April 12, 2017

Thor to the rescue

“Thor! There’s a spider in my mud room, come quick!!!!”

“Handled, my fair maiden…”

(From The Mixed Up Files of Jill’s Fantasy Life)

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  1. Good thing you, my husband and his father don’t live in the same house!!! You all would have burned it down by now to get rid of the spiders LOL I am the spider killer in my family.

  2. I see Alpha has a new nickname

  3. :good: I could fancy a spider killer who looks that

  4. Thor is good! :yahoo: :good: :heart: :rose:

  5. :heart:

  6. Hahaha !!! I love your wacky sense of humor !!!
    This past Sunday I was reading your “Instant Attraction “, and I just read the part where Stone says “My eyes!”. I burst out laughing ( because who wouldn’t after reading the previous scene ) and my husband was walking by and said, “Reading Jill Shalvis again?” Hahaha !!! Thank you so much for all the giggles and grins !!!!

  7. The least you could do since he saved you is let him clean off in your shower. Film at eleven?

  8. Thanks; I needed both the laugh AND the visual! Happy Wednesday! :good: :yes:

  9. I have a spider too. Will you send him over? :unsure:

  10. I love this!!!!!!

  11. All it takes is a spider? Mine’s in my shower Thor!!

  12. And what does Alpha Man think of this? I’m being inundated by spiders, inside and out!

  13. I need him to come to my house!!!!

  14. :grin: :eek:

    I can get rid of spiders myself! Thank you very much!!!! :lol:

  15. If only this could really happen.

  16. I guess it’s that fantasy life that fuels your books – so stick with it!!

  17. This is so great because I hate spiders too!

  18. This is so great because I hate spiders too! Us how great would it be to have Thor squash them.

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