August 27, 2014


So I’m having spine surgery on Friday and I’ve been a little anxious about this, and some of you have sent me presents. Which is pretty awesome. I mean seriously, I feel like I have the best readers on the entire planet. Here’s a little bit of what I’ve received:


Amazing, yeah? And no, I’m not sharing. I just wanted to thank each and every one of you, even if you didn’t send me cookies. :lol: I so appreciate you buying my books and being here to listen to me talk to myself. All of you mean so very much to me!!

I’ll be blogging through the whole hospital scene starting Friday and if I sound goofy you can be sure I’ve got the right amount of pain meds.

Oh and before you go, were any of you able to get my new book IT’S IN HIS KISS yesterday and where…? If you need links, scroll down to yesterday’s blog, I’ve got them all up for ya. XOXO…

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  1. I wish you luck with your surgery and you will be in my prayers. Can`t wait to read your new book

  2. Good morning. Yes I got mine yesterday at Barnes and Noble in ebook format. Saving it to read over this long weekend! Good luck with your surgery. My son had back surgery for a pain implant and the best advice I can give is take the pain med’s and do what they tell you. He’s pretty good now but he was stubborn about the pain med’s
    Take care

  3. I will be sending much love and prayers for you Ms Jill.

  4. Yay on the cookies! Sending best wishes for the surgery on Friday.

    Got my cop on Amazon! :)

  5. Oops – copy, not cop, although if he’s anything like Sawyer… :)

  6. Wishing all good health and a very speedy recovery!!! Btw YES of course I preordered It’s In his Kiss! Got it yesterday (Walmart is awesome) and am reading it now.

  7. Going to Target at lunch to buy it as long as they have it. Good luck with your surgery. I have had 3 surgeries on my lower back, the last one being a spinal fusion and it worked like a charm. Don’t be shy about asking for pain meds in the hospital and when you are at home, set an alarm on your phone so you are staying on top of the pain and taking the medicine as prescribed.

  8. Got it yesterday from Amazon on Kindle. Saving it for a trip this weekend-or not! Can’t wait!!

  9. Hi Jill. Wishing you all the best on Friday and a speedy recovery. Haven’t got your book yet but it is high on my list. Love the series. Sorry I haven’t sent you any cookies!

  10. My copy came yesterday from Amazon.
    Many prayers and well wishes on your surgery Jill.

  11. I did get & started reading your book yesterday for my Kindle.

    I don’t have your address or I would send you cookies too. You can eat them while you are watching the ‘I Love Lucy’ dvd set my Daughter, Melissa Castillo, gave you in San Antonio. I do hope & pray all goes well & you will feel 100% after recovery. Take care (so you can write more books for us!) & heal.

  12. Read the book yesterday. Loved it as I love all of your books;-). Good luck with your surgery. Sounds scary.

  13. Hope all goes well with your surgery this week! Sam & Becca were delivered to my Kindle yesterday and by bedtime I didn’t want to put it down! Love Lucky Harbor – would love to find a small cabin there! Thank you for sharing your creative mind with us and your “Lucy” moments! Wishing you all the best!

  14. I didn’t know about the surgery, so I am sending much love and prayers for a speedy recovery. No I haven’t got my book yet, I am going to Target today. I hope they still have it, anyway I will find it somewhere.

  15. Does my library copy count? Top of the waiting list. :)

  16. I got the book (and finished it) yesterday at Barnes and Noble. It was great! Best wishes for your surgery

  17. As soon as you said it was available for preorder from Amazon, I ordered and received it from Amazon.

    I’ll be thinking of you for your surgery Friday. I had my knee replaced a little over 2 years ago, so I know what you are going through. Take all the pain meds they prescribe post-surgery for the first week so that you heal quicker!

  18. Il be saying some prayers for a speedy recovery. I got my book off iBooks!!! So happy it’s here. Get well soon!

  19. I bought it at Target last night while shopping for cookies! Have you tried the Pepperidge FarM Pumpkin Cheesecake cookies? YUM!! :)

  20. Cookie comfort ROCKS! :) Hoping for your entire surgery experience to go smoothly from the beginning through your recovery.

