August 26, 2014

Today’s Goodness

Update: winners, randomly drawn, are: JENNIFER LONGORIA, AMY HIGGISON, DIANE DUKE, LALA, and DEBBY B. Email me with HE’S SO FINE in the subject line and your addy and whether you want print or digital.

Original post:
IT’S HERE, IT’S HERE!!! Oh sorry, did I yell that?

IT’S IN HIS KISS is finally available for purchase wherever you buy your books, whether that’s Walmart or Target or BN or iBooks or Amazon or wherever floats your boat.

photo 7 :cool:

Sorry, I’m a little excited to be finally releasing the first of the last Lucky Harbor trilogy. Want a sneak peek? Ask and ye shall receive:

“Okay, great. Hold please,” Sam said, and punched the hold button on the phone. He took a deep breath and strode out of the warehouse and to their “yard.” This led to the waterfront. There they had a dock, where their fifty-foot Wright Sport was moored.

Hours ago, Tanner—their scuba diving instructor and communications expert—had texted Sam that he was working on their radio system.

“Hey,” Sam called out to him. “How about answering a damn phone call once in a while?”

“You’re the one inside,” Tanner said, not stopping what he was doing, which didn’t look to be work so much as sunbathing. Not that he needed it with the mocha skin he’d inherited from his mother’s Brazilian roots. He’d stripped to a pair of board shorts, a backward baseball cap, and reflective aviator sunglasses, and was sprawled out on his back, face tilted up to the sun.

“Busy, are you?” Sam asked drily.

“Cole and I chartered the midnight cruise last night and didn’t moor until three a.m.”

“And you slept until two p.m., so what’s your point?”

Tanner lifted a middle finger.

Sam gave up and strode up to the smaller building—a hut really—that they used as their front office and greeting area. The rolling door was up when they were open for business and shut when they weren’t.

It was up now, and Cole was sitting behind the front counter. He was their captain, chief navigator, and mechanic, and was currently hen-pecking at the keyboard of his laptop. The fingers stopped when Sam reached into the bucket beside the counter and pulled out one of their water guns. The thing had been touted as a squirt gun, but the more apt term would have been cannon. Sam weighed it in his hands, decided it was loaded enough, and turned back to the door.

“What the hell are you doing?” Cole asked.

“Going to spray the hell out of Tanner.”

“Nice,” Cole said, fingers already back to hen-pecking. “Carry on.”

Sam stopped in the doorway and stared at him in surprise. Cole was their resident techno-geek. He wore cargo pants with handy pockets and could fix just about anything at any time with the ingenuity of a modern-day MacGyver. And he always, always, objected to fighting among their ranks. “What’s up?” Sam asked him.

“Trying to work. Go away.”

“If you’re working so damn hard, why aren’t you answering the phones?”

Cole lifted his head and blinked innocently. “Phones? What phones? I didn’t hear any phones.”

“Shit.” Sam shook his head. “We need to get that damn ad in the paper.”

Cole’s fingers clicked one last key with dramatic flair. “Done,” he declared. “Ad placed.”

“What does it say?” Sam asked.

Cole hit a few more keys. “Looking for self-motivating admin to answer phones, work a schedule, greet customers with a friendly attitude, and be able to handle grumpy-ass bosses named Sam.”

Sam arched a brow. “You’d push the buttons of a guy holding a loaded water cannon?”

Not looking worried in the slightest, Cole smiled and reached down beneath the counter, coming up with his own loaded cannon, which he casually aimed at Sam. “You forget who bought these.”

“Shit.” He turned to go.

“You’re forgetting something else,” Cole said.

Sam looked back.

“Tanner’s ex-profession as a Navy SEAL.”

“Shit,” Sam said again, lowering the cannon. He was pissed, not stupid.

“Good choice.”

“Line one’s for you,” Sam said.

Need help finding where to purchase? Again, let me help ya out:
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Now because I love release days, FIVE of you will win my NEXT book, HE’S SO FINE, coming out 9/30. All you have to do is name a scene from an earlier Lucky Harbor novel, any of them. :razz: Go!

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  1. When Ali was interrogated in It had to be you

  2. When the cops are look at the pine tree pencil pot that Ali gave Teddy and “Took Back” because he didn’t deserve it. – Had to be you.

  3. Omg! Not sure I can name only one my mind is racing. Okay I loved the outside shower scene with Sawyer and Chloe. I have to say I love Lucille in every scene though.

