June 7, 2017

Happy Hump Day

So I was doing some research or another and this pic popped up out of nowhere. And you know me, I’m a real sharer.

I hope he doesn’t mind but he’s totally going in a book…

Oh and two of today’s commenters will win a Shalvis bag!!!

And you know you want one… :rose:

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  1. You are so generous to share like that! Can’t wait to see how he is in book form. I’m saving this pic.

  2. I’m sorry, did you say something?

  3. Your work research is much more fun than mine is. I get side bar adds for discount walkers and those plastic donuts you sit on. Sigh.

  4. Loving his tan line.

  5. I totally would love to find him in my field! But I guess I’ll have to do with dreaming about it while I sink into fantasy as I read. :-D

  6. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. WOW! Loving the whole package! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I am a bag lady …. I would be in my element to proudly walk around carrying that bag !!!!

    within a bag … goes what else …. :yes: many many things .. including :good: paperbacks & have kindle will travel along :good: : thus no appointment can never be too long anymore – what it is my turn already ! :!: :!:

  9. Nice picture. Can’t wait for the book he’s in. Would love to win the bag

  10. :oops: :heart: Those britches nearly slipped to illegal depths! :shock:

  11. :heart: That is one sexy man…

  12. I love Bags, I am the “Bag Lady” and they can laugh if they want to but I always have something attractive to carry presents to their house, don’t I?

    Oh, I would love to win…

  13. Love the picture of the stud. I’m in fantasy land right now.

  14. He definitely needs his own book.

  15. That man is hot, thanks for opportunity for tote.

  16. Love your books. I’m looking forward to your newest one!!!

  17. I ❤️❤️ Hump Day!! Mmmmm he’s a cutie

  18. Wow, Don’t put him in a book, Send him to me!!

  19. Thanks for perking up my Wednesday

  20. That guy was hot!!!

  21. I really enjoy your books and, if you are using him as inspiration for another, I’ll be eagerly awaiting.

  22. That man is hot Love the bag

  23. :yahoo: this would be awesome! Thank you for t the chance!

  24. Oh holy tan line Batman!!!!! Perfect start for my Wednesday!!!

  25. LOL – Nice! But at first I thought he had on whitey tighties! Distinct tan lines going on there!

  26. Touching please! Really, it’s an important Biology lab! I have to ascertain if there’s any difference in the texture of the skin that is tanned versus the skin that is not tanned! Inquiring minds want to know!

  27. I’ll pass up the swag for the stud.

  28. Seems like he would be tan all over but he works this way too

  29. Love your books and can’t wait to see you Friday!!

  30. Yummy. Thanks for sharing this pic. He definitely looks like he should be a character in one of your books. I love tote bags and would be honored to carry this one. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  31. I wish I lived near your book signing, but I am in Charleston, SC. I hope in the future you will add us to your book tour list.

  32. He is hawt, hawt, hawt!!!

  33. You are so good at sharing with us Jill, thank you! Yes, I would love to have one of your tote bags.

  34. awesome bag!!

  35. I mean who wouldn’t want a Jill Shalvis bag!

  36. :heart: He must have NEVER worn low riders before to have a tan line like that! He may need someone to rub a little sunscreen on certain areas! Happy Hump Day everyone! B-)

  37. I believe I could do something with that. :lol:

  38. I’m so glad you’re a sharer, and love the bag.

  39. That’s quite a tan he’s got.

  40. I love that you’re a sharer! Keep sharing!

    Just saw the news about The Trouble With Mistletoe. I’m so excited for you and for us readers!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. Love your books and that is one hot man!

  42. He’s got quite a tan. I could help him apply some sunscreen…it’s no bother. :yes:

  43. I would so love to run my tongue down his abs to his happy place since his low pants is helping to point the way and then I can help with some sunscreen that I am keeping in my bag that I would love so much to win. ;-)

  44. :yahoo: Great way to start the day!!!Thanks for sharing.

