April 17, 2017

The One With The Piglet

Got some requests for a repeat of this one and since I’m trying to finish a big chapter today I decided to go for it … (Don’t miss the giveaway at the end…)

Okay so we all know strange things tend to happen to me. But what happened yesterday pretty much takes the cake.

I was walking up the trail with Ashes (our old lady, who’s since gone to the big rainbow in the sky), like I do every single day, when all of a sudden I hear a snort. Not a growl, or a hiss, both of which are fairly common for me and tend to turn me into an Olympic speed sprinter, but a snort. Curious, I pulled off my sunglasses and looked at the strange big thing standing at the top of the trail.

From far away it looked like one of those cow statues in downtown Chicago. Bright white and black and very still.

But then the statue moved. Uh oh. I didn’t have my good camera, or my glasses, but something made me whip out my cell phone and take a pic so I could scroll in and see what I was dealing with.

As I did this, the thing started grunting some more and began running towards me.

Can you say holy shit?

I looked down at my phone and blinked in disbelief, then back up at the creature heading towards me, all the while registering that Ashes was not in any way freaked out but acting as if her long lost lover had come to visit, complete with happy ass wriggle and wide grin.

Yes, she grins.

Here’s what I saw:

A pig. It was a fat, adorable, friendly, sweet BIG ASS pig running towards me, and I’m not quite fluent in pig grunts but I think he was saying “oh thank God, a human, I’m lost, can you please be my new best friend? Oh and do you have any food?”

I sent the pic of the pig on my phone to Alpha Man’s phone. I didn’t call because he was grouting tile and I’d already called and interrupted him three times and the last time he asked me very nicely not to call him anymore unless it was an emergency.

He called me immediately. “What the hell?”

Me: Isn’t he adorable?

Him: Tell me you are not bringing a pig home.

Me: Okay I won’t tell you.

A long beat of silence. “Jill, where did that pig come from?”

Me: Well, the pig daddy and the pig mommy fell in love, and then they–

You don’t really want to know what he said to that, or the ensuing conversation, which involved a lot of me saying “he’s so cute and sad and lonely” and him saying “we cannot keep a pig in our house” and me making all sorts of promises that I had no intention of keeping, but then some lady showed up in the woods for her long lost pig.

Only in my world.

p.s. don’t forget ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE is out right now waiting for you.
p.s.s. giving away a copy of my upcoming LOST AND FOUND SISTERS to a random commenter!

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  1. I like the fact that the pig was marked a lot like your sweet Ashes. Alpha Man has apparently dealt with the “It followed me home, can I keep it?” more than once. At least it wasn’t bear!

  2. Are you trying to tell us you had ham yesterday for Easter?

  3. A new friend.

  4. Wow! It must be that dark star that you born under….avoid coffee is the only advice I can offer.

  5. This story never gets old!

  6. That never gets old. Hilarious.

  7. :lol: Jill – only you! You could probably write an entire book just based on your walks. Oh, and your trash friends. (not your trashy friends, which I’m sure you don’t have, but your “friends” who visit your trash on a regular basis) Keep the stories coming! :mrgreen:

  8. I love your walking stories.

  9. I met a pig named Kevin Bacon at work (pet supply store)a few years ago. I sent a picture to my husband. He replied NO. Nothing else.

  10. I must have missed this story before. What happened to the pig? I hope it found happiness. I love your adventures.

  11. Be glad one of your children didn’t bring home a piglet like one of my boss’s kids did. Her name is Sophie & she is now a house pig.

  12. The pig thought your dog was a sibling and it had found it’s long lost family.

  13. Thanx for sharing….might be an old story for you but new for me! It is a rainy Monday & I am recouping from knee replacement surgery & I needed a laugh! :yahoo:

  14. He’s actually kinda cute as pigs go. Love his little feet!

  15. Mr. Cute, Sad, and Lonely pig was out on an adventure!

  16. Love your hubby’s greeting — “What the hell” — how many times have you heard that response to one of your adventures? :-)

  17. Yup, worth repeating!!!!

  18. :yahoo: I love reading your adventures while walking!And your books, too, of course!

  19. only in the woods of Tahoe…so did you have him in the house till you found the owner??

