I PA for and was commenting on blog posts about their book which your supposed to do. Someone reported my comments as spam.

  3. My complaint is people who think it is alright to text and talk on cell phones while driving. I was almost hit twice yesterday by these people.

  4. I would rather have your snow! It is in the 90s in NE! I don’t “do” hot and humid well.

  5. My complaint is that it is Monday. Ugh. Why are weekends so short?

  6. Got your heat. And way too much humidity to go with it! I would have a hard time choosing between your snow and my heat!

  7. Like many others, we have heat. and humidity. and sun. I DON’T have air conditioning. #gladtobeatwork #airconditionedoffice #dontdoheat

  8. Life w/o physical pain….makes me tired…gets me down! Arthritis & fibromyalgia pain & dealing w/ recovery from a knee replacement! Other than that life is great!! Sorry….but you gave me free rein to complain….so I did! Reading & knitting keep me going…please keep writing….looking forward to Lost & Found Sisters!

  9. I am so tired of bugs. Now I live in the deep south, so it goes with the territory. But I would like to open my front door and not be attacked by mosquitoes, wasps and anything else that flies. They are super bad this year!

  10. I’m attempting 4 appointments today. I don’t want to but this is how it has to be done so i don’t miss more work. Three doctor appointments and one massage. I need the massage the most of course. I have them all spaced out with hopefully enough time in between. Now if everyone else stays on time i might make it.

    Lisa B

  11. Mother Nature needs to get back on her meds!! This time last week it was cold damp rainy and I lit the woodstove.. Today 90 with appx 85% humidity!! Girl where did our 4 seasons snd gradual ease into the fires of hell go?? If I cant be by the ocean I’d prefer 75-80 and no humidity please!

  12. I have a headache again. Probably still recovering from all the bags of books I was toting at RAGT. Thank you again for signing all my books and meeting my #1 & #6. I hope you come next year again.

    • Oh and as I got to thinking about it. It was 1979 when we moved from SLT to Redding in June and had 4 ft of snow.

  13. My husband is in pain from a pinched nerve – the weekend was horrible – he wouldn’t go to the dr last week. Missed having the local daughter & grandkids for get-together. Just grrrrrr

    Sorry ;(

  14. Sorry about your snow, come east. TOO HOT already. We are only in June and day two of a heatwave. Our low last night was still in the 70’s and they next three days high 90’s with feeling like 100 by tomorrow. The only blessing is well one, no snow (sorry again) and end of week will be back in the normal range 70’s and 80’s without that heat index.

  15. High of 91º and then a chance of storms the rest of the week. B-) I’d rather have the snow!!!

  16. Alarm clocks. Can’t there be a more decent way to wake a body? Really? And cheerful morning people. Seriously can’t they be more sensitive to us nonmorning people?

  17. I’m feeling my age. A simple cold turned into bronchitis. Going on week 3. Just don’t recover like I used to. And THAT is like a smack in the face saying YOU’RE OLD!

  18. My complaint – I want to work on glass and my hubby has me working on his project — AND he’s taking up MY workspace. Trying to be patient though – he did build me a light table so I can mix and match my glass better.

  19. Okay, why do the trash trucks have to come to pick up trash at stupid hours of the morning, especially when I don’t have to get up early on that particular morning. It’s my free Monday. I don’t have to be anywhere until 1:00 P.M. But at 5:30 A.M., yeah, I said 5:30 a.m., this loud, obnoxious truck, with equally loud driver and worker, pulled up to my garage door, and proceeded to wake me from a very restful, peaceful sleep. Why, why, why????

  20. My complaint is that I have to adult today. I am almost half way through my work day then I have to pick up my baby boy and go home and make dinner. I hate cooking. Cooking is usually the honey’s job since he enjoys it, but he is on mandatory overtime.

  21. Ha! Complain away. Kansas is hot but you might blow away. Missouri is hot but you might melt. See? Options!
    But mostly, “while like a little boy.” HA!!

  22. So I shouldn’t complain about it being 90 here in the midwest? My complaint is having to work today while the sun is shining.

  23. Am I allowed to complain about the fact that all the food that is good for you and has very little calories doesn’t taste that great whereas all the stuff that is yummy is bad for you and has a ton of calories? Maybe just a teeny whine? Who created that system anyway? Why can’t a chocolate chip cookie be just as good for you as a bowl of kale??? Okay, I’m done now.

  24. Snow! ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄
    Ahhh, per chance to dream.
    It is hot in the WMA, like fires of Hell HT! And, we don’t have A/C. UGH! Think I’ll be standing in the most of the day.

  25. Its going to be 90+ in the Midwest today…we need a little cooler weather….its was in the 60’s last week and now this a little too much so early in June B-)

  26. Wow snow amazing! Here in Pa. we get weather in the 60’s last week to 90’s now. Then it is suppose to drop to 70’s after this weeks heatwave. Crazy with no in between so your body can adjust slowly. Your snow won’t last but just makes a muddy mess.