    I DID get the book yesterday and am looking forward to it!

    All the best from my home to yours, Jill xo

  21. I got mine yesterday on Amazon. I’m loving it!

    Sending good thoughts and prayers your way. I know you’ll do great.

  22. Done back surgery 3x – it’s not a fun recovery, but being pain free is wonderful. Just do what the PT person tells you to do and let others help you :). Good Luck!!

    I bought the book at Amazon yesterday after work and am 1/2 way through. (Would be further but my husband recommended some much needed sleep so I would be able to deal with kids today)…. Love it so far & can’t wait to finish it – so I can read it again

  23. I did on my kindle app from amazon. I am waiting to read it on my 3 day weekend. Praying for a quick recovery for you.

  24. I am sure all will go well for you. I will be praying for you. You should send someone to Target to get you a package of the new Caramel Apple Oreo’s.

  25. Best wishes for your surgery!
    I got my copy from Amazon and I’m in the middle of it!

  26. Ordered it last night on Amazon and it was only $5.99!! Good luck with the surgery and try not to eat the cookies all in one sitting. At least break it up to 2.

  27. I bought my copy yesterday at Target. Ood luck with your surgety (and the right amount of pain meds!)G

  28. best of luck with your surgery. I am just about to start it’s in his kiss, can’t wait! ebook tho.

  29. Good Luck on Friday! Got the book yesterday on my Kindle (they let me per order late Monday night) so was there first thing in the morning. Half way through have to work or I would be home reading right now. Really likin Sam!!!!

  30. Good luck on Friday.

  31. I am reading it now! It mysteriously showed up on my Nook yesterday! :)

  32. I pr-ordered from Amazon and started reading yesterday… I’m trying to make myself slow down because I don’t want to finish it. My prayers are with you for Friday..

  33. Good luck with the surgery, hope all goes perfectly! I pre-ordered IIHK through Wal-Mart and it was on my doorstep yesterday! Can’t wait to read it!!

  34. Yes I got from amazon.. good luck with ur surgery

  35. Good luck with the surgery and I hope you have a speedy recovery!!! :D

  36. It’s In His Kiss is sitting on my Kindle as I type, just waiting for me to have some free time.

    Good luck with the surgery!

  37. Got it yesterday on Amazon for my Kindle.

  38. The Walmart here in Missouri did not have it :-( but our Hastings did :-D

  39. Have a safe and healing surgery. We will be reading your latest while waiting for your fast recovery .

  40. Preordered on Monday evening, it was delivered around 1am. Started reading till about 2. Finished the book in the afternoon. Loved it!

    Good luck with your surgery, hope everything goes just as planned.

  41. I pre-ordered it from Amazon, way back before the fiasco, so it was waiting for me, along with new Jayne Castle, when I got home from work yesterday.

  42. Wishing you the best on your surgery…will say a prayer for your fast recovery…hugs and kisses. Would have sent you some cookies but don’t know your address.

    Bought IT’S IN HIS KISS on Monday at Wal-Mart ;)

  43. Good Luck!

  44. Good luck on your surgery! I hope you have a speedy recovery! I downloaded IT’S IN HIS KISS yesterday for my kindle :) Can’t wait to dive in! Have you tried Cookie Dough Oreos yet? O M G Yum! Limited edition of Oreos. Get them before your surgery! ;)

  45. Good luck sweetie. Didn’t get a chance yesterday. Relatives came in from Germany. Wish I had your address I would send you a box full.
    Saying prayers and sending hugs. Promise to take pics and post them.
    xoxo :) 💝💝💝

  46. I am reading it today! I am putting a meal in the crockpot so i can devote my day to it!!!!!!!!

  47. I had preordered from Amazon and it was downloaded when I got up. Best of luck with your surgery!

  48. Sending you prayers and healing energy. Oh and I read It’s in his kiss; yesterday and I loved it. That ranch flavored popcorn sounds wonderful.