  20. Just wondering where she kept her pig. Did she have more than one? He’s kinda cute in a piggy way.

  21. Ha love that story. Reminds me of when I found a ferret drinking the spilled beer in my neighbors driveway. I was not allowed to keep it either though we never did find her rightful owner. She was so tamed it was obvious she was well loved and trained. My friend kept her and we named her Lilo.

  22. I love that story! Good luck with your big chapter!

  23. I really hope you write another series with animals involved like the Sunshine series as you are so very good at interpreting what they are saying! Laughed myself silly with this pig! Then Alpha man’s response! You write with so much laughter at life’s challenges.

  24. So where did the pig come from??

  25. About 20 years ago I had a pot belly pig. I’m trying to talk hubby into letting me get another one no luck so far. It’s definately a cute pig

  26. I loved this story the first time I read it. Only in your world, Jill

  27. The pig was adorable. I am happy the pig had a human to feed it. Ashes looked like an adorable dog.

    I enjoyed your story again. I hope you have a great day.

  28. I have to girls in their 20’s. They both have always wanted a pig. A pig is not for me. I had a friend that had a pig.

  29. I would have been surprised too. My sister in law has a potbelly pig and has lots of stories and adventures about him

  30. I can only imagine the thoughts going thru Alpha man’s mind when he saw the picture. The pig was cute but in no way would I want one near me.

  31. You live I the most interesting area, all we get are neighbors dogs and groundhogs!

  32. :yes: I can SO see this happening to you… ;-)

  33. Oh, but he is sooooo adorable!

  34. I love to read about Jill’s world. Not so sure I’d like to LIVE in it, though!

  35. Love it – a pig mommy and a pig daddy lol

  36. Perhaps you were a “pig whisperer” in another life.

  37. I recently read Accidentally on Purpose…and LOVED it!

  38. Pigs are really clean animals…

    !! ;-) (my dad passed away yesterday and you lifted my heart…thank you :cry: )

  40. When I walk our dogs nothing this exciting happens.

  41. Your stories are the best! The stories that include animals even better!

  42. I remember the first time you posted this story and its still hilarious the second time around. You truly have one of a kind LUCY moments.

  43. Wow, a pig. That’s probably not an every day occurrence out in the woods. I couldn’t keep one of those as a pet I’m afraid. I’m too fond of bacon.

  44. I remember this one, laughed then and again today and Accidentally On Purpose was a great read. I’m waiting on Lost And Found Sisters.

  45. I love this story!! It never gets old. :yes:

  46. I love this one This has to be the best Jill moment !

  47. Funny! Was this a full size pig, or one of those pygmy sized pigs? Because I’d probably be up a tree if a a giant pig came barreling towards me!

  48. You always make my day .I almost fell out of my chair laughing about this.My husband thought I had lost my last marble Take that pig home feed it until its huge and have it butchered and fill the freezer like we do with ours.We had a delicious ham yesterday

  49. Your life would make a great sit-com series! You make me giggle all the time!

  50. I look forward to hearing your walking stories. I am laughing out loud at this story. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :heart: :rose: :whistle: :mrgreen: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

  51. Only you!

  52. Only you, Jill…. :yahoo:

  53. I think you should write a book just on the strange creatures you encounter walking your dogs.

  54. Only to you it seems! And such a way with words.

  55. :cool: :grin:

    I stopped at a picnic area below Crescent City once for a break & a walk. There is a trail that leads to the ocean. Anyway! As I was going back to my car a lady was walking a small pig!! I had to look twice! Yes, I took pictures as I had my camera with me!!! A pig!! On a leash!!! :yes:

  56. :yahoo: I am so glad you are one of my favorite authors & you share these stories of your walks. You are so lucky to have a call, reasonable, understanding Alpha Man! Wishing you success on finishing the Bug Chapter, I know you will do well. Looking forward to your future books! Thanks for the chance to win a book. :rose: :yes:

  57. Love this! Totally sounds like something That would happen to me.

  58. It may be an old post but it is STILL pretty funny! I just picture AM’s face…

  59. Hope the piglet found his/her way home.

  60. I love this story and laugh so hard every time I read it. Thank you for resharing.

  61. I love this story, and my daughter would love for this to happen to her. Because we really need another animal, especially a pig.

