February 9, 2017

Today’s writing view

Today’s writing view is different from my usual because …

I’m off the mountain! I’m in Southern California, Manhattan Beach to be exactly, having a write-in (or write-outside) with some friends. Sometimes this is the best job on the planet.

Which reminds me to ask … what is it you all do? Or did? Would love to hear! Three random commenters will win my latest ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE or any of my Heartbreaker Bay books, like SWEET LITTLE LIES, THE TROUBLE WITH MISTLETOE, or ONE SNOWY NIGHT!

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  1. I grew up on a farm with all that entails…went to school and worked as a medical secretary…now an executive administrative assistant at a Fortune 500 company.

  2. A Deputy Shreriff by day, mom to three at night and sometimes I get to write my own stories while juggling the demands of three teen girls, who are always on the go.

  3. Enjoy your time in warmer weather. I am joyfully retired and living in a small lake community in northeast Georgia. I was blessed with a career as an elementary school librarian/media specialist. While other teachers were grading papers, my home assignment was to read children’s novels. A great life!

  4. I’m a PA to a contemporary romance author. A mom of 3 and a crazy cat lady.

  5. I am in customer service/sales team support. Had to giggle as my hand lotion this morning is “Winter in Manhattan Beach”. Lol

  6. I started off with a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction, but you can’t get paid enough in Oklahoma to raise a child on a teacher’s salary. I went back to school to become a RN and have been one for 11yrs. I started off as an Oncology RN and LOVED it, but had to switch to a day job. I’m an Infusion RN who teaches people who need IV antibiotics, hydration, TPN, etc how to infuse at home, so they can heal at home.

  7. I’m a Travel Auditor

  8. I am retired now from being an Administrative Assistant/Secretary. I worked as a civilian for US Air Force & started for US Army.

  9. I was a Branch Administrator for a Large company thru out the U.S.until I retired in 2011.

  10. I work half time as a registrar for a seminary. I also have 2 sons in university and a husband that still all need a lot of help! :lol:

  11. I am retired. Before I retired I worked for a bank for 47 years.

  12. I’m a travel agent specializing in cruises. I make dreams come true every day.

  13. I am anot Instructional Assistant. I work in Special Ed in the Behavior Intervention classroom.

  14. Have had secretarial/administrative jobs all my work life (40+ years now). Self-employed typist/editor since started having children 32 years ago, also working outside the home when babysitters not required. Most of my time is spent volunteering (usually in secretarial/organizational capacities).

  15. I am a software engineer. I work on aviation programs, so every time you are in an airplane the air traffic controllers talking to your pilot is using software that I helped develop.

  16. I am now retired and read, read, read. lol I also indulge in two other hobbies, genealogy and knitting. During my working life, while my sons were in school I worked evenings as a front end supervisor and cash office clerk at a locally owned discount department store. After that I worked at a small (90 bed) nursing facility as an admin asst. to the administrator, director of nurses and nursing staff. For 35 years my husband and I found the time to breed and show Newfoundland dogs.

  17. Temping at budget office of local city govt. use to work in transportation

  18. My husband and I are both retired. I worked as a claims examiner for a major auto insurance company for 25 years. My husband was a member of NYPD for 20 years, then drove a school bus for handicapped students for another 20 years. We are together 24/7. Reading and escaping into books helps me maintain my sanity. And, our grandsons live 2 miles away from us!

  19. I’m an Elementary school teacher.

  20. Accounts Receivable for beer wholesaler in Atlanta, GA.

  21. Lucky you. I get to sit in the dark & take pictures of very tiny things on very big expensive microscopes. I’m an electron microscopist, working with both Scanning & Transmission electron microscopes.

  22. I was in banking, everything from a teller to a mortgage loan underwriter, then I was a stay at home mom, now when I’m not stalking my favorite authors, I read and work part time at a Pepperidge farm thrift store.

  23. I was a legal secretary until I had my son and wanted to be home with him. When he was 2½ I decided I needed to do something part-time and ended up being an Avon Representative. 35 years later I’m still at it.

    About 20 years ago we moved from Massachusetts to Florida and I continued my Avon here. I highly recommend it as a way to meet people and make friends when you move somewhere new and don’t know a single soul.

  24. I retired in Oct., 2015. I was a mental health therapist. I worked in a variety of settings: at risk kids, domestic violence, sexual assault and for a private practice agency.

