August 25, 2014

Monday’s musings

Tomorrow IT’S IN HIS KISS arrives on bookshelves and digital bookstores everywhere. Gotta admit, I’m a little nervous on this one. Lots of big hitters are out on the same day as me this time (Robyn Carr, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Lori Foster, Kristen Ashley, amongst others…) So I really really hope I fit into your book budget this month!


photo 7

Anyway, would love to hear where you intend to buy it, if you do? And remember, Amazon and Hachette (my publisher) are still not playing nice so you can’t get it there until tomorrow but don’t worry. It WILL be up on Amazon tomorrow for purchase.

Also Walmart has been a hit and miss in the way of carrying my books so if you’re in Walmart and you don’t see me, maybe you could ask? Or better yet if you’re in Walmart and you see me, maybe you could buy the book and reward them. :roll:


Indie Bound


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  1. I’ll be buying from amazon. Sad that I have to wait, but I’ll be online first thing in the morning. Can’t wait. :)

  2. I’s already waiting to download on my nook! Can’t wait!!!

  3. preordered it on my nook and will be hitting barnes and noble after work to buy it in print

  4. I’m so excited! I plan to buy it at Walmart….if they fail me again by not having it on the shelf, I will drive myself to Target & purchase it there! :)

  5. I’ll be buying from Target… I can’t wait to have delivered…..

  6. There is always enough in my book budget for you and Lori Foster! I plan to head to Walmart or Target (if Walmart doesn’t have them) to pick up both books tomorrow morning! :) So excited, I can’t wait!

  7. Target!

  8. Target! My place!

  9. I preordered on…cant wait!

  10. I am waiting for it to download from Amazon to my eReader! Can’t wait!!!

  11. I preordered from Audible and a local independent book store. There’s always room in my budget for you!

  12. Yes…I’ll be there at Wal-Mart tomorrow.

  13. Hey, Jill, you are definitely one of the heavy hitters!! Already pre-ordered from Amazon Canada. Can’t wait till tomorrow. I’ve seen your books in Walmart here in CAN, so take heart, we love you up here, too!!

  14. Sam is one of my favorite heroes you’ve ever written! I’ll order my print copy for my keeper shelf as soon as it goes live on Amazon tomorrow.

  15. I pre-ordered it a month ago along with Jayne Castle’s new book that is out tomorrow too. I have to start a new job just to afford all the books I want. :) I bought it for my nook but if you came to Maine and signed a paperback book I would buy that. :) I have been waiting all summer for your book!!

  16. You’ll be on my Nook. Looking forward

  17. You’ll be on my Nook with those other big hitters!!! You’re right, the book budget is taking a hit tomorrow!

  18. As much as I love the other amazing authors, you are always at the top of my monthly book budget!

  19. I’ll be looking for it at my Indy Bookstore, which is awesome. :)

  20. pre-ordered it, already got it in the mail and read it. Then reread it. Have now started again at the beginning of the Lucky Harbor Series. I am now at Lucky in Love. Love your books!

  21. I actually pre-ordered it back in Feb (haha I’m a little obsessed) from Amazon and it appears they are going to honor my order and get it to me tomorrow. If they don’t I’m going to be more than a little upset and I’ll have to find a different source to order your books from.

  22. Pre-ordered it from Walmart. Looking forward to reading it!! =0]

  23. I’ll be buying it tomorrow on Kobo. Can’t wait!

  24. I have the ebook pre-ordered from Amazon — we’ll see if it gets delivered! If not, rest assured that I will be out and about, searching for a print copy! And fit you in I did: seems as if most of my go-to authors will be arriving the same day. Y’all woulda arrived together…if not for some behemoths who insist on being crazy dudes.

  25. Buying on Amazon. But my Walmart is great about ordering books for me and then I can pick it up in the store. It might be faster. If they don’t have it. I’ll check tomorrow and let you know..
    Post a picture on Facebook if I see it at mine…xoxo :)

  26. I am getti g mine through amazon for my kindle unfortunately I haven’t beenable to pre order it. This book will be at the top of my list. So looking forward to it#

  27. Definitely buying this one and Lori Foster tomorrow. Will definitly buy SEP, but might have to wait for payday since hers is a hardback book. Looking forward to the next Lucky Harbor trilogy but not ready for it to be the end!!

  28. It’s pre-ordered from Barnes & Noble for my Nook! There’s always room in my book budget for you. It’s everyone else that has to wait! ;-) Can’t wait until tomorrow!

