March 15, 2017

Happy Hump Day!

Sometimes, it’s all in the eyes.

Have a very happy hump day. And to help you, I’m giving away one copy of LOST AND FOUND SISTERS to a random commenter.

p.s. For another chance, do you live in So Cal? Come see me this Saturday! Be one of 1st ten people to tell me the secret password WILDSTONE and get a copy of LOST AND FOUND SISTERS!

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  1. Oh…. those eyes are the main reason I watch that show.

    Oh, and his arms

    And his chest.

    Oh my.

  2. His jaw line isn’t exactly shabby either. Just saying…

  3. He does have beautiful eyes. Hope you have a great day.

    I really wish I was going to be in So Cal but I’m not even close.

  4. The eyes are pretty spectacular, and the rest isn’t too shabby either!

  5. So Cal sounds amazing right now. No chance of it. Have a great signing.

  6. Very pretty

  7. This is how I imagine the Wilder brothers look. :) Definitely looking forward to your next book!

  8. Happy hump day! Cannot wait for Lost and Found Sisters!

  9. I have three sons who have eyes like this and KNOW how to use them to get out of trouble. Thanks for the smile.

  10. They do say the eyes are the window to the soul. For me it was what attracted me to my husband first. His blue eyes.

  11. Yep, those eyes!

  12. Love that jaw line

  13. Because who doesn’t love his eyes! He is the reason I watch Arrow.

  14. Oh my soul, I think I just melted off my office chair. Thanks for that little bit of magic on a Wednesday sigh. x

  15. It’s not the eyes it’s the almost beard. :heart: :heart:

  16. I think he’s pretty much the whole package. It would be impossible to say ‘no’ to that face, Just sayin’.

  17. WOW, THOSE EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. By any chance is he based off the lead character in the TV show “Arrow”? He looks a lot like him & I always thought he would be perfect novel cover-boy material

  19. I love the eyes. Nice eyes do it for me everytime.

  20. Nice eyes

  21. :heart: I’m going to date myself, but, those are Paul Neumann eyes. :rose: :heart: :rose:

  22. Yep…the eyes have it!

  23. Those eyes..

    I live near the gateway to the Thumb. Come to MI please!!!

  24. I love your comments. It brightens my day. Here in New England we got what I hope is our last snow fall. I don’t know how you do it.
    I do love the day after a snowfall when it is cold, sunny and shiny bright. I like it from the inside more than the outside.


  25. Gulp! *speechless* *sigh* :shock:

  26. Can’t wait for this new book!!!!!

  27. This sounds like such a good book! I’m excited!!! :smile: :smile: :smile:

  28. You can tell so much about someone from their eyes. Thanks for this guy!

  29. Love those eyes! I enjoy your blog and posts and pics, etc.

  30. blue eyes are it ! his eyes are it !!!

  31. Nice, very very nice.

  32. Nice!

  33. Yes, the eyes usually day it all. :wacko:

  34. “Eye” Yi Yi Yi AND Ooh La La!

  35. The eyes have it. The scruff has it. The jawline has it. The demeanor has it. Okay. I guess HE has it.

  36. I would love an early copy of the lost and found sisters! You’ve been teasing us with excerpts, I’m ready to read it now.

  37. I agree, it’s the eyes!! My hubby’a are blue like that. Wow!

  38. Nice guy! Big into charity work. And yes, beautiful eyes. But in all honesty my eyes always drop to the abs. Mighty fine scenery there.

  39. The eyes are great but that’s not all he’s got!!!

  40. Oh my….is he a part of book give-away!?! Just had our first big snow here in the Northeast & I am getting ready for surgery….a good book would the recoup go much better :yahoo:

  41. Beautiful eyes!! And I can’t wait for this book!!

  42. Eyes have always been my first thing to notice. He has beautiful eyes.

  43. Love me some Stephen,aka Oliver Queen aka The Green Arrow. Thanks for sharing.

  44. Where do you find these guys?

  45. We are with you in frozen spirit. Stella did a number on us here in NYC. All the snow is solid ice. At 2:30 this morning, I had to drive my husband to work because his truck is frozen to the street. My SUV’s passenger doors were frozen shut and I had to body slam on the outside while my husband was pushing on the inside to break the ice seal. Florida looks really good right now.