  25. I’m a Reading teacher ‍

  26. I am the Assistant to the Director of Marketing at Upstate Medical University’s in Syracuse NY. I have been on the job for aboit 9 months and love it. Before that I worked for a nonprofit for 15 years doing many things including accounting

  27. Retired now after 30 years in college athletics- spend time reading romances and traveling to Europe and taking cruises!! Enjoying life!

  28. Legal Admin. Mom. Mary Kay consultant. I love what I do, but can sometimes be envious of your job’s flexibility in work environment. I love everything you write! :heart:

  29. I was a nurse for 20 years and unfortunately had to give it up due to arthritis. I now work part time in an independent pharmacy in our small town. Love your books and haven’t been able to buy Accidentally on Purpose yet so would love to win!

  30. Foremost I am a mother and wife, but in my outside job I am the utility billing clerk for our small city. Long days at a computer looking at numbers…….I come home and relax by reading your books!!!!!!

  31. Technically I’m medically retired. In reality it means I’m Gimpi Girl and do volunteer First Responder support mostly helping veterans and their families… WWII to Active Duty.

  32. Love the view !! I am a Real Estate Photographer.

  33. I have a fun and crazy life. Being with my family is like being at the circus. I dreamed of writing all the stories and making people laugh. Did I do it? Didn’t even get close. I worked developing and/or managing the electronic health record for Veterans Affairs. But I had 33 years without 1 sick day. I escape at night into everyone else’s stories though.

  34. I manage a high end independent pet supply store. I’m really proud of the fact that we have found lots of homes for the cats in our cat ‘sanctuary’!

  35. Retired from United Airlines. So now get to read,shop and relax in day. At night cook, read and sleep. Perfect because in bad weather just look outside and Thank God I don’t have to go anymore. Love your books.

  36. :heart: Enjoy time with friends writing away.

    • Oh, yeah – I am a retired admin asst and enjoying every minute of it. Love to spend time with family, bake, go out to eat, watch the Dodgers and read of course. :heart:

  37. I am a time travel romance author :) I write about misty Ireland while living on a Caribbean island – life is SO good right now!

  38. I’m a retired 911 operator.

  39. I’m a home daycare provider for the last 25 yrs

  40. Right now I’m a Beauty Advisor in charge of the whole beauty department at a chain pharmacy, but March 1st is my last day after 17 1/2 years. Retiring!

  41. I’m passed retirement age, still working for a construction association, where I’ve been for the past 22 years. I work in the membership area, plus I’m the Director of First Impressions (I sit at the front desk and answer the phones in between doing accounts receivables and billing.) Before that I worked 14 years for a trucking company in the credit department and took 10 years off to have 4 kids.

  42. I worked as a front desk(I use that term loosely since I was away from they desk more often then behind it) for almost eight years until my health problems limited me.

  43. I was in banking for 32 years until I lost my job in Feb 2016 (a year ago this Friday) due to a bank merger. Haven’t worked since but it’s time to write a resume and go back to work. Still deciding what kind of job I want.

    • Go for it!! You can be anything you want to be now!!! :yahoo:

  44. I’m a billing clerk(for 30 years today) for a small township sewer dept. We maintain the sewers and the roads in our township. I send out about 3400 sewer bills every month. There are 3 of us women that work here, two in my dept, and one that is the secretary to the supervisor. We have a board of trustees and a town clerk and a supervisor, and these jobs are all elected officials. Also have a road commissioner. The men think they run the office, but it’s really us women who do.

  45. I work at a call center for att cell phones. I answer calls for everything from bills, activating phones, trouble shooting. Overages on bills, complaining about bills. So yeah… Been doing it 8 years.

  46. My day job is working for a NJ state division regulating alcoholic beverage control as an attorney. But my true self just wants to blog about the books I read, be creative and farm!

  47. Adminstiive assistant
    With school

  48. I work in after school care. I have 43 registered children. The majority of the time it’s great. And then along comes Friday the 13th and I suddenly don’t recognize these children anymore.

  49. Sales Admin for a trash company… married the boss… he still works for a trash company 34 years later. Have been fortunate to be able to stay home

  50. I’m a psychiatric nurse!!

  51. I work at a public library in Lubbock, TX as a children’s librarian. I will be singing and reading today actually for storytime… I LOVE it! Its my favorite part of my job. =D

  52. I have had two careers. I was a Payroll Manager, CPP. (certified payroll professional.) Later on I designed and made costumes for dancers.

  53. Currently I’m a township clerk and a former volunteer EMT-A.


  55. Hi Jill,
    What I did before I retired. I worked in a
    Funeral home. I took care of the families and their guest . A lot of other things .