  29. Pre-ordered from Amazon. Can’t wait!

  30. You are always in my book budget! Pre-ordered with the Walmart link you posted a while back. Will probably have to get on my Kindle while I wait, lol.

  31. Will buy yours and Lori’s tomorrow at Target or B&N. Can’t wait!

  32. best wishes!

  33. I do have you pre-ordered on amazon – I must admit I stalk you to see your upcoming releases (I have all of your upcoming releases pre-ordered on amazon because I don’t want to miss any of them) and I think I was able to pre-order before the problem with amazon and your publisher started. I can’t wait!

  34. Definite buy – even if Amazon is a pain in the a$$!

  35. Jill, I just wanted to tell you, of all the other big name writers you mentioned in the beginning of your post, I’ve never read any of their books. I read romance, though I read a lot of other genres, and I spend a lot of time writing. But I’ve never read their books

  36. Waiting on Amazon. My kindle is all ready!

  37. I’m going to try to get it on my Kindle first tomorrow, then I’ll hit Target and Books-A-Million after that. Walmart is a last resort for me. They are no longer my favorite place to shop.

  38. i pre-ordered it Amazon way back at the beginning of the year for my kindle…looking forward to reading it.

  39. No worries I am buying you book & Lori Fosters first thing in the am from Amazon.

  40. I pre-ordered it long ago! Cannot wait until tomorrow! Kids go back to school and I get to sit and read in a quiet house!

  41. Well, Jill, you are always in my book budget! I prefer your books in book form, so I will probably run over to Target on my lunch hour and hope they have their new books on the shelves by then.

  42. I just clicked the amazon button and I pre-ordered it in Dec. and it says this books is not available for purchase. I had trouble getting another book on amazon that was a hacette book. Just thought I would let you know.

  43. Your book is pre-ordered from Chapters.Indigo in Canadaland. In paperback. :-D

  44. Sorry Amazon isn’t being nice, they usually are, but I’m downloading it on my Kindle anyway.

  45. I will buy it tomorrow on Amazon.

  46. Can’t wait, target always has your books

  47. Your book, SEP’s, and the latest Jayne Castle (Jayne Ann Krentz) are shipping out tomorrow from B & N for me. Looking forward to a book orgy!

  48. Your book, Jill, and Lori Foster’s release is certainly a for sure purchase tomorrow for my Nook! I absolutely love your work! The digital copies save the space I no longer have available on my book shelves. :)

  49. I’ll buy it on Amazon tomorrow! You are on my auto-buy list, so wouldn’t miss it!

  50. Amazon Kindle….I’ve got my alarm set ;)

  51. Hey Jill, I pre ordered this thru Amazon back in April. I’m very excited to have it “arrive” on my Kindle. Can’t wait to read it.

  52. Oh, Great Love of My Life (Too much?) There is always money in the budget for you and my fav authors. I’ll go without food, Starbucks tea, almost anything for you guys! . . . Well, maybe not toilet paper!

  53. Yes you are in good company. However, I bought only yours. The others I’m on reserve at the library.

  54. My Kindle will be downloading it shortly after midnight, if I’m still awake (and I usually am!) Btw, who at Amazon do we complain to about this no pre-order thing?

  55. I pre-ordered at Amazon before the fighting started… :)

  56. I plan on buying it first thing in the morning from Amazon for my Kindle. I have been holding off starting a book waiting for this one. I don’t think you will have a problem selling this book – fans have been waiting for it!

  57. I pre-ordered your book from months ago! I can even promise you to start reading yours first thing tomorrow altough SEP is my other favourite author ;-)

  58. Gotta have it on Kindle. I have the Kindle app on my Galaxy S4 – your books go everywhere with me!

  59. Pre – ordered for my nook, along with a bunch of others. Wish I didn’t have to wait to read it.

  60. Jill your sales should soar as you have many loyal readers. Yes, I do like Robyn Carr, Susan Elizabeth Phillips & Loris Foster but I’m still going to buy your book. May your books fly off the shelf.

    Are you doing okay? Is someone going to let us know your surgery went well? Caring people want to know.

  61. Amazon is my bookstore.

  62. As my book club just read the previous book I’m buying ASAP- I even went back in the series o get another one while I’m waiting. I love the Lucky Harbor town feel-I’m writing a book with a small town setting as well, its nice to see how a real pro does it!

  63. I’ll be purchasing for my Kindle. You have top priority in the book budget! I’ll be on the “hunt” for it next week at the local retailers for you too.

