February 13, 2017

Monday Musings

So I spent last week in LA getting stuff done. First up, meeting with the producers from Passionflix, who are making the movie of THE TROUBLE WITH MISTLETOE. So. Much. Fun. Oh and for even more fun, take a look at what the Manhattan Beach humidity did to my hair.

Good times. But oh my goodness was it nice to get out of the snow and stay at the beach. Too this from our deck.

In a t-shirt. No gloves. No sweater and jacket and hat and boots. And the sunsets…

Sigh. I tell you, I almost didn’t come home. But then this little old lady might have objected.

So I’m back on the mountain and back in my snow gear. And back to writing!!!!

How you all doing?

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  1. Ugh. I’m so sick of this weather. Friday the high was 70, Sat it was 48,Sunday it was 81, and today is supposed to be 55.

  2. I watched an interview yesterday with Jane Pauley and Eloise James about misconceptions of romance novels. It was very interesting. Most importantly, they showed a picture of Sweet Little Lies!!! I saw other authors I read too, but your novel was right in the middle!!! They also visited The Ripped Bodice. Pretty interesting…..Off to work now…

  3. Glad you had a lot of fun. You deserve some sunshine sometime! hehe

  4. So glad you had a lot of fun and out from under the snow for awhile. Just finished reading” Accidentally On Purpose” fell in love with Archer and Elle.

  5. Doing ok just hanging out. Nothing exciting going on here.

  6. :eek: my face when I saw the snow dumped on us this morning… snowed all day yesterday and still snowing now, maybe 1-2 feet so nothing like you.

  7. We are having gorgeous weather but you can’t beat the beach!

  8. Shoveling, again, here in New England. About 30″ in the last 4 days. Nothing compared to Tahoe, but—–. Reading and knitting too.

  9. So exited to hear about the movie! Seems that your intense snow weather has made its way over to Nova Scotia, Canada. We are expecting upwards of 40 inches today! Perfect day to read a book by my favourite author, wouldn’t you agree?

  10. Glad you had a warm break. Everyone needs that, especially since it is the middle of winter and God knows you have had more than your share of snow.

    Nice pics. Glad to hear that the movie is moving along. Can’t wait to see it.

    Take care, stay warm and dry and keep writing. Thanks!

  11. :rose: Well I’m in Illinois dog sitting and brother and sister-in-law are in Florida. Good thing I love Gracie. She is still missing them. So far have been lucky that the snow has missed us. Can’t wait to see the movie since I loved the book.

  12. Looking forward to the movie. Glad you had such a good time.

    That said, I’m reading your latest and have to go back thru these posts to find the picture of Archer to make sure I’ve got it right!!!

  13. Oh my gosh that’s a SWEET picture of Sadie! Glad you had a respite from the Land of Endless Snow … has anyone mentioned that this is what sent Sandy Sinclair and 6-year-old Emma out of Wishful and on to NYC?

  14. We are all going to wash away with the dam/lake Oroville spillway mess going on. Thinking of roasting DWR on a spit. They evacuated 188,000 people yesterday. No work, no school….quality time watching planes.

  15. Well, we missed you and are glad to have you back to writing! Sadie did, too. What fun — can’t wait for the movie! LOVED the book! I just hung out this weekend, did chores, etc.

  16. oh oh ears back,not a pleased kitty
    nice that you were able to thaw out

  17. How exciting for you! Since you’ve already asked our opinions, did they give you any thoughts on who THEY would like to have play Willa and Keane? :mail:

  18. Doing OK. Last Sunday, I had surgery to remove three kidney stones. Your books are keeping me company as I recover. I flew through Accidentally on Purpose in just two days. Now I’m reading about Tara and Ford.

    I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, and we’re currently getting hammered with a blizzard.

  19. :bye: Welcome home. Your beach escape,even though you worked, must have been wonderful after winter in the Sierras. Love the pictures. Your hair doesn’t look that terrible. At the beach there should be no fashion plates!! :smile:

  20. Snowing hard here, again! :( ; worse-it’s supposed to rain tomorrow after -15 below last few days….gahhhhh
    Satan dose tend to make her opinion know ;) Bet the doggie gang were thrilled!

  21. Welcome home!! I’m so excited about the movie!!

    I got back late last night from a week-long Caribbean cruise. It was wonderful!! We left the cold and returned to mid-40s and lots of snow melted. We flew to Puerto Rico and visited St. Thomas, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, and St.Maarten. Beautiful weather, beaches, and islands. My hubby was ready to come home but I wasn’t. I picked up my copy of Accidently on Purpose from the library and hope to start it soon.

  22. A change of scenery is always good for the soul. Especially when the scenery is at the beach! Glad you got a break, but I’m also glad Sadie got her mama back. :-) Looking forward to the movie!

  23. Enjoying some sunshine here in Illinois , but it was Monday so back to work , glad you enjoyed California

  24. I tried to read your t shirts and this old lady’s eyes weren’t up to it. What do they say? How cute that even though you’re writing you gussied up! I know what you mean about the weather. I birthdayed in November in Hawaii and came home to the usual Washington rain and cold. Then it got colder and the snow finally dumped on us, though not like you get!

  25. Attending an Eloisa James book signing and watching “Love between the covers” again! :heart:

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