  56. I’m retired now but worked at an elementary school as an instructional assistant working with kindergarteners in a program that brought them up to speed in all academic skills! I also worked in the school office as a health clerk,office clerk, and school office manager!

  57. :yahoo:
    Day job: Real estate finance attorney
    Evening job: Soccer mom, head chef, voracious reader
    (For the record, I love all of my jobs!)

  58. I used to be a legal secretary. I got sick and was hospitalized numerous times. I am disabled but grateful to be alive. I knit, crochet, and make things for family and friends in my ceramics class. I read a lot. Right now, I am watching the snow falling here in NYC and praying for my husband to get home safe from work.

  59. I am a Curriculum Manager for a software company. I work remotely from home in Austin, TX. I deliver software training via virtual classrom to our customers!

  60. I’m an erotic romance author.

  61. What did I do in the past .. Dream … had big dreams… but in reality just an everyday get up and go to work job of sorts Whatever they were seem to consume no matter what they were . … oh an other stuff too…. Now I am retired… and love reading romance novels…

    Gardening… a labor of love ..all my love at home .

  62. Okay, I’m jealous! What a view! Sigh. Enjoy — should be MUCH inspiration for you…unless, of course, man candies catch your eye. :yes:

    I’m a human resources professional. If I’m not an exec at a company, I’m helping consulting clients start up their businesses or (sometimes) ramp down and close. And just about everything in between. My favorite thing to say about HR is: I love my job. It’s the people that make me crazy!

    Have fun away from the snow! But I’ll bet you miss FB, DA, Callie, Sadie… ;-)

  63. Wow…quite a different view from the many feet of snow. Beautiful view. I am a retired registered nurse. After 35 years working in Labor & Delivery then Newborn nursery I was forced to retire due to my health. I really loved my job.

  64. I call myself a dog nanny, I’m on disability and stay home and take care of my sisters two dogs plus mine. I have a degree in paralegal studies.

  65. I am a bored office worker stuck in front of a computer all day. My window view is of the federal detention facility that sits behind us. Barbed wire wrapped fences as far as the eye can see. Your views are way better.

  66. I am the Executive Assistant and Review Coordinator for InD’tale Magazine. We are geared towards independent and small published authors and readers. I also review books for the magazine on top of my other duties. I love my job because I get to meet a lot of authors, which is a dream job for me!!! :yahoo:

  67. Hi work at a small child care center. I work with 2 year olds all day! I absolutely love my kiddos! I unwind and relax every night by reading your books

  68. I’m unemployed right now, and have been since June of 2013. I won’t say ‘retired’ because I really didn’t — and I still look at the help wanted ads, but know I’m not going to take a job. :)
    Hubby is a pastor and so we’ve moved every 4 to 6 years. [And before that, he was career Air Force and so we moved about every 4 yrs or more then also.] Usually as we would move to a new church appointment, I’d stay home, and travel to meetings with him, for about 3 months, before I’d be climbing the walls looking to find a job. This appointment, I’ve not had that drive. I’ve been able to enjoy being a part of a group of ladies (church & not) that go to lunch, attend other functions, and in general have friends.
    Hubby will be retiring in October and we will be moving. This time I might try to find at least a part-time job {but I’m 70 and will be much closer to 71 by that time — might not be too easy}.

    My college degree is Accounting, but I’ve been church secretary, a property and casualty insurance person, worked in a gasoline distribution firm, worked in a bank acct department, as a religious education coordinator, a Hallmark representative. Just put me in an office. :)

  69. I’m a stay at home mom of 2,

  70. I used to be a mainframe computer programmer – until my job was outsourced & offshored.

  71. I’m an insurance agent(my paying job). A mom(my rewards are many). And a devoted reader in my spare time!

  72. I’m an accounting consultant, although I’m semi-retired now and only work occasionally. I do accounting project work for large corporations. I don’t love the work,but I love to travel and the flexibility of being able to take time off between projects has allowed me to take nice, long 3-6 week vacations, sometimes several times a year.

  73. What a lovely view for writing. I loved Sweet Little Lies and am looking forward to reading your other books. I hope you enjoy your day! I’m a district court clerk for Little River County in Arkansas. I’m off today due to a knee jury. My favorite hobby is reading.

  74. I’m an accountant.

  75. That is definitely warmer than it is in the Midwest. If you come out this way, bring back some warmer temps and the sun! I am a manager at a small town Print Shop. I majored in art with emphasis in Graphic Design and Drawing and minored in Deaf Studies (American Sign Language).

