August 28, 2014

Packing help

So I’m packing for the hospital stay after spine surgery tomorrow. And it’s not going well. I have pj’s, a toothbrush, cookies, and a charged ereader. I mean really, with those four things, I could go anywhere, right? Maybe I’ll make a detour to…

A deserted island…

Or the set of Supernatural to watch them film my favorite show…

Or England to visit some castles…

Or the Nabisco factory…

How about you, if you could go anywhere right this minute, where would ya go?

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  1. Australia.

    • You might want to think about exactly where as we are just coming out of winter and in most places south of Sydney, it’s still a bit rainy and windy :-).

  2. I had a spinal fusion about 5 years ago at L5-S1. Really and truly, your toothbrush, a couple of pair of underwear (they won’t let you wear them for the first couple of days, at least) and your e-reader will be enough. As long as I had a pain pump, I really just slept. When they took away the good meds, I was doing some PT, reading, and sleeping. Good luck; I hope you recover well and it all goes smoothly!

  3. The beach for sure. I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Please let us know how it goes xoxo.

  4. Don’t forget you power cords to recharge the ereader and phone. :-)

    I’d probably head back up to the Tetons before it gets cold.

  5. Hope tomorrow goes smoothly and you are back blogging in no time. Will be thinking of you and wondering what is coming out of your delicious mind when on drugs….LOL
    Good luck tomorrow.

  6. Scotland…yeah, definitely Scotland. I’m confident everything will go well for you tomorrow! Keep us posted!

  7. The Caribbean, our favorite place. Heading to St. Martin in November. Ggod luck with your surgery.

  8. I’d head to the beach. My allergies would clear up and I could read under an umbrella all day.

    Will be keeping you in my prayers. Please post an update once you are feeling better.

  9. Ireland and good luck tomorrow. You are in my prayers.

  10. To Seoul (South Korea) – there is a coffee shop called “Coffee Smith” near the artificial stream in the city centre where they make brownies to kill for. And it’s warm there with summer and all :D

  11. The beach for sure, so I could just read all day!! Wish you the best of luck tomorrow and I will keep you in my prayers.
    P.S. Don’t eat any cookies for at least 8 hrs.

  12. somewhere cool where I csn wear jeans. Its been a hot summer in Texas.

  13. I’d head to New York City — always recharges my batteries! — or a beach in Hawaii. Sigh. Now I wanna get away. And I have company coming for the weekend.

    Take care, Jill! Sending good and healing thoughts your way!! And the Bay Area ALWAYS has great food…and cookies… :>)

  14. Hope all goes well. Will be thinking of you often. Forget the p.js, just take the underwear. They want to see all of you all the time to make sure you’re okay – the perverts. A hospital is not a place for privacy.

    I’d pack right now for a six month trip to Ireland, Scotland and England…and if I love it, I might stay forever.

  15. In addition to packing the chargers for your ereader and phone, pack an extension cord so you can have the phone and ereader charging on the rolling table by your bed and not all the way across the room. Cuz you KNOW, THAT’S when the phone will ring, and you won’t be able to get out of bed to get it! Praying for you to have a successful surgery and a good recovery. Remember — that morphine drip is your best friend! Well, that and a hunky nurse to check on you, lol.

  16. I would love to be able to go to Ireland, Scotland and England for a nice long extended trip. But a quick trip to the North Georgia mountains would be nice too.

    Hope your surgery goes well. Don’t forget to pack the chargers for your electronics!!!

  17. I’d like to be on a cruise. Don’t care where!!

    Good luck with your surgery. Hope you’re good as new very soon.

  18. Scotland to watch some kilts fly in some highland games. And listen to them so I would melt to butter.

  19. Scotland

  20. I would go to an Hawaiian Beach with the nice breeze.

    With your packing, I packed all that stuff and then couldn’t use any of it. They gave me a toothbrush, kept me in those lovely couture gowns that hospitals have, and even gave me a comb. Never once did they get my bag out of the locker!