  64. No worries. I will be ordering mine from Amazon tomorrow. Can not wait!

  65. I got it on the Wal-Mart site, and you were on sale! LOL! Honestly, though, I will most likely buy the digital copy from Amazon, too. My mail doesn’t come until 5:30pm and I don’t think I can wait that long!

  66. Just got back from WAL-MART and they have your book out today and as SHARON just said – you were on sale! BTW…In Publix, our local grocery store they consider you a new and upcoming author, as if you’ve never written a book before. What’s up with that?

  67. Pre-ordered from Amazon many moons ago. Looking forward to reading it! :)

    • Ahem. Didn’t read your options well enough. I did indeed order it from AZN, but for my Kindle. :)

  68. Can’t wait! It’ll be great like all your books!

  69. I am going to have to wait until the library has the ebook version. :( I love you books, you are an automatic TBR for me, but I have no book budget right now…. the house and medical bills took it away for a while.

  70. I preordered it last night thanks to my hubby for my Anniv. present of Lucky Harbor. I will be downloading it from B&N as soon as I get up in the morning. So excited.

  71. Walmart for you and Lori Foster if not then B&N

  72. Will be buying it and Robyn Carr’s new one on my Nook. I always keep room in my book budget for you. :)

  73. Amazon – I received a $75 gift card, so no problem with the ebook budget now! ;-)

  74. Wish I could get it tomorrow with the rest of my Tuesday pre-orders from Amazon, but will have to wait til it arrives later in the week. I font agree with what Amazon is doing but I’m a Prime User and get all my books used and new shipped to me since I cants easily get out and shop. I’ll never miss any of your books, however, no matter what. Hope Hachett and Amazon work things out.

  75. I don’t understand not being able to preorder this but Amazon just let me preorder STILL THE ONE which doesn’t release until April 2015. I will order it tomorrow and read it tomorrow night.

  76. Have had it preordered for my Nook ever since it became available. Don’t worry; you are as big a hitter as they all are. I’d tell you to “stand tall” but your back may not let you. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as you get that pesky back worked on. Hugs.

  77. It’s on pre-order on iBooks 😄. Can’t wait to read it!!!

  78. I got my review up today! LOVED IT!!

  79. Buying my copy at Target. Pfft to Amazon. I can get it quicker at Target!

  80. I’m a Wal-mart shopper since it’s so close to my house. You are so right I really have to hunt for your books.

  81. Because I’m addicted to my kindle I plan on waiting and getting it there tomorrow. I will definitely be getting it. It is my reward for PASSING my Real Estate exam this morning!!!

  82. Preordered from Barnes and Noble.

  83. I’ve had it on pre-order (and the other two in this set) for months! My issue is that I have to wait until they arrive here in South Australia :(

  84. Nook. I didn’t pre-order because I sometimes have trouble downloading pre-orders. I did save money on my birthday gift cards though, so I’m ready!

  85. I live in Walmart country – but will be heading to my local Barnes & Noble simply because it is a sure thing your book will be there. Don’t worry about those other books – yours is the one I am gonna buy. Thank you for continuing the Lucky Harbor stories. I would totally move there if I could!

  86. I pre-ordered from iBooks! Can’t wait!!

  87. I usually get my books at Walmart and also from Amazon for my Kindle. I preordered this book from after your blurb about prordering and the price. I’ll have to wait a few more days then usually, but that is OK. I always buy your books–great stories!!!!! They (the other authors) are in good company with you!

  88. Jill, don’t worry. You couldn’t write a bad book if you tried. Already pre-ordered my copy from Wal-Mart .com . It should arrive on release day.

  89. I’ll be off to Dymocks in the city in Melbourne. Going shopping at the same time to get a nice dress for my birthday.

  90. Books A Million!

  91. You are ALWAYS in my book budget. Love your stories every time!

  92. I ordered it weeks ago from Can’t wait until it gets here!

  93. Chapters/indigo. Can’t wait! No matter who else has books coming out on the same days as you, your books are always my first to buy and read!

  94. My local Walmart is very hit and miss with your books, plus the books don’t always go on the shelf on there release date. They can show up a week later.

    Target, on the other hand, always has your book out on the release date, so they are my go to store for your books.

  95. It’s up on Amazon now!

  96. Amazon or Target

  97. Ever faithful. I will be buying it IN STORE at Barnes & Noble.

  98. I have a Kindle, so I always buy through Amazon, but since they are being such jerks, I pre-ordered all of your upcoming books through iTunes/iBooks. Once I know something is available for pre-order, I want to place that order immediately so I don’t miss out on/forget about a book. Darn Amazon!

  99. Amazon!

  100. Target.

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