August 22, 2014

Dear Jill

How you doin, Sheriff Sawyer Thompson here. You remember me, the hero from HEAD OVER HEELS from a few years back? Look, let’s cut right to the chase. I know that you’re writing a Christmas short, revisiting Chloe and I. And I know also that the story is due in a few days and you’ve got me facing my biggest nightmare — losing her. Let me just tell you what, Miss High And Mighty Author, don’t you even think about it. You got me? She’s mine and I’m keeping her. Get it together, woman. You only have ten pages left to write (and hey, thanks for that smokin’ sex scene a few chapters back). But I’m serious as a heart attack here. Don’t make me come over there and clean out your girl scout cookie stash (and don’t think I don’t know where they are).
Sheriff Sawyer Thompson

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  1. Can not wait for this!!! Chloe and Sawyer are one of my fave couples!:)

  2. So excited! I love it when we get to revisit the original Lucky Harbor crew. They are my very favorites! Thank you.

  3. Yay! Love when we know something more about the
    Original couples :D and Jill, listen to Sawyer.

  4. I’ll come help Sawyer clean out your girl scout cookie supply…Can’t wait to read this story!

  5. I think this was the longest Sawyer paragraph ever. Go Sawyer!

  6. I ready to catch up too. And he sounds serous I would listen to him.

  7. Looking forward to the update on Chloe and Sawyer. Loved the original book!

  8. Where’s the LIKE button? So happy, I’m doing cartwheels!

  9. Sounds amazing, love Sawyer & Chloe. I’m with Sawyer on this too. I know you will write an story.

  10. Sounds like I can’t wait to read it!! Such a great way to start a Friday!

  11. Listen to Sawyer! He da man!

  12. Sounds good!

  13. Your sarcasm and sense of humor makes reading your blog like reading my mind. I feel like you could be a long lost twin sister. Thank you for my first smile of the day!!!!!

  14. Love Sawyer!

  15. Can’t wait

  16. Jill, your readers are undoubtedly squealing in delight this morning.

    Sawyer sounds serious. You know how much he loves Chloe and how badass he can be. It’s not worth the risk.

  17. Love Chloe and Sawyer! Awesome news to start the day!

  18. Too funny!

  19. I love Chloe and Sawyer. You should really listen to him. I can’t wait to read this….so excited to revisit them!!!

  20. Love Sawyer…don’t you emotionally cripple him! I’ll help him remove your stash. ;) can’t wait!

  21. Love Chloe & Sawyer! Sawyer sounds serious and you better not cross him Jill, just give him what he wants!

  22. Oh more Sawyer..its going to be a Merry Christmas.

  23. And you know he means what he says…

  24. Oh, please don’t let Chloe die! Sawyer sounds pretty serious, too. I wonder if Alpha Man could hold him off long enough for the girls to move your cookies to a new, safer place? (Since you’re all laid up recovering and all.)

    Hope you’re recovery is going well! FOLLOW DOCTOR’S ORDERS!!!!!

  25. Love!!! :)

  26. Listen to Sawyer!!!!

  27. Can’t wait……hope you are feeling better.

  28. :D I love a sassy man who fights for what he has and nearly loses. Can not wait!

  29. I’m with Sawyer. I love them as a couple

  30. Love it!

  31. Love it. You must get up at the crack of dawn!! It’s truly a talent to be funny before noon. Ha

  32. Oh yeah, it’s 900am her

  33. Love it! I would love to live in your head for just 24 hours! I am saying 24, because I think at the end I be screaming to get out! LOL! I I do say that with all the love in my heart. Can’t wait for this book!

  34. These two are my favorites…so listen to the good man and don’t him loose her!!!!! I cannot wait to read about them again…in fact, I may just need to reread their story again today…..

  35. OMG, Sawyer and Chloe are my absolute favorites!!!!! I cannot wait!

  36. Wow!! I love it. Can’t wait for that one. I love the smokin hot sex scenes to. Lol.

  37. Can’t wait to read it. I love Sawyer and Chole

  38. Sigh…I just love Sawyer! :)

  39. Oh, this is so wonderful! I already cannot wait and I just found out! Loving this.

  40. Holiday stories are extra special…can’t wait! Keep up the good work🎉

  41. That’s the cutest letter ever!! Thank you, Jill!! :) :)

  42. Sweet! Cant wait for this one!

  43. Listen Jill, I don’t know about what you think but Sawyer can be kinda scary sometimes and although he had a pretty smokin sex scene a few chapters back I wouldn’t cross him cause you know you don’t let him get laid as much as he’d like, plus he really really loves Chloe. 😊

  44. Yay!!!!! Sawyer’s back!!!! Sorry, other boys, he IS my favorite!! And a Christmas story with him and Chloe?? Great surprise. Hope you are feeling better enough to finish so it is out on time. And yuh, he WILL hurt you (by stealing your cookie stash) if you mess with what’s his. Just sayin’.

  45. I love it when Sawyer uses his words!

  46. Holey Moley I can’t wait

  47. Cannot wait!

  48. I really loved their story. I can’t wait for the update.

  49. I am looking forward to reading more about Chloe and Sawyer. They were so special. Please, listen to Sawyer because we all want an HEA.