    Best of luck on your surgery. I will be praying for you that all goes extremely well!

  21. Someplace where there’s a beach, it’s warm, and there’s a tiki bar with cocktail service beachside.
    Good luck tomorrow! We’ll all be thinking of you!

  22. Have your family hold onto your electronics until after the surgery and you are in your room. There really is theft in hospitals. I would bring stuff only to get as much rest as possible since the nurse’s were always coming in and out of the room. ?If you have a favorite pillow though, bring that as the pillows at the hospital are just not fluffy enough to be comfy. :) Good Luck! I have 2 more surgeries in the next year to get through.

  23. Back to Iceland. Not from there, only visited last fall for the first time, but loved it and could really use the combined peace and health I found there right now.

    Alternatives: Cape Cod, Bali, and Vermont :)

  24. virginia to see my best friend

  25. Good luck with the surgery. It sounds as if you have the essentials covered.

    If I could pick anywhere to go I’d choose Lucky Harbor. Of course when reality sets in I’d close my eyes, point at the map, and go! Getting there is half the fun!

  26. I’d go to Montezuma’s castle in AZ. Some of the most amazing sights and my husband has never been to AZ. Or I would go visit my Grandpa in his little town. It’s a couple hours away but my baby is having surgery next week so we have to stay close to home.

  27. If I could go anywhere right now I would take a road trip in Europe and land up in Portugal. Then take a plane to the Azore Islands where I have family I have never seen. I love to explore new places.
    I love your list of things but I wonder if they will let you wear your pj’s you know what with the shots, blood pressure and checking the incision they may want your back open. Plus you will have an IV thing attached to you. Now everything else is good. Hope you have a great surgery, I know Frat Boy and Dumb
    Ass will miss you until you get home

  28. Lots of luck regarding your surgery. As the others said, remember chargers & a power strip with a long cord. I would go to the beach or the mountains. Not sure. Safe travels and a healthy recovery.

  29. I would go to the Rocky Mountains, which is where I want to live one day. Riding a horse thru the Aspen trees and enjoying the sound they make when the wind makes them whisper. That is an unbelievable sound that will always be stamped into my brain. Great success with your surgery!

  30. I’d head for the lake. Hope it goes well for you.

  31. I would go to Vegas but instead I am going to my cardiologist’s office for a stress test. I hope all goes well with your surgery and you have a speedy recovery. Obey your nurses.

  32. I had Spinal Surgery 15 or so years ago. It’s VERY scary but I had a wonderful surgeon. I wish you the best & DON’T PICK UP ANYTHING OVER 10 LBS!!!afterwards

  33. Lucky Harbor! I want to see all those hot men for myself!!!
    Good luck JIll!

  34. It seems you got everything that you will need. Just rest. Prayers are sent your way from the Librarians that love you from the Shelby Library.

    Keep us posted on how everything is going :) :)

  35. How out Netflicks on your eReader so you can watch Supernaural???

  36. The mountains with no TV, or an island with no TV. I just need to get away. Good luck tomorrow.

  37. Scotland and Ireland. Prayers sent for you tomorrow and in your recovery

  38. Jill, you will be in my thoughts tomorrow. May it all go well with no hiccups.
    I hit book bonanza yesterday! I got Its in His Kiss, the latest Bella Andre, Rachel Gibson & Robyn Carr. All yummy reads I’m sure.
    I think you’ve got the necessities covered. My daughter works in a hospital as a CNA & said most people bring way to much “stuff” with them.
    If I could go anywhere I would hop in the car & see as much of the USA as possible, visit all the National Parks I want to see, stop in little towns, visit friends along the way, take tons of pictures & enjoy myself. I’d wait until after the Labor Day traffic is gone!!!

  39. Ireland!

  40. Back to Landstuhl, Germany, where my husband was stationed. Man oh man, I loved it there, good times and good friends! And good luck with everything! And Jill, your readers love you for your wonderful stories and Alpha male heroes and the smiles and happiness you bring us! Thanks!