  4. In The Sweetest Thing when Tara and Ford meet Zmia for the first time.

  5. When Chloe was testing the natural mud in the swamp and Sawyer found her in Head Over Heels. Chloe and Sawyer are one my favourite couples and I loved all their interactions!

  6. When Ben messed up Aubrey’s car so he could drive her to do her errands in once in a lifetime!

  7. I read only one book of yours so far, because I just met you a few weeks ago as an author. I read At LAst and my favourite scene was the camping scene. The heroine is a city girl and she is a little clumsy and injures herself. Than he comes… ranger Matt! :)

  8. The pier in any of the Lucky Harbor books (good things tend to happen here) and anytime Lucille is around.

  9. I love the chocolate club and how they first met during the storm

  10. I loved when Ford stopped by the Inn and was only in shorts with his sweaty chest, which totally threw Tara for a loop! Oh and did I mention Ford was teasing her just to get a rise out of her? Yeah, loved it!

  11. Decorating the Christmas tree in Simply Irresistible. :)

  12. The scene in Once in a Lifetime where Aubrey gets trashed with her friends and then goes over to Ben’s house to hash things out with him, and her friends are all listening through the window of the house next door.

    I can’t wait to read It’s In His Kiss. Every new book in the series feels like going back to visit old friends.

  13. I have to say, I am a fan of the pier happenings in Lucky Harbor series as well!!

  14. The one that always stands out to me is when sisters Maddie, Tara, and Chloe fall asleep under their Christmas tree after a little too much wine and decorating… and before the fire!

  15. I love the scene with Chloe and Sawyer in the shower. Or the Scene where Jax walks in on Maddie on the dryer! :)

  16. It Had To Be You…Aubrey and the girls, ate tons of pasteries , even Aubrey!

  17. Once in a Lifetime…the grand opening of Aubrey’s bookstore.

  18. Jax giving Maddie an Orgasm whenever she needed it. Even in the attic or on top of the washing machine

  19. Grace talking to herself/Josh’s dog as she begins the chase in Forever & a Day. Congratulations on your new release! :-)

  20. It had t be you Luke fines Ali talking on the phone in nothing but her lacy underware,

  21. I’ve just read ‘The Sweetest thing’ and loved the scene where Tara stalks to Ford’s boat in the middle of the night to fulfill her chips-craving since she’s not having any in the inn.

    Offcourse that’s only one of the many hilarious scenes. And it probably wasn’t a good idea to read this book on the train. People kept throwing me looks for smiling at the screen of my ereader. :)

  22. Love the scene when Logan and Ford are picking apples for Tara :)

  23. Definitely the shower scene between Chloe and Sawyer.

  24. My favorite scene is still Ford and Tara from the Sweetest thing. When he sets up her kitchen! But then again another would be Grace and Josh and the opening scene on the beach and him finding her looking for the dog in Forever and a Day!

  25. I read so much that I don’t remember scenes from previous books. Sorry.

  26. Too many to choose from just finished re reading Head Over Heels so I’ll go with Chloe and Sawyer painting drunk. Also the girls in the mud.

  27. Three sisters, drunk, a little, well maybe a lot, laying under the lit Christmas tree. :-)

  28. Ben tampered with Aubrey’s car so he could drive her.

  29. It has to be Strong and Sexy when Shayne has his hand on Dani’s jaw and he just changes the subject without kissing her again! So love this series!

  30. Leah’s keeping the suspense about the contest. It was the first time I really wanted to go to the end of the book to see what happened. :)

  31. When Mallory rescues Ty after he gets hurt during the storm. Even though he’s half unconscious he still cops a feel :) I love all Lucky Harbor books but Ty and Mallory are my favorite

  32. I loved the outside shower scene with Sawyer and Chloe. :) Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway opportunity.

  33. Any scene with Kevin — love that dog!

  34. I can never forget the washing machine scene in Simply Irresistible. ;-)

  35. I haven’t had my full cup of tea, yet–I can’t think!

  36. Rumor Has It. When Kate spills everything on the sidewalk and Garrett helps her pick them up. Duct Tape, etc. It was pretty funny.

  37. I love when the girls were bonding over chocolate, during the storm. :)

  38. I really enjoyed “Once in a Lifetime” and can’t think of any one particular scene, but Lucille has been one of my favorite characters and since I love animals “Kevin” the dog and his antics were the the icing on the cake for me in that book.

  39. Glad you didn’t say name the one favorite scene, because there are too many! I have to agree with the ladies who mentioned the scenes on the pier! And the sisters around the Christmas tree.

