May 15, 2017

Sneak Peek

One of my favorite characters is teenage Tilly, who is FIERCE. In LOST AND FOUND SISTERS, she gets her own point of view. SNEAK PEEK:

Lost and Found Sisters

Tilly sighed and tossed and turned some more, stilling at a sudden ping of a rock on her window. Before she could get up, the window slid open and Dylan’s long, lanky body climbed in.

Her best friend in the entire world had a fat lip and a black eye.

“I told you to keep this locked,” he said. He was pissed.

And hurt.

Tilly drew him down to her bed to take care of him, like she did every time his asshole dad beat on him. She cupped his face, her eyes filling when she saw what had been done to him this time. “I want to kill him,” she whispered.

“Shh,” he said and closed his eyes.

There are always a few characters that I wish I could write forever. Tilly is one of them… I hope you give LOST AND FOUND SISTERS a try. It’s a bigger story than I usually tell, with more relationships. Complicated relationships. Sisters. Lovers. Friends… But because it’s me, I can promise you laughs and heat and feels. Okay? You all still with me? I hope so! Anyway, if you’re feeling it, keep an author employed and preorder here.

Before you go, I’m wondering when you read me (and I hope you do, lol!), do you read me in print or digital?

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  1. Print :good:

    • I always read print. Never want my books on a devise…need the look, feel, etc., etc. of them.

  2. I mostly read you in digital but if I get lucky to win a book or see you at a signing then I read you in print. So I guess my real answer is ‘both’! lol

  3. I much prefer holding the actual book in my hands. I LOVE to underline quotes. I have boxes & boxes of books & many more boxes of books supporting my love of actual book!!

  4. Yes, I read all your books, even the old ones if I can get them. I usually read print if they’re available. I got my sister hooked too. First book was Lucky in Love (a summer read).

  5. Print.

  6. E-book. I always have my library with me. Never have to make sure I take enough print books with me when on vacation. I can download a lot of books before I go.

  7. Both. I love my e-reader for convenience, but sometimes I just need to have the feel of a “real ” book.

  8. I read your books as soon as they are available. I only read print because I get migraines from e-readers.

  9. I read your books in both print and digital

  10. Print

  11. I can’t wait for this. I have a whole day set aside during my vacation to get an uninterrupted Jill Shalvis fix.

    I read with the Kindle app on my phone. I always have a good book or hundreds at hand.

  12. Print. I just like the feel of a book :)

  13. Mostly print but also on Kindle. I have read almost all of your books. You are one of my favorite authors.

  14. Print

  15. I preorder everything you write the minute it’s available. Had to switch to digital to save money, but I miss sharing books with friends.

  16. Generally print. Sometimes I get digital for vacatom to save the space

  17. Digital because in Canada sometimes I find it hard to find you in print.

  18. I read everything digital.

  19. Digital. After reading the book, I loved Ken to listen to the Audiobook while I do other things. B

  20. I read in both print and digital….love the convenience of my Kindle where I can always have great books at the ready wherever I am Looking forward to your latest

  21. I love to hold and read physical books but the damage to my left wrist along with arthritis makes it painful, it is easier to use the Kindle.

  22. I read it in print. I love your books.

  23. Can’t wait for your new book. I preordered it several months ago, when it was first available. Regarding your question, I love the feel of paper books, but I must confess I prefer my iPad because I can carry many books with me wherever I go. I am NEVER without my iPad.

  24. I can’t wait to read this book ! Of course, I pre-ordered it. And I read only in the original and true way to read a book, by holding it in my hand, and turning the pages. Then when I finish it I place it in my bookcase with my others and can see it anytime I walk by.

  25. Waiting. Thanks for such wonderful stories ❤️

  26. Mostly print

  27. I read in both. When I’m traveling I read digital versions. When I’m at home I’ll read the print.

  28. Definitely print

  29. Digital it means I have access anytime, anywhere to read your books. I really love sitting on the sofa, in one hand and my iPad in the other a mug of coffee ahhh bliss…

  30. I started reading you in print, but now strictly on my Kindle..I am running out of storage for physical books. Kindle is also allowing me to pick up all your backlist that is available on Amazon.

  31. Always read “you” in digital.

  32. I read and enjoy your books in both print and digital.

  33. I have read most of your books digitally, but a few, from the library, in print. I purchased several in print at the library book sale. I love your books, no matter in what form.

  34. Hi, Jill. I’m a “baby boomer” and didn’t come to tech toys until late in life, so I’m one who much prefers paper books. However, because I’m a book hoarder with a thousand or more print books, they are pushing me out my front door and becoming a problem. I recently won a Kindle Paperwhite ereader and am now trying to break the paper habit and transferring my hoarding addiction to ereading. It isn’t quite as satisfying, but it certainly is more convenient. I suppose I’ll always have to buy an occasional paperback, just to enjoy the feel of a book in hand, but the main thing is having access to some form of of the wonderful stories you and other great authors write! Just keep writing your fantastic stories, and I’ll keep buying them in one form or another.

  35. I haven’t won any of your books.I love my paperbacks and collect them.I read digital when I can’t find paperback.

  36. Print!

  37. Depends on where I am…If I’m at work, I read ebooks, but home, print books…. :)

  38. Always in Print !!!

  39. Print! I love seeing the color book cover and it is relaxing to me.

  40. You’re a keeper print.

  41. I usually read you in print. It is much easier to go back and reread parts, especially when I want to revisit a laugh.