  41. Alaska watching the wildlife and the magnificent scenery.

  42. As I am getting botox for migraines now, I would love to be on the Or. Coast.

  43. I’d pack for a 3-month vacations to the UK.

  44. I would go to Las Vegas.. I feel the need to really Party… Good luck tomorrow..

  45. I would go to Italy. I love the food and the people.

  46. It’s a toss up between going to the beach (Jersey shore) for relaxation or Florence, Italy for the food and the sites.

    Best of luck on your surgery tomorrow. Sending prayers and good wishes your w ay. Hope you have some crazy great dreams of hunky guys while under sedation! :)

  47. Had spinal fusion surgery in June 2012. Going from pain constantly to pain free was AWESOME! I was only in the hospital for 24 hours, so I didn’t even take jammies…just wore the lovely gown provided! Chargers are good, and toiletries–as I always feel better when I use my own shampoo etc.

    Take care! Praying that your surgery goes well!

  48. I would go to Hawaii and just enjoy the peace. I could really use some peace right now

  49. The real question is: what kind of cookies??

  50. I would go to a beach any beach as long as I was alone and could read and sleep all day.

  51. I would go to a ranch out west either Wyoming or Montana. Of course said ranch would need to have a pool and maid service. But I am off to the NC outerbanks this weekend so that will have to do. Good lunch with surgery. Don’t take jammies. They won’t let you wear then. They want you their gown in case they need access to tubes and such. Good Luck!

  52. The beach or ireland. That would be my choice. Good luck on your surgery!

  53. I take off to a little cottage in Peak District in Derbyshire England.

  54. I wish I were at home reading In His Kiss. Instead I’m at work being distracted by Facebook & blogs :). Hope your surgery goes well & you have a speedy recovery!

  55. Let’s see … First I’d have to get my divorce papers, call Lucky Harbor Realtors, get a one way ticket, bring my laptop (so I can access Lucille’s Pinterest account) and rent a room at the B&B.

  56. The beach!

  57. I would go to Lucky Harbor…..Best wishes and prayers for tomorrow. <3

  58. You will be in a lot of our thoughts and prayers tomorrow! I would drop everything to go to Paris, right this minute!

  59. Alaska cruise sounds wonderful to me. But this is really to send thoughts and prayers your way. Hope you have a smooth and healing recovery.

  60. Lucky Harbor! Good luck tomorrow.

  61. Scotland. Most definitely Scotland while the meds are carrying me wherever my imagination will take me. And the maybe to Lucky Harbor once I’m awake again :-)

  62. I’d go to the moon and travel through space to see all the stars and planets.

  63. Scandinavia. Praying for you, Jill!

  64. I would go home to Key West.

  65. I would love to go to Ireland and visit the countryside and talk to people. I would totally go to a Pub too! Good luck! Lots of prayers for a quick and speedy recovery.

  66. Back on my cruise to Bermuda, not a care in the world! Hope all goes well with your surgery and speedy recovery! Maybe you’ll get a book idea from it.

  67. I would go to Washington State to visit my husband. Prayers with you tomorrow. 😷

  68. Cape Cod, to sit on the beach or by a lake…me, my ereader and a drink (or 2). Good luck tomorrow!!!

  69. Do I have to choose just ONE?! Well I can’t, so don’t ask me to! Lol

    First I’d go and tour some castles in England and the English countryside, then I’d do a tour through Italy, THEN I’d come back to the good ol’ U.S. of A. and take a fun trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida, and last but not least, I’d round it all off with a relaxing trip to Hawaii! Basically, this is my Bucket List. :-D

  70. A favorite fantasy of mine. A place called Retirement.

  71. Paris or Hawaii. I do hope all goes well for you.♡

  72. I’ll be saying prayers for a smooth surgery tomorrow and a speedy recovery!

  73. Prayers for a speedy recovery! Take undies, toothbrush, robe, your own blanket/quilt, charges for electronics and your patience! Things don’t always move quickly in hospitals. Good Luck!