    Congrats on release day!!

  40. Shower scene with Chloe and Sawyer!

  41. Garrett visiting Kate’s classroom as her little brother’s show and tell in Rumor Has It – what a guy!

  42. Chloe and sawyer’s outside shower…. Maddie and Jax in the attic.

  43. I love the scene where Chloe and Maddie and Tara get caught in the mud springs! (From one of the 1st three but I don’t remember which one…)

  44. Chloe and Sawyer – shower – enough said!!

  45. Chloe and Sawyer having sec in the outdoor shower in Head over Heels

  46. Shower scene – chloe and sawyer.. one of the best and also the washing machine scene in Simply Irresistible. :p and many more

  47. Always On My Mind


  48. It Had to Be You – when Luke and Ali first meet in the kitchen. :)

  49. I love the washing machine scene with Maddie! It made me laugh out loud, and my husband wanted me to share what was SO funny! ;)

  50. When Grace was dog-sitting in Forever and a Day and Tank managed to choke himself on his leash. She thought he was dead. I’m not really an animal person, but I adored that dog so much.

    Awesome giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity!

  51. When Ford I’d setting up Tara’s kitchen. :)

  52. So many good scenes! Haha I agree with every one mentioning the Washing machine scene with Jax. I really like all the couples, but being a dog lover I always giggle when I think about Grace losing Josh’s dog and when he sneaks up on her to get the dog, his response about the dog is just too funny. You know it is going to be love the way Josh and Grace interact. Love love love all of your books. I am kind of sad to see the story end.

  53. When “Mysterious New Guy” crashes through the glass door at the Eat Me Cafe during the snow storm. While Mallory, Amy, and Grace are scarfing down chocolate cake.

  54. I love all of your books that I have read so it is hard to choose one scene. However, I love Kevin and all the scenes he has been in made me laugh. Can’t wait to read the new trilogy!!

  55. The quiet conversation between Sawyer and Chloe on the peer at Maddie and Jax’s wedding rehearsal at the end of Head Over Heels. Gets me in the feels every time. So lovely and sweet and heartfelt and sexy.

  56. Forever And A Day – when Dr Josh Scott & Grace have sex by the pool. You did a beautiful job of writing that scene & it’s my favorite even though I love ALL the Lucky Harbor series.

  57. I loved all the scenes in everyone of your books. Can’t wait to read your latest, It’s in His Kiss. Chloe and Sawyers shower scene was one to remember for me at this point. Can’t wait for a new memory. Thanks for all your wonderful stories. You are the best!

  58. Not to be repetitive, but count me in with many of the others – the outdoor shower scene with Chloe and Sawyer.

  59. Jack is cooking breakfast at the firehouse in the opening of Always On My Mind. I love Leah, Jack, and Kevin.

  60. Congrats on release day! I was so relieved yesterday to discover that I had pre-ordered the book BEFORE the dispute and even more excited to turn on my Kindle and see it there! It’s in excellent company, as Robyn Carr, Lori Foster, Rachel Gibson also had releases today!

    Oh, gosh, my fave scene would have to be the one where the hero and heroine get caught in hiding in the attic during the charity fund raiser and have hot and heavy spontaneous sex up on that high shelf on the old couch. Wowza! Can’t remember the book or characters names, but some scenes are just indelibly printed on your brain, and this is one of them.

    (Although, my all time fave Jill Shalvis scene is a tie — from The Harder They Fall, when she falls through the ceiling into Hunter’s arms while he’s in the bathroom, busy, and from Then Came You (Animal Magnetism series) — the text message mix up!

  61. When “Mysterious New Guy crashes through the glass doors at the “Eat Me” diner during the snow storm while Mallory, Amy and, Grace are scarfing down chocolate cake.

  62. The Chocaholics meetings… meeting to dish over chocolate, count me in please!

  63. There are so many scenes I love. I’d pick the scene between Ty and Mallory during the auction where she has to introduce him :)

  64. When Aubrey accidently dumps her drink on Ben at the bar, then later when she’s him in her bookstore.

  65. I loved it when Amy was lost in the forest and Matt had to find her and they met up with a brown bear in At Last.

  66. Once in a Lifetime… Aubrey’s bookstore opening.

  67. The lightening scene at the very beginning of Lucky In Love where Ty wakes up from another nightmare. Yeah, I’m a sucker for a tortured military hero. You had me at Prologue. :-)

    Very best of luck with your new release! I have no idea how I’m supposed to hit my deadline with It’s In His Kiss now sitting in my Kindle! (Which, by the way, was delivered without me having to go Amazon because I had preordered back in April.)