  62. Loved the pig story. I think I would have sprinted, except my body does not always do what my mind would like it to. Anxiously awaiting ‘Lost and Found Sisters’. Love your books!

  63. My seventeen year old grand daughter has a pet pig named Mya….very loveable…so are her dogs,kittens,ducks, chicks, goats, horses,ponies…..she says she wants to experience life before college….bahaha

  64. I must admit, I truly enjoy reading about Alpha Man’s reactions to your daily *ahem* adventures. And what a dull life he would have without them. I bet he ummm … thanks you every day too. :whistle: :yes: ;-)

  65. I love this story. You must be the cause of either a lot of gray hair on Alpha Man or him losing his hair. The stories he could tell if he just took the time to sit and write them all down.

  66. Pigs are adorable :-)

  67. That was one oinking good story! Jill, you are the best comic relief. Thanks for the laugh. :-)

  68. WOW, you were not kidding. I must have missed this before, though I do not know how. Only you. Sorry the mommy found him/her but glad you were able to have the experience. At least this time you were not running for your life. Love how the puppy acted. Guess it was not his first up close and personal with a pig?

  69. That story never gets old! Thanks for the laugh!

  70. He really is a cute pig. You have the best animal stories!

  71. I love your stories

  72. One never knows when a stray pig will show up! One day I was taking my mother-in-law shopping and as we drove past the city park, she said “That is the ugliest dog I’ve ever seen!” I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the “dog” was no dog but a huge pig! I have no idea where it came from or where it went but every time I drive past the park, I think about that ugly dog.

  73. Jill, good story. You have quite a variety of critters running around your neck of the woods and they all seem drawn to you. Must be animal magnetism.

  74. Um wow. Thanks for the laugh.

  75. :scratch: Hmmmmm….it looks like it has a collar, or not a collar but a belt?? I hope he/she found her/his home! :whistle:

  76. All I ever run into are not very nice moose and bears: grizzes and blackies…you get the good stuff! Glad it’s mommy found it! :)

  77. Love this story. I can imagine what was said

  78. Oh how I love hearing about your adventures!

  79. That story makes me lol every time I read. Thanks for reposting. :good:

  80. Jill, I just love you! You made my day. I couldn’t stop laughing!! I would have taken the pig home too given the opportunity. He is adorable! You know that Alpha Man would have loved him too if it had come down to that. Thank you so much for your wonderful books! You’re the BEST!

  81. That pig does beg to be loved. So cute.

  82. Jill, I still say that you should write a story of your life with Alpha Man and all the crazy conversations.

  83. You always bring a smile to my life!!

  84. I would love if a piggy came up to me and said I was its new human!!

  85. That could only happen to you.

  86. We had a pig show up in our backyard one morning. Still have no idea where it came from. But it was exciting.

  87. I love your stories! Looking forward to Lost and Found Sisters and then Spence’s story :)

  88. that looks like a sweet pig – I was once chased by a giant brown hog – I swear a flew up and over a fence like an Olympic high jumper!

  89. Only you! I’m glad you share your experiences.

  90. This gave me the giggles at 5 am when I read it. All I could think of was “Tales of grouting and grunting.” Which led to more giggles. I’m so glad you got a picture of the cute piggy !

  91. Never a dull moment! For you or Alpha Man :)

  92. Some pig! Thanks for the smile. :smile:

  93. Very cute story. Question: Do they make leashes for pot bellied pigs?

  94. Glad it was a docile one. We have wild mean ones in Florida.
    Great story.

  95. Can’t wait for more pages! Extra Jill!

  96. I love your conversations with Alpha Man :)

  97. I don’t know what I would do with a pig – they don’t look cuddly.

  98. [email protected]
    Great story! I felt scared for you both. Glad it had a happy ending!!

  99. I’ve always loved the pig story. My oldest daughter saw some baby pigs, full size pigs, the other day and said she thought they were cute and wanted one. I asked her if she had any idea how big a regular pig got and she really didn’t. At least I talked her out of it.

  100. OMG Jill, I think the powers that be choose you only for these strange but hilarious encounters! i needed a belly laugh today as I”m stressed trying to do a re-fi on our house.This was a great stress buster. Love you always, and with I had your encounters with nature

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