March 9, 2017

Bears oh my…

So I was taking out the trash and came face to face with this.

We took one startled look at each other and decided … WTF!!! I turned tail and ran faster than I run when there are cookies on sale at Safeway, straight into the house and, because I love you, grabbed my camera and hit the deck.

The big bastard was still there, right there, eyeballing the trash I’d dropped. Except …

He wasn’t alone.

And then while I took a very big gulp and waved and said “hey guys, you take all the trash you want” … something happened. ANOTHER head popped up.

I offered them all of my cookies but they said no thanks, they were good with my trash, thank you very much. Apparently, we here at the Shalvis abode give very good trash.

I’m still trying to recover. It might be awhile …

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  1. I love the fact that there’s never a dull moment with you.

  2. Omg I would’ve died. Three times trouble.

  3. [email protected]

    You are so much braver than me! I love your blog and all your interesting adventures. Hope you recover have some cookies that will make it all better

  4. Aren’t they supposed to be hibernating??

  5. Thank God you weren’t hurt!

  6. Oh Boy!! Aren’t they cute?!? Now I need to go make some cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. My grandchildren insist on it.

  7. WHAT. THE. ABSOLUTE. F#&K. No bueno, my friend.

  8. They are adorable. But better to look at them from inside than outside with them! Where was Frat Boy?

  9. You do lead and interesting, and challenging, life! The house, as beautiful as it is, would have been in the market at a rock bottom price year’s ago, within an hour of the very first siting! No room for discussion! :wacko:

  10. At least there are no lions and tigers…

    • There are mountain lions, although they tend to stay away from humans. Still, they are becoming more bold as the result of loss of habitation and proximity to year-round easy food sources.

      We’ve never run into a mountain lion up in Tahoe, but the dogs and I crossed paths with one while trail running in the early a.m. along Miwok Trail. Thank God the dogs were with me, and thank God the mountain lion was probably a juvenile male and not too sure of himself.

  11. Wow, I’d have done exactly the same thing

  12. Oh boy. You really live in the forest I guess. They look cute on the pictures you post but to see the bears close like this would scare me to death. Thank you for posting the pictures. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:

  13. With all the snow you keep getting, have the bears come out of hibernation? I wasn’t sure if the snow would cause a delay since the weather hasn’t been trending warmer for you. Here in PA I saw my first Robin last week. We’re supposed to get a dusting to an inch of snow tonight. Old folks around here call it an ‘onion’ snow, because people with veggie gardens have already planted their onions.

  14. OMG! I think you should stay in the house! I would worry about the dogs encountering some of this wildlife when they go outside!

  15. Know any quick moving companies?

  16. I can’t understand how you can live like that. You go out INTO THOSE WOODS hiking and dog walking and you have to know all those bears are right nearby??????

  17. Wow! I think I would &%¥! my pants if that happened to me! Thank you for sharing all of your crazy adventures with us!

  18. Was it a family or 3 males ?

  19. OMG! I really enjoy your blogs!!


    Cute story, hope there’s a lot of poetic license there, but, as an Incline Village homeowner, please, for the love of all that’s good, will everyone PLEASE properly store their trash.


    If you don’t invest in a bear-proof trash containter, and if bears know there’s an easily available food source at your home, they will come back again and again, bringing their cubs, training them to come back, training them that humans mean easy food, and ultimately getting aggressive and destructive in your neighborhood.

  21. I am not sure I would ever be able to take the trash out every again. You are definitely one brave woman. :good:

  22. Wow! I would probably panic and they would eat me.You need to move .To much snow and all those bears.
    We don’t want to lose our favorite author.

  23. You certainly lead an exciting life. I think I would be scared to walk everyday unless I took all my dogs to sniff out the bears. Be careful!!

  24. WOW!!! Did someone forget to tell them they should still be hibernating? Surprising with all the snow you have they are out and about! Great story and pics though! Glad you made it back to safety!! You need a bear-proof trash can! And warning to your trash collector!

  25. First, glad you are safe. Geez. You hafta wonder, though, with all the snow — and it being late in the season — they probably woke up and were hungry. Food is STILL buried under the snow. Sooooo, takeout from the Shalvis abode is a pretty good deal, right? You even have it ready “to go”! (I woulda freaked. Stay safe!)

  26. Sorry, but I’m glad it was you and not me. I would have done the same exact thing. Run inside for my camera.

  27. Gorgeous bears, but the cinnamon phase bear is beyond beautiful.

  28. Hadn’t thought about the impact on wildlife of all that snow…

  29. OMG I would be running so fast, but like you the camera was next once I was safe. They were having a family outing. I would of though they were still sleeping and not out yet. Hope they got their fill.

  30. :shock: Oh my! That is a too “up close & personal” encounter with bears! Not one but 4 bears, oh my!! :eek: Stay safe. You really need to stop have such tasty garbage!!!!

    Great pictures of the local wildlife, thanks for that. :smile: :cool:

  31. Ahhh…looks like “The Three Bears” were looking for their Goldilocks and a story…and knew they had finally found an author

  32. Wow! That’s interesting! and scary. don’t forget the scary.

  33. Unbelievable. Great pics. Thanks for taking a chance and taking the pictures. ;-)

  34. Wow…I would never take the trash out again because I would have died of a heart attack. I thought bears slept through the winter. Their alarm clock must have malfunctioned.

  35. You need to tell those cuties that they’re supposed to be hibernating! Sheesh

  36. Apparently your bears choose your trash over hibernating! You are going to have some very spoiled obese bears. “Shalvis Catering” for your upscale bears!!

  37. HOLY COW!!!

  38. I would never leave the house again – until the moving truck pulled up. Aren’t you worried about your dogs when you take a walk???

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