February 8, 2017

Happy Hump Day meets Spence

So … bunches of you have asked me if Spence from the Heartbreaker Bay series is getting his own book. The short answer is HELL YES, and here’s what I think he looks like:

His book is CHASING CHRISTMAS EVE and it comes out this fall! (and for those of you who haven’t read the other books in the series, this book — and ALL my books — stand alone. You can start here with Spence, no worries. (Although I hope you’ll pick up my current book, one of my personal favorites, ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE.

But back to Spence … here’s the very first teasing tidbit I’ve posted anywhere. You ready?

“I’ll remember you,” she promised and walked away.

More coming next week! Now, if you’re interested, and you want to keep your author employed, click HERE!

Now if you’re worried you have to wait that long for a new book from me, you don’t. LOST AND FOUND SISTERS comes out this summer and you can check it out here.

So … what do we think? We all on board with Spence being the next in the Heartbreaker Bay series?

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  1. I can’t. I just can’t even. Pre-ordered.

  2. can’t wait for handsome Spence’s story! Reading Accidentally On Purpose now!!

  3. Cannot wait!!!

  4. Cannot wait till summer. This book is so intriguing. Also, summer is not coming. Fell again on the ice and 12 inches of snow tomorrow. O goodie.

  5. To quote my favorite author….HELL YES! I know Spence’s book is going to be so good & of course I up to date with the other books in the series.

    I also am looking forward to your new book.

  6. Spence is a cutie. Can’t wait.

  7. Hell yeah we’re okay with Spence being next!! Archer was absolutely everything I could have hoped, LOVED Accidentally On Purpose :)


  8. Can’t wait for it .That guy is perfect Happy Hump Day!!! :bye:

  9. Hella cool!

  10. My Kindle is awaiting its arrival in September. I always do my part to keep you employed. You’re one of my very favorites…

  11. Hell yes I’m okay with Spence being the next hero in this series. I have no doubt his book will be as amazing as the rest!

  12. I’ve read all your books, including “Accidentally on Purpose”, so I’m definitely looking forward to Spence’s story, AND “Lost and Found Sisters” too!

  13. Oh, yeah!!!

  14. Woo Hoo!!!! Pre-ordered!!! Love them all!!!!

  15. Will there be any more stories for Cedar Ridge series? I loved the military guys party and you kind of hinted at getting the sister involved next. Then it seemed like everything energy-wise went into Heartbreaker Bay.

  16. Read Accidently on Purpose. Can’t wait for Spence’s story

  17. Yes! :yahoo:

  18. Alright, both pre-ordered…. although I never remember and every time you tell us to pre-order, I head over to do it again. Thankfully Amazon remembers better than I do! :grin:

  19. Loved Max and Archer and can’t wait for Spence!!

  20. That teaser is not enough :lol:

    I can not wait! I already preordered

  21. OH YES! Thank you. Great choice. Can’t wait. Hope (and I am sure it will) be as great as Archers story.

  22. I absolutely LOVE that pic of Spence !!! I think it fits your description of him perfectly !!! The tease is a great one !!! And I am definitely looking forward to “Lost and Found Sisters” !!! YEA !!!!!!!

  23. YES! Can’t wait!

  24. reading a signed copy thanks to our wonderful Chesapeake library system
    had to go on a strict yarn and book budget,sigh

  25. Sweet dreams are made of this …. and you answer them too :!:

    :heart: thanks a book bunch :rose:

    Looking forward to

  26. Can’t wait.

  27. To quote an author I read: HELL, YES! :yahoo:

    And your pic fits what I was thinkin’ exactly.

    :yahoo: :lol:

  29. Just finished Accidentally on Purpose (loved) and I was hoping that Spence was going to get his turn! Can’t wait!

    Your books are the best. When its a crap day or Mother Nature goes PMS-ing for days on end, I always read a bit of one of your books. Never fails to make me smile.

  30. I’m in agreement with Spence being the next Heartbreaker Bay book! Love it! :yahoo: Now get back to :mail: please!

  31. I cannot wait for Spence’s story! Perfect image for Spence. So excited we have a story to tide us over until Spence and we get a new series.

  32. :smile: Good news that Spence will have his story. Thanks! Looking forward to that. I’m also looking forward to Lost and Found Sisters.


  33. Can’t wait for Spencer’s story! Reading Accidentally on Purpose now (20 pages to go but had to stop reading to go to work. Must fund my reading habit.) Glad Spence’s love interest will be someone new to the group.

  34. Heck, yeah! :heart:

  35. Love this series!

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