    After years, I still pull out Forever and a Day now and then to read the phone call scene when I need a pick-me-up. :lol:

  42. Already preordered and looking forward to this book! I have all your books in digital on my Nook. Easier to transport with me wherever I go.

  43. :good: :yahoo: I always read you in print!!! In fact I have your last book to read, if I get some things done around the house today like taking garbage out, dishes washed, laundry, I am rewarding myself by starting to read that book. That is sometime before & after the dentist & chiropractor. :rose: :lol: :yes:

  44. I have your books in both print and digital. More digital than print, though.

  45. yes .. lol .. but mostly digital these days. easier to carry a kindle or two .. yes, I have 2 .. so I never run out of battery or books.

  46. Have to tell you, I order your books, sight unseen. Don’t need to know what it’s about. I know I’ll love it. :yahoo:
    I buy all your books at Audible. Just makes my life less complicated and waaay easier.

  47. Print. Love your books.

  48. Oh my gosh, you know how to sock it to us, don’t you? Can’t wait to read more of Tilly… Yep, I pre-ordered; just waiting… I would say I read you in both however I DO love PB’s of your books. This way, I can keep it on my shelf. I know Sawyer has great company. And Archer…

  49. Maybe down the road a way Tilly will have her own book. :smile:

    Mostly I read print. I do have a tablet, there are some things I read as an ebook but I don’t enjoy it nearly as much as reading print. :grin: When I was growing up also for most of my adult life there was only print. There are drawbacks to tablets such as the battery getting too low. Books are still the best for me. :cool:

  50. I read digital. I keep a shelf of books I have won or found on display in my office and on my bookshelf wall (in my closet) but digital KINDLE is easier and I don’t have to find some random something to shove into it as a book mark!!

  51. I always buy your books both ways…kindle for me to read as soon as it loads and hard copy for my Jill Shalvis collection.

  52. Preordered new book and waiting, eagerly for it to be downloaded on my kindle. Which I guess answers you question. LOL. I do have the original Lucky Harbor in paperback too. They are keepers.

  53. Digital – My Kindle is full of Jill!

  54. Print. I like the feel of your books in my hands.

  55. Hi Jill!I’m loving the last of the cool weather down here in Sacramento.I get to read out on the patio (and yes, I love reading your books!) To answer your question, I read your books on my Kindle. Can you imagine if I kept all your hardcopy books how much room it would take? Seriously, I keep all my books after I read them in case I want to read them again so storage would be a real problem. Anyway, get back to work and keep at it. Getting antsy for the book to download!
    Barbara Taylor…a serious reader and fan :grin:

  56. Print – love the feel of the book in my hands, and the smell.
    Tried a Kobo, and it’s okay – but can’t take the place of the written word

  57. I read your books first on my Kindle.That way I get them first!!!! Later I buy a print copy first my library – you know, to re-read at the lake or the beach or in the swing in the back yard. Or to flip through my “favorite” parts!

  58. Print..I still like the feel, smell, and look of a book on my bookshelves. I’m very excited to read this book. The length just means I get to enjoy your stories for a longer period of time!

  59. Print and EBook.
    Pre-ordered already, cannot wait!

  60. Print, although I don’t see why Amazon and B&N don’t understand release day for print is the the same as digital and plan accordingly!

  61. I always read in print. I just love the feel and smell of a book.

  62. Yes I read you as soon as your books come out. Print and ebook, depending on pricing.

  63. Print

  64. I prefer paperback books to read. I only buy Jill Shalvis books in print. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  65. I usually read ebooks, otherwise I will be on an episode of Hoarders.

  66. Both, paper and digital…mostly digital lately as I’m turning my closet into a municipal library…I won’t part with any books and it’s getting a bit out of hand…. :-)

  67. Print but I have a lot of them on my Kindle as well. :good:

  68. I have been reading, mostly, (99% time), on my kindle.

  69. :bye: Hi Jill! I guess I’m old school, I only read in print. LOL

  70. I found your very 1st Lucky Harbor series in Barns & Noble and have been reading you ever since – now on my Kindle. I haven even downloaded some of your old books ❤ them all

  71. I read you in both print and ebooks.

  72. Read on my tablet. Currently reading Animal series which I missed along the way. Keep them coming.

  73. Digital only because I can’t hold a book open for too long due to carpal tunnel. I read every night for at least an hour or three. I’m only able to read a print novel about once a month…and I miss holding a book. Sigh.

  74. Print. I have read a few books in digital, but I would rather have books in print.

  75. I read in both. I prefer Print.
    Pre-ordered this book already.

  76. I get most all of my books on my kindle. Every once in a while I get a book. As I am getting older my eyes are to and reading on the paper white is much easier. If your books only came out in print form I would read them that way.

  77. I get most all of my books on my kindle. Every once in a while I get a book. As I am getting older my eyes are to and reading on the paper white is much easier. If your books only came out in print form I would read them that way. Forgot …..I am looking forward to Lost and Found Sisters.

  78. Only PRINT. Can’t wait for that book to get here.

  79. I love all your books, and I believe I have everyone. If I couldn’t get it print I was forced to use digital. I love the feel of books. I anxiously waiting for the release date of your new book. :heart:

  80. Digital

  81. Always in print because then my mom and grandmother read it as well

  82. I mainly read print books, but some of your books are out of print so I can usually find them on Amazon for Kindle or Barnes and Noble for the NOOK. I started reading your books at Christmas with The Trouble with Mistletoe. I’ve been hooked since! I’m now in the middle of the Lucky Harbor series! I’m going to hate to see that series end!

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