  49. I pre-ordered at B&N.
    Just make sure they give you all the good meds!!
    I can’t take the Morphine stuff because I’m allergic so you have fun for me!
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  50. Preordered from Wal-Mart. It came yesterday too through fedex. I was pleasantly surprised when I got home and found it in the mail box! :) good luck in surgery, hope everything goes ok!

  51. Downloaded the book today and will read it this weekend. Good luck with your surgery and recovery, prayers sent your way!

  52. Good Luck, U R in my prayers. Amazon ebook of course I got it!

  53. Got mine on Kobo.
    Good luck with your surgery!

  54. Looked at the Wal-Mart on in Northwest Reno and they didn’t have it yet :( Will be heading to Target tonight to get it! Can’t wait <3

  55. Got mine yesterday at the Bookworm in Omaha and from Audible. And I’m almost done, dang it! I should have made it last longer because it’s WONDERFUL!

    Good luck on Friday!

  56. I pre – ordered it from Barnes and Noble for my Nook so it turned up yesterday. But since I’m electronic illiterate I had to go there to have them get it out for me.
    But I found out that I also won a hard copy from Good Reads! What a way to start my day!

  57. Good luck & best wishes on your surgery!! I’ll say in advance that I know the I Love Lucy “Hospital Edition” will be wildly entertaining :)

    I had pre-ordered my copy on Amazon before the squabble and it was delivered yesterday morning. Happy dance!!!!

  58. Got it through Amazon for my Kindle app. Started it last night and stayed up too late! Good luck with Friday’s surgery. I’ll bee sending positive (and healing vibes) your way!

  59. We’ll be praying for your fast recovery, Ms Jill. And I’ve read ‘It’s In His Kiss’. I felt so many emotions whilst reading it. I’ve never been so sad, angry, and laughed at the same time. My husband think I’ve gone bonkers!

  60. I picked up the ebook on Amazon yesterday! Of course, then I got a migraine and did no reading but it’s on my iPad to look forward to!

  61. Praying for a successful surgery and quick recovery! :-)

  62. got it at Walmart in Cape Coral, Fl

  63. good luck Friday !!!!

  64. Started reading it last night. Chapter 6 at this point. Loving it! Best wishes for your surgery and quick recovery!

  65. You are lucky to have received cookies, and I am sending you healing and “feel better” vibes for Friday! All will be well. Just make sure Frat Boy doesn’t try to convince you he is your new surgeon…. :>)

    Yes! I had pre-ordered an ebook wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy back before the Big A started having fits so it arrived on my iPad/Kindle yesterday. SO happy! Can’t wait to read it. These three hunks sound hilarious, as ALL your characters tend to be. That’s why we love your books!

    Take care and don’t eat too many cookies before Friday! Save them for when you are done on Friday — and can sit in front of your family and say they are your “pain” meds. It could work!!

  66. Git the book, read it, and posted a review!! Lots of luck on your surgery Jill. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts & prayers. Heal well and heal fast. Hopefully this will take care of your back problems.

  67. Picked up It’s In His Kiss at Walmart in Leavenworth, Ks last night… Started it and finished it…..oh I love it….plan on rereading it! Praying for you and your back surgery

  68. Good luck with the surgery Jill. I had L5/S1 spine surgery seven years ago when I was 53 so I have a clue what this has been like for you so far. Hope your surgeon is spectacular.

  69. Mothers cookies wow you are so lucky they aren’t available where I live. I bought your new book on Amazon for my kindle, I read it in a couple hours.

  70. Good luck with the surgery, Jill! Best wishes and prayers headed your way!

    My copy came from Amazon. :-)

  71. Good Luck with the surgery, you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  72. Got it first thing yesterday morning at Walmart :). Take care of yourself and blessed be

  73. Best of luck with your surgery. From reading your blog every day, I feel like I not only know you but as a good friend. Tell Alpha Man to get you this wonderful gelato by Bryers to go with all your cookies. Can’t wait to hear from you after your surgery

  74. Good luck Friday! I went to Barnes and noble yesterday and got the book! Reading it now 😊

  75. Got mine in the mail from Walmart yesterday. Waitimg to read it on our Mediteranian cruise in September.

  76. Prayers for you and skilled surgeons and nurses. And yes I have the book along with 32,000 other that came out this week, that somehow over the past six months I preordered, not realizing they were all out together. My list is now again taller than I.