  74. I would go somewhere snorkeling with beautiful colored fish and lots of fruity rum drinks with umbrellas!

  75. I know that after it’s done, you’ll be so happy you did it. Less pain is a very good thing. You’ll do great.

  76. Oh, sorry…: I’d go to a secluded area of Hawaii with my husband.

  77. Western Slope of Colorado for some cooler temps. A/C went out last night here in SE AZ…in August. Only supposed to be 99* today so at least it won’t hit 100*! Repairman comes at 8 AM tomorrow. Yay!

  78. Will be thinking of you tomorrow. I’d go to some exotic tropical beach (think Bora Bora or Fiji). It’s been crazy busy around here and I would love to go someplace to just chill.

  79. Ireland

  80. Will be thinking of you tomorrow. I’m sure everything will go well and you’ll heal quickly.

    If I could go anywhere right now, it would have to be anywhere in Europe. I think I’d start with Paris and wander through all the other beautiful locales until I had to return to reality. To dream, the impossible dream…. ;) Oh but what fun it is to dream it :D

  81. The Beach, anywhere!! Good Luck tomorrow!!!

  82. Hope the surgery goes well…. I would head to North Carolina, near Asheville, not the coast… am strange like that. :)

  83. After watching Outlander, my thoughts are of Scotland right now. I would also throw in Alaska as it is hotter than you-know-what down here right now.

    Best of luck tomorrow. I will be sending good vibes your way.

  84. Don’t forget your chargers and some chocolate.

  85. Scotland, Ireland, England. Dream trip.

  86. Having just got out of the hospital 2 weeks ago after knee replacement, you need panties, robe, toothbrush, deodorant and ereader. To go home, you’ll need something to wear in the car. I took new pajamas, put those on with my robe and wore than home. Why put on clothes to go home and then change? Too much work.

    As someone who is still in pain…TAKE YOUR MEDS! and let me tell you, be prepared for some funky dreams. :)

  87. I would go to a tropical island where there is no internet.

  88. Wow, hard to narrow down. Either camping, cruising or in Scotland.

    Make sure you switch your wireless off on your E-reader that way you will have all kinds of time off of one charge.

    Best of luck and be pro active in your care. If you need something ask for it.

  89. Cruise to Alaska, wish you a speedy recovery !!! oh don’t forget all the chargers :)

  90. Ireland

  91. Australia!

  92. I’ve had two knee surgeries since 2012, one a replacement. I lived in shorts & a tee the entire stay.

    You will get up with a walker & a back brace when PT comes to work on you, so make sure you take your pain meds beforehand. Move your legs when you’re in bed to keep the circ going. (And if your meds make you feel panicky or short of breath, hit that call button! Happened to me, so I now know not to take the good stuff.)

    But I know you’ll do fine, young’un! Two weeks and you’ll be on your paddleboard in the Grand Caymans before you know it! :)

  93. I think I would go to Pittsburgh, PA, to visit my very good friend and sister of my heart. or else, the beach

  94. If I could go anywhere right now I would go to California to see my mom and sisters. On the way back I would get a uh ail and bring all my stuff here to Oregon. We moved here about 2 months ago and have limited funds so our stuff is in storage there. I am happy to have a house,food, my car and most importantly my husband and son here.

  95. Eilean Donan Castle

  96. Good luc

  97. Good Luck tomorrow! I’d go to the beach, like in Hawaii.

  98. I had spine surgery about two years ago and only stayed in the hospital one day. Everything went great, just had hip replacement four weeks ago and its going pretty good also. I didn’t get much reading done either time.

  99. A beach, pretty much any beach at this point since we didn’t have room in our family’s crazy schedule this summer to go away on vacation. Good luck tomorrow!

  100. Jill, I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery.

    It’s very hot here in SoCal right now and as I watch a lot of HGTV at night (including Love It or List It I&II), I’d love to fly up to Vancouver. It looks gorgeous. Then maybe I’d visit some friends who live in Seattle on the way home.

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