  68. Great sneak peek, loved it!! Can’t wait to start reading my copy!

    My favorite scene of the Lucky Harbor series is when Ford tries to persuade Jax to help him out with a woman at the bar.
    Simpley Irresistible was my first book of yours and that was the frist scene which made me laugh out loud. Since that scene I have been hooked.

  69. Cloe and Sawyer in the shower scene

  70. Jack and Leah in the hot tub!

  71. In Simply Irrestable, when Maddie ran Jac off the road then he picked chips off her shirt.

  72. The shower scene with Chloe and Sawyer

  73. I love the attic scene between Maddie and Jax. Hot Hot Hot

  74. There

  75. Under the Mistletoe. Mia was late for a meeting, running along the street the construction people were hollering at her and she flips them off. Go Mia!

  76. Sawyer and Chloe – shower scene – enough said!!

  77. Chloe and Sawyer – shower scene – enough said!

  78. When Leah and Jack had sex on the desk in the office at the bakery *sigh*

  79. Mallory and MCG in the storage room hiding from Lucille – and all the goodness that comes from that!

  80. My favorite scenes are when the H and h meets for the first time but my all time LH favorite meeting scene is when Maddie almost runs Jax off the road. Then she’s talking to him with chip crumbs on her shirt and he notices of course and then she pretends she has a phone call to avoid an awkward situation but then the phone rings for real. Hilarious.

  81. My favorite is when Lucille got banned from Facebook. But really, anytime she’s around it’s funny :)

  82. I have not had the chance yet to begin reading the Lucky Harbor series, unfortunately, however it IS on my “To buy/read” list. IF I were lucky enough to win a copy of your book, it would “force” (motivate) me to buy & read the series that much sooner (that’s 13 books to buy)! ;)

  83. When Ben made Audrey the dollhouse and her reaction when she saw it.

  84. In “Once in a Lifetime” where Aubrey and the girls are having a moment eating baked goods, and Aubrey realizes they really do regard her as a good friend.

  85. Shower scene for sure!!!!

  86. Any scene with Lucille! I have gotten many worried looks from stangers because she has made me laugh out loud! I can’t help myself. She cracks me up!

  87. Ty and Mallory in the storage loft!

  88. Mallard an Ty at the auction when she didn’t even know his name just “Mysterious Cute Guy”, and he wasn’t budging. Hilarious!

  89. In Forever and A Day when Grace is posing “nude” for Lucille and her crew and Josh says he’ll triple her pay to be his dog walker. Then she says she would’ve done it for a kiss. Then he thinks she’s a “a crazy cutie” and he leans in and does a chaste kiss that blows his socks off :) I really like their book!

  90. When Chloe, Tara and Maddie fell asleep under their make shift Christmas tree in the very first lucky harbour book.

  91. I am listening to Once in A Lifetime on Audible. My favorite scene so far in the book is when Maddie meets Jax for the first time and he picks a potato chip off her shirt. I’ve read the book before but I like listening to books on my drive into work.

  92. The attic scene with Maddie & Jax.

  93. I’ve read them all and they all have their moments but what hooked me to read every single book was in Simply Irresistible when the sisters decorated the first Christmas tree and they woke up under it covered in yarn….wine anyone?
    I knew then you had a great imagination for everyday life and these books were going to be hilarious! And you’ve proved me right time and time again!

  94. I love bookstores so for me it was the opening of Aubrey’s bookstore in Once in a Lifetime.

  95. When Chloe tries to hide her injuries from Sawyer because she was (technically) stealing dogs and she doesn’t want him to know. It sure would’ve been easier to lie to him if she could stop thinking about him naked!

  96. THe three sisters – drunk under the Christmas tree.

  97. I have so many favorite scenes, but I loved all the Jax and Maddie scenes… was the first book of yours I read so it holds a special place in my heart. Thanks for all you do!

  98. Jack and Lea on the couch and Kevin starts letting them rip! Priceless! LOL

  99. That birthday blowjob in Always on My Mind. Oh, boy. One of my favourite sexy scenes in the series (alongside Sawyer and Chloe’s “messing around”).

    Congratulations on the new book release. Can’t wait to dive in.

  100. Even with all the steamy scenes I could have thought of, I immediately thought gathering over chocolate cake, then chocolate chip pancakes

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