  76. I am an Executive Assistant/Project Manager/Event Coordinator. I thoroughly enjoy what I do. Started out in finance and Accounting, moved to Administrative et al about mid-80’s. and a Voracious Reader, almost all genre – I don’t care for non-fiction unless it is about someone or thing that I am interested in.

  77. Dude, you are literally in my backyard. I saw that picture and knew exactly where you were. Ha! Welcome to my part of the globe!

    I’m an executive administrative assistant and office manager for a company that is like ten minutes from the beach.

  78. After taking 12 years off to have two wonderful kids I went back to work as their school librarian. Best
    job ever.

  79. I’m a legal assistant in Oregon

  80. I arrange and proctor language tests.

  81. Auto claims adjuster in sunny Az. Glad you are out of the snow and in some sunshine ☀️

  82. I’m a RN. I have been a nurse for 20 years. Reading is my stress relief and my happy place.

  83. Hi! I am an accountant! Thanks for the chance to win! Enjoy your sunshine and no snow!

  84. I’ll take today’s writing view over the mountains of snow any day! Poor Frat Boy, Calli, Satan and Dumb Ass are probably wondering where mom is….

  85. I have 3 of the Heartbreak Bay noel except for ONE SNOWY NIGHT to complete collection (unless there’s more). By far, this gang of friends is my favorite among Jill Shalvis’ books. I love read both Lori Foster and Jill Shalvis books and divide my time writing my own story (not a published author here). My disability keeps me at home with my cat, my books, and my computer (to write stories) in the sunshine state (Florida).

  86. Research compliance administrator.

  87. hi jill !! enjoy the sun and surf ! i am the cook at my kids gradeschool… well, actually the baker … xo…

  88. Work in the library to say I’m surrounded by thought filled people to alleviate the boredom of living on a rural farm run by animals!

  89. :mail: Work in the library to say I’m surrounded by thought filled people to alleviate the boredom of living on a rural farm run by animals!

  90. I taught low functioning, non-verbal Autistic teens for 22 years, took about 8 years off, and now teach adorable pre-schoolers at a non- profit ( meaning we don’t get paid very much at all!) I love the kids, and could write quite a few novellas just based off of their questions! I’m the Mom to 2 grown daughters, and 2 rescued greyhound racers named Goode and Plenty!

  91. I work at a state university, in their printing services ,I run machines that finish all printed material and I also raised 5 children , now all have moved out , except my husband and dog that has stepped up to be the brat!!!!!

  92. I am retired now, loving that! When I did work it was mostly in an office as a receptionist but I also did stints as a cashier in a minimarket/gas station, dispatcher for police, fire, ambulance (small town), retail clerk, etc.!!! People are endlessly fascinating which made the jobs with people contact interesting most days! Retirement gives me more time to read, be on the computer, take pictures, enjoy life!
    It is pouring rain here in Sonoma county Jill. Enjoy your beach time & lots of sun. :smile: :cool:

  93. :grin: I’m now retired from the State of Washington but I worked in several agencies while there: Washington State Patrol (Traffic Investigation, Records Section, Narcotics Section); Department of Corrections (Budget Office and IT Investigations Section); Department of Licensing (Driver Licensing, and yes, I did drive tests in the cars!); Department of Social and Health Services (worked at a juvenile detention center) and finally, Department of Commerce (Ended with the Housing Unit helping the homeless). Prior to working for the state I worked for the Pittsburg and Midway Coal Mining Co. and Chevron. I have to say, I’ve loved every single position I’ve held. Didn’t always like the places I’ve worked but the work itself was soooo satisfying. I’m grateful every day that I was able to help people in my own small way.

  94. Mom to 6, YiaYia to 16…I work full time in medical research and travel almost every week. I read when I fly…so I get lots of reading time! Please don’t add me to the contest…I have all of the books listed. Very much a fan! Have fun on the beach and say hey to my friend Marina Adair!!

  95. I supervise my children. :P We have 4 (16, 15, 13, 11) and they’re home with me all day while “attending” their online school. I’m also attempting to write my first novel.

  96. I am an elementary school teacher by day and a children’s book author/illustrator and artist by night. Wishing one day I can be an author full time.

  97. Well, while raising our sons I was lucky enough to spend the summers at the beach. Afterwards, I was able to become a “beachbum”…..love my husband!!!!!

  98. I’m a part time book keeper. I also used to work in a antique store where I helped paint and refinish furniture.

  99. I’m a physicist. After my phd I worked for a company making medical ventilators. Now I work for a small startup. Also, mom of three ☺️

  100. I am a retired elementary school teacher.

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