  50. You know what, I’d listen to the Sheriff if I were you. It doesn’t look like he’d give Chloe up without a fight, and really, who’d want to get on his bad side? ;)

    I can’t wait for this to be released, because of all your amazing heroes (and you’ve written an awful lot of amazing heroes), Sawyer is definitely my favourite! And of all your amazing couples, Sawyer and Chloe are definitely the most fun, sweet and perfect for each other :)

  51. Sawyer and Chloe were so cute, loved their story! Looking forward to catching up with them in this new story, thank you.

  52. Loved that story… If I were you I’d think 2x about loosing the cookies….

  53. Ooh, Sawyer’s about to be on the market again! He’s so mine!!

  54. I’d listen to Sawyer if I were you

  55. I love you, Sawyer! You tell Jill we insist on the HEA! (Love you, too, Jill!)

  56. Omg! Love Sawyer! Can’t wait to read!

  57. awesome

  58. Can’t wait for this book. Love to revisit some of the original people of Lucky Harbor. and I will help find the cookies.

  59. You listen to him!!!!

  60. That is sooo funny.

  61. I love it!

  62. You heard the man.

  63. I agree with Sawyer. Don’t you dare! Ps. Thanks for the picture of Sawyer in the shower the other day. You didn’t name him but that’s who I pictured

  64. Really!!!! Can’t wait!!! Love Sawyer!!! <3 Thanks for letting him visit!

  65. Ack!!! Nothing can happen to Chloe!!! I love those two!!!

  66. Oh my, I’m not sure I can take Chloe being in trouble. Sawyer was so sweet and careful with her . They are one of my favorite couples. He would loose his mind!

  67. Yes. I love him… and cannot wait to catch up with him & Chloe!!

  68. Can’t wait. Are all three sisters and family going to be in it? Please say yes!!

  69. Woo! Torturous, because I want to read it…like, NOW! Sounds soo good! #cantwait

  70. Ohh…don’t you just love it when the strong silent Alpha man gets flustered!!

  71. omg, don’t even tease!! More Chloe and Sawyer is amazing!! Love them so much!!

  72. Listen to Sawyer!

  73. Ooohh, can’t wait to read this story! Love all of the Lucky Harbor characters but Sawyer was so sweet to Chloe. And I am happy for Sawyer that you wrote him a hot, sexy scene which is also a nice gift for us! Take care of Chloe and I hope to read about more of the characters in the early books.

  74. Can’t wait to read it ! Love all the Lucky Harbor novels.

  75. So excited. I LOVE Swayer and Chole!!!

  76. Tease! And now I can’t wait. When will this book be out and what is the name?????

  77. Ooh, he must be serious! He threatened the Girl Scout cookies!

  78. Oh Jill you just made my night with this! I have been so bogged down studying for an exam I take Monday that I haven’t been able to read or look at blogs/Facebook for the last month or two. I am seriously going through withdrawals. I finally decided to hop on over to your blog before I went to sleep tonight as a lay in bed and this is the first thing I see! Sawyer is my favorite so thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I think I will have the strength to push through the weekend then reward myself with Its In His Kiss!!!

  79. Don’t let Sawyer lose Chloe that would suck!! Take her cookies!!!

  80. Always say, ‘Yes sir,’ to a sheriff and give him what he wants. Can’t wait to see how he get it.

    Ya’ll have a law abiding weekend…okay, at least try.

  81. Sawyer & Chloe are my faves!!! Can’t wait for more.

  82. LOL!

  83. I love, love, love your books and writing. So much that I recommend you to other readers & buy your books for gifts. That said… I wish your cover art was more varied (cringe). It seems it’s all the same with differnt characters. It gets confusing and I’ve actually bought the same book before…for the same person as a gift. Any chance of change?

  84. OH MY GOSH!! They have always been one of my favorites and I’m SOOOOOO FREAKING EXCITED!

  85. EEEEEP!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait!

  86. Ok I know I late in reading this. Jill you best well not do anything to take these two apart. love love Chloe and Sawyer.
    I won’t take your cookies away but Chloe and Sawyer are definitely made for each other. So please pease listen to Sheriff Sawyer. ;)

    Looking forward to this coming out. My very good friend just started reading the first Lucky Harbor book, She loves the sisters. She asked me if Chloe has a story. I said she did. I didn’t tell her who she is paired up with. Ok i will trust you to do the right thing. Because I love you and that is why…xoxo

  87. ha ha ha love this :) and love your books :)

  88. *Gasp* love Sawyer and Chloe!!! Can’t wait to unwrap that Christmas present. Miss Jill you never disappoint!!!

  89. Love it! Can’t wait to read it

  90. I would have to say It Had to Be You when Ali & Luke were together and Edward came over asking Ali if she needed help with the “pot” in had started for her. Luke asking if she deals pot to geriatric crowd? I think this is where the doors really started opening for these two and they learned more about each other’s lives. Congrats on the new book I look forward to reading it!

  91. Love

  92. Chloe discussing if a man is asthma inhaler worthy.

  93. Love how he’s got your number! Way to defend the woman you love and the precious life you’ve built for yourselves! So Alpha of you! ;)

  94. They are my favourite couple! I just listened to their audiobook too, and it was great, super narration.

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