  46. I needed this today

  47. love the pic, can’t wait for the book. I am in SO Cal, but I am doggy sitting and I am not sure I can get there and back in time to let them out again.

  48. I would LOVE a copy of the new book Lost and Found. He does have great eyes. Very catching. You seem to find the best ones.

    I also would love to see you but I am on the east coast, Delaware. Maybe I can catch you next time you head to Boonsboro MD with Nora Roberts and crew.

    Take care, stay warm and dry. Enjoy CA.

  49. This guy has beautiful eyes. Thanks for sharing. I wish I was in So Cal because I would definitely stop by on Saturday even if I was not among the first ten with the secret password I would love to meet you. I have not read a book of yours that I didn’t love. Thanks for the chance to win what I know will be a great read.

  50. Oh, I love him on the show Arrow. I am such an olicity fan. Beautiful love story. Do you watch Arow, Jill? If you don´t you should start, I think you would love Felicity. She is so funny and adorable and strong. :yahoo:

  51. Excited for Lost and Found Sisters!

  52. Can’t wait for Lost and Found Sisters! I loved the sneak peak! :)

  53. sigh

  54. Would love to win – storyline sounds really good. :yahoo:

  55. Wow. Those are some gorgeous eyes!

  56. The eyes do it for me.

  57. The eyes are always the first thing that I notice.

    P.S. I wish I was in So. Cal. so I could attend.

  58. And gorgeous ones are these! Have fun this weekend! Wish I was going to be there!!

  59. Sure do wish I lived in So Cal, but I wouldn’t be able to go anyway – Flying from Michigan to Florida – my youngest daughter is having my second grandson any day. I’m going down on Sunday :D

  60. He needs more than a pretty face…..but a pretty face helps…that includes the eyes. :whistle:

  61. Love reading sibling stories, as an only child I never had any of that type of interaction. Know I would love your new book and winning would really top off my Birthday week

  62. I am lost and hope to be found. I pray my sisters stop thinking they are so high and mighty and it was okay for them to lie to me, steal from me and insult me.

  63. WOW! Those eyes are amazing! :shock:

  64. I cannot wait for your next book to come out. I have read them all and I’m eagerly waiting.

  65. :heart: I’ve always been a sucker for blue eyes! Paul Newman’s blue eyes were a treasure. :smile:

    Have a good time in Southern California. :cool: You will probably have a great turnout. :cool:

  66. Oh my….those eyes….they’ll endure long after the rest reshapes itself according to the ravages of time….
    So looing forward to “Lost and Found Sisters”!

  67. Eyes are always the first things I notice about someone…

  68. Definitely the eyes and especially those!! Love those!! The scruff helps too!!! Thank you for making my day Jill!!

  69. Love his eyes. Have to say I’m a sucker for blue eyes

  70. Wow! As we would have said in the 70’s “What a babe!”

  71. Would love a chance to win a copy! :yahoo: Thank you! :yes:

  72. These pictures always make my day.

  73. September??? Really?? That’s a long time to wait for Spencer’s story …

  74. I’m looking forward to Lost and Found Sisters. Thanks.

  75. Gorgeous eyes!!

  76. He does have gorgeous eyes, but he seems to be gorgeous all over. Can’t wait for your next book. Too bad I live in Georgia and can’t come to the signing.

  77. Stunning !

    Will see you in So Cal . . . bring your sunscreen! It’s been in the high 80’s !

  78. Wildstone

  79. I’m from Oklahoma, so no So. Cal for me. I hope you have a wonderful time though! Thanks!

  80. Lucky So Cal people… not only do they get to rub shoulders with you, 10 of them will get to read your newest book for FREE

  81. :yahoo: You are so right!! He has gorgeous eyes!!

  82. Love those blues!

  83. Thank you so much – what a cutie!

    I got to shovel about a foot of snow off my front walk today – not much compared to what you got, but more than I wanted! B-)

  84. Very nice! Going to try to go!

  85. dreamy :heart:

  86. Can’t wait to read this, sounds so good! :heart:

  87. I can’t wait for this one :yahoo:

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