  27. Snow in June should be illegal. Now, I don’t know what i should complain about. Maybe that I can’t get to sleep at night – mostly on the weekends – because of the cars racing and making a racket down the street right behind my bedroom. Since they brilliantly widened the road – it’s only gotten much worse.

    I’m sick of feeling old. Can hardly move half the time. The two back surgeries last year were supposed to fix this. I’m much better than I was but some days – I believe I can now tell the weather by how achy I get.

    The weather – yes, it’s getting hot but it’s Florida. Better than dealing with winter in Massachusetts.

    Looking forward to your column tomorrow.

  28. I like warm weather but when it goes from 50 degrees to 90 degrees in 24 hours I do not like it. Here in Michigan we get humidity with the warmer degrees. I do not like the humidity at all. Looking forward to blog tomorrow. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  29. I’ve seen snow in Mayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy but never June! You have every right to complain. I think for this week, why oh why do home renovations (that you are doing yourself) always sound like they will be SO easy…until you start the 500 things that need to be done before you begin? I guess the upside, for me, is that every time the hubs and I start one of these projects, I learn some new, exciting words that he comes up with. :wacko:

    Until tomorrow…when I may be a lump under the new flooring if he reads this…

  30. I would prefer the cold vs the hot. Right now it is 92 degrees in Kansas with a heat index of 101. You know it is going to be bad when it is 74 degrees at 7am. The air feels heavy and it’s just gross.This is weather that is normal for August, or July at the earliest.
    At least in the cold you can put on layers.

  31. It’s heading for 90+ degrees again today, the humidity is also climbing, and I do not have AC. This time last week the high was in the lower 60s. To top things off, I don’t have the money to go to Starbucks and sit in AC for 4 hours.

  32. It is chilly here but it is going to be 102 on Sun.

  33. I would rather have your snow, Jill. I hate hot weather. It has already hit the 90s here in Colorado Springs, and we normally don’t see temps that hot until late July and August. It isn’t even technically summer yet, so it is going to be be way too damn hot here this summer.

    My whine is that I have been job hunting since April for a professional job that uses the exepnsive degrees I just finished, and while there are plenty of jobs in what I want to work in, no one is giving me interviews, much less hiring me. I had to take a crap job delivering pizzas just to make some money, and I hate the job. It is constant, nonstop on my feet, and I have horrid early onset arthritis, so I am in constant, never ending, grinding pain.

    Ok, done whining. I am very grateful I have the job even though I hate it. I will keep job hunting until something good happens.

  34. No snow here in Va.,Jill we have the warmth too,90 degrees and a bit muggy,not as bad as yesterday,I do best in 70’s and no humidity
    my complaint,not enough hours in the day to read as much as I’d like to

  35. I have hearing loss. I went in today to get fitted for hearing aids. When they put the things in my ears…I immediately got dizzy and was nauseated. UGH…No hearing aids for me until I can either stand to have something in my ear canal or I get so hard of hearing I will put up with the side effects. The doctor told me he’d heard about people having dizziness and nausea…but had never seen anyone really have it before! I even got pale…UGH…I’ll go back to asking people to repeat themselves or just living in my own little world. :wacko: :negative: :-(

  36. :eek: My biggest complaint is the way people drive. Apparently they have never read the drivers manual or don’t think the laws & rules of the road pertain to them. I pretty much drive the speed limit, it helps to keep me out of trouble & as safe as is possible considering the way many others drive. Am I perfect, oh no! Yes, I have done stupid things but not normally. Driving is a privelege that should be respected. Please, please remember the speed limits, the laws are for your protection and to all that our on the highways, roads, streets. About a week ago I almost got rear ended twice! I was so happy to pull into our apartment complex, in one piece. Thank you.

    Thanks Jill for a “complain” day. :grin:

  37. I just got home from lunch with my bffs (we are all retired teachers who taught together) and had whine time. It felt good to help each get stuff off their chest. Very uplifting!!

  38. I’m glad to have the sun and not to have snow, but it is hotter than you-know-where here today — about 90 degrees with 57% humidity. It feels like someone threw a hot, wet blanket over you; it’s suffocatingly hot. Plus, the pollens and allergens are very high today. Since I am, ironically, allergic to Bluegrass (despite having lived in the Bluegrass state all of my life)and Timothy grass, my eyes are itching non-stop to the point at which I could happily gouge them out (almost).

  39. My complaint is having to work in my birthday! Or it just being Monday.

  40. It’s to doggone hot and muggy here where I live, so your snow really looks refreshing to me… Lol

  41. The President and his buddies. Need I say more?

  42. It was 95 here. To be honest I would rather have the snow.

  43. Today was by no means perfect. But I’ll take the low 90s temps, the random changes to the dress code, and having to fix everything my ‘special’ team member messed up over having to deal with snow in June.

    You win. Snow trumps my things to bitch about.

  44. I could not live there as much as it snows.

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