  45. Thank you for being a sharer of all things good. I have yet another reason to look forward to Wednesdays….

  46. In thejungle, the mighty junhle, the lion skeeps tonight…

  47. Nice Tan!

  48. Looks like he needs me to pick him up

  49. Are you kidding me! Of course I’d love one since I have all your books to carry around. Great idea! ;-)

  50. Were you researching suntan products?

  51. So busy trying to comment but it’s too hard with my tongue hanging out of my mouth

  52. He definitely should be in your book.Thank you for doing research for us.I love your research and I don’t get yelled at.

  53. How come when I was growing up in the midwest there was never any guys this hot around

  54. Whew! Love that tan line!

  55. He is definitely worth going in a book.

  56. Wow, is all I can say! I love your books and would love to win a bag from you!!

  57. Gorgeous! He’s good inspiration for a book!

  58. Love your hump day picture! Your the best sharer I know! Thanks you made my day again yummy! I never win but love your books! Have a great day

  59. I think it is a perfect picture for Hump Day. Of course, put him in a book. Or two. :yahoo:

  60. That’s so nice of you to share … could you let him know that I’d help him with his tan line? :grin:

  61. Thanks for sharing, couldn’t have thought of a better wake up call :heart:

  62. Had to turn on the AC – and a fan! Thanks for sharing!

  63. My Oh My! :good:

  64. So so glad you shared. Hot!

  65. Oh my….who really cares if he minds or not…. I sure don’t mind! Looking forward to reading his story!!
    Glad you are giving away the totes, saw them on Facebook & I live no where near your book signing & this gives your other fans the chance to win Though, I am not the luckiest it is still fun trying!!
    I love your “Hump Day” postings!

  66. Thanks for the picture and the giveaway!

  67. yuummmy!!!!!

  68. Umm.. nice tan!

  69. Wonderful way to start the day :yahoo:

  70. Oh! I get your newsletter but didn’t realize you have a blog – now I can follow you here too :) Also, that picture – yowza!! Thanks for the giveaway :grin:

  71. Wow! What a way to start Wednesday! Bag? What bag?

  72. One word: YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Amazing

  74. Hot damn, he sure is pretty :-)

  75. a little more and he’d be mooning those bears.
    I’m one hopeless bag collector,would love to have one of yours…. Please

  76. WOW :yahoo:

  77. Your books are the best!!! :good:

  78. love the bag need the bag

  79. I would love to win that bag so that I can carry my books to the beach with me next month.

  80. he’s kinda cute, but his face looks rather scruffy- he coulda shaved! I DO like that he has no tats!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  81. :good: Now that’s what I call research Gold. Nice jeans. :yahoo: What a visual for the book. Thanks for the giveaway chance.
    Carol L

  82. You are the best!

  83. I’ll look for him in future books. I would love to win a bag or any kind of goodie.

  84. of course I would love a Shalvis bag to carry around my books; thanks for your kindness and generosity; also thanks for sharing the pic.

  85. Oh, yeah, Jill, and a nice “bonus” would be a fullittle page size colour copy of that

  86. Oopsie!….a full page size colour photo of that gorgeous nature boy!

  87. Can hardly wait for the movie! Yeah! AND, of course, more books! Keep my collection growing!

  88. Excited for you [and all of us readers of your books] that there’s a movie coming in December!!!

  89. There are just no words for that deliciousness! :good:

  90. B-) That can’t be his tan line, and can’t wait to read the book you put him in!

  91. :good: I love the picture! Hope to win the awesome tote. My friend is the one who recommended you and I love your books.

  92. Thanks for another great giveaway.

  93. So nice of you to share! LOL, I saw him and choked on the sip of coffee I was in the process of taking! ;-)

  94. Oh my gosh !!!!!

  95. Oh, I want to see more of this guy. He is yummy.

    On another note, I hope I can get down to Cincinnati from Dayton to get a book signed. You are one of my favorites! Love your facebook posts. They give me a chuckle while I’m at work.

  96. Yummy. I would love a full size cutout of him.

  97. Nice tan!

  98. So, how does your Alpha Male feel about all of your “research”?

  99. Jill, will he be inside the bag if we win??? :whistle: Thanks for the Wednesday pic!

  100. I can’t help but notice an extreme contrast.

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