June 5, 2014

All in a summer’s job

Update: Winners, randomly drawn, are: Kris A. and Barbara C. Email me with your choice of print or ebook, and your addy!

Original post:
So Middle and Youngest are working as lifeguards this summer. Be afraid, people. They have whistles and they know how to use them.

photo 1

So make sure you walk and not run …


Which reminds me to ask … what was/is your favorite summer job you ever had? I’ll be drawing two names, winners will get THEN CAME YOU on the day of release. :razz:

p.s. for those of you with ereaders, there’s a special right now with three of my firefighters in one volume for $4!

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  1. Babysitting they were like my own family

  2. Well, lifeguarding was my LEAST favorite job – I couldn’t stay awake!

    Probably my favorite summer job was being a kid – riding bikes, swimming, hanging out with friends… that was the BEST!

  3. Working at a special needs camp.

  4. Babysitting, but riding my bike all day long in the mountains of PA was the best. I loved, loved my childhood.

    BTW…have we heard about those tats?

  5. Babysitting was my favorite summer job. Thank you for letting me know about your firemen being available I now own them. :-)

  6. Being a “stay-at-home” mom and taking the kids to the pool in the afternoons.

  7. I worked in a private kindergarten for kids ages 1-3 year old. I really loved working with small kids, they are so cute I also used to babysit a lot.

    Good luck to Middle and Youngest at their job :)

  8. I worked in a movie theater one summer!!

  9. I was a camp counselor and loved it!

  10. Babysitting, but we mostly spent summers horseback riding and swimming in the creek.

  11. Lifeguard–all through college

  12. Nanny. The kids were awesome, parents nice. Great summer.

  13. Volunteering at the Humane Society & No Kill Animal Shelters!!!!!!

  14. Have to say babysitting, we weren’t allowed to have a job outside of home chores.

  15. Best Summer job, facilitating and teaching 5-10 year old.

  16. Lifeguard and swim instructor – for the 8 summers of high school and college – so much sun and fun…the hardest thing to do after college was get a “real” job inside a building – it was a killer!!

  17. Camp Counselor – made lifelong friends that summer.

  18. My favourite summer job? I don’t think I’ve got one like that.
    I’ve good memories about peole from them and after they ended, the celebration….
    I mean… few summers when I was a kid and stayed with my father, I joined a “malev” a student working organisation for summer.
    I mean we picked strawberries… not good thing, sun shining and it’s all hot… but you could eat as many you want and you’d have friends all around.

  19. It wasn’t working at the laundry feeding ten ironing machine. I did like working as a waitress at Wimpy’s in Thornton Ca. I worked the dinner shift so it could fish all day.

  20. I have not had a favorite summer job. I worked in Human Resources for my first job. Lots and lots of filing. I’ve also worked as telemarketer, which was the worst job ever. I wanted to cry everyday that I went to work. I worked at my hometown church one summer. It wasn’t bad but some days were super long and boring.

  21. I was pretty spoiled growing up and never had to get a summer job. Floating around in are swimming pool and mowing the lawn was what I did. I got pretty good and falling asleep on that raft :)

  22. Other than my ‘mom job’? Probably working at a Six Flags theme park.

  23. Cashier at local grocery store

    nhsarab at yahoo dot com

  24. I don’t know if I have a favorite, but detasseling corn was an interesting, enlightening experience. It was my first job, and a lot of hard work in the heat & humidity. But that thrill of getting my own paycheck for the first time was wonderful!

  25. My favorite summer job was working in my fathers store. I was able to sell and work the cash register at 13.

  26. Assistant secretary for a college job search center.

  27. Ick! Jackie W. I did detasseling corn one summer and it was the WORST job EVER! Best summer job was scooping ice cream at Cedar Point Amusement Park…except for that Popeye arm thing by the end of the summer. However, the lifeguards were HOT! Hope youngest and middle have lots of fun. :)

  28. I have to say babysitting.

  29. Best summer job was being in charge of the summer help for my town. Met so many nice kids.

  30. I was helping my mum at work with piles of paper to sort :)

  31. Being a church camp councilor! AAH #BestSummerEver

  32. I babysat until I was sixteen and then got a job working at Ben Franklin in town. Not my most fun job but I did make more money than babysitting.

  33. A carhop at Sonic Drive In

  34. I was a seamstress with the local Shakespeare festival when I was in college. The first summer was a blast, but the second (and last!) was not!

  35. I was spoiled..our parents both worked hard in their teens and wanted us to enjoy our teen years. We did and all became hard workers when we grew up. I guess it was the right choice..my kids both worked..but only because they wanted to.

  36. Working at a beach snack bar iwnwd by family friends.

  37. I worked as a day camp counselor for 5 year-olds. We had the best activities & I’ve never hung out with kids that were so much fun!

  38. Teaching little kids how to swim. I loved their pure joy at jumping into the water!
    Cannot wait for your next book!!!!!!

  39. I worked in a little cafe in 2012. Even two years later, my parents are still proud of me for working there even with me being on the autism spectrum. It was very hard because I can’t cook and I can’t multi-task.

  40. Lifeguard and it was my least favorite job. Ugh! Do not like hot weather at all!

  41. I worked as a bank teller one summer. It was fun being around so much money!

  42. Lifeguard!! Back in the days before sunscreen!!!

  43. It was babysitting! They were the sweetest little girls, and now they are grown up and gave kids of their own! And I am still close to them!

  44. The best summer job I had was working the day program for our school district. We went on field trips, to the pool, did cooking, crafts, had talent shows, and carnivals. That was an awesome job.

  45. Babysitting! I babysat for the same family throughout high school