  77. Good Luck with surgery on Friday. I have been through back surgery so I feel your pain. Enjoy the cookies. I pre ordered It’s In His Kiss from Walmart and it arrived yesterday so I get to finish reading it today. Love all your books.

  78. Best wishes are floating your way. I had Its in his Kiss on my Nook yesterday. Can’t wait to start it!!!

  79. Mine ordered from Chapters/Indigo will be winging it’s way to me any day now.
    Can’t wait to get my hands on it..
    Good luck with your surgery. will be keeping good thoughts for you.

  80. Sending you quick healing prayers!

  81. many many blessings Jill. You are in a wonderful teaching hosp.and tha makes a difference. My husband who rarely does this, too me to my teaching hosp 65 miles away for my injection and to see dr. and had a heart attack himself. I have a carcinoid tumor, and left fairly weak. so I am home and he is far away. OUr son drives back and for each day, speaking to Dr and being with his dad.
    you will have prayers tracking Jill, hope you will them and know they are for you.

  82. by the way,was expecting 3 books from Amazon yesterday and they did not arrive…………..Your book is being shipped from Walmart and will arrive next Tues………….

  83. Got it at Amazon. Almost 70% done with it. Love it.
    Good luck and well wishes to you, your doctors and your family on Friday!

  84. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I went yesterday snd had a spinal epidural nerve block and can barely sit down today. Plus I had some wierd reation that caused severe restlessness so I haven’t been to sleep yet. I know my procedure was nothing compared to what you will be goi g through but I thought I would share

  85. Wishing you good luck and a quick & easy recovery. I got your book on Amazon yesterday. I had preordered it some time ago and they delivered it to my kindle! Can’t wait yo start reading it!

  86. got it e book and a book i got at albertsons !!!

  87. I got my ecopy from amazon and finished it last night. One of your best ever. I haven’t left a review yet but I will for sure!

  88. Everything will go just fine , take care and do whT the doctors say!!!

  89. I did get it along with Lori Foster’s book at Barnes & Noble. Her book had made it to the shelf but your book had not. The lady went in the back and got me one and brought out at least one more to shelve. Hope to read them both over the holiday weekend. Hope your surgery goes well!!

  90. Wishing you much success with your surgery. My prayers go out to you. Having been through several surgeries I know it takes time to recover but I am sure you will be just fine. Hang in there.

  91. How do others know where to send you cookies? I would have sent some too. Sending happy thoughts and prayers your way for a successful procedure and pain-free future.

  92. Good Luck Friday! I bought it through Amazon Kindle

  93. Good luck, prayers for a speedy recovery! I preordered on my Nook and was reading at midnight! LOVE B&N

  94. My prayers go out to you, I’ll hope you’ll be fine soon.

  95. Keeping you in my prayers. Enjoy all the cookies! I know the lemon oreos alone would make me feel better.

  96. Good luck, Jill! Wishing you a surgery with no complications, and a speedy recovery!

    I got my book in the mail from WalMart this afternoon. I have to finish the book I’m reading, and then I’m going to dive right in!

  97. I’m going shopping today! Your book is on my list.

    I’ll keep you in my thoughts on Friday. I hope the surgery & recovery all go smoothly. Be a good girl & do what the doctors tell you. Enjoy the cookies as you are able. I’m sure they will help with your recovery.

  98. I am now out of the hospital, and my oven is fixed, so cookies, of the home made variety, may be in the offing. I hope your surgery goes well, and frees you of the pain.

    Get well soon!!

  99. Best wishes for a safe surgery and short recovery. Love and prayers are coming your way!

  100. Okay -the adult side of me says – I really hope you all the best with surgery! Hope all goes well and it corrects what the issue has been. I will be keeping you in my prayers! Now – the ridiculous fangirl side of – please be healed in time for your scheduled signing at Turn the Page on November 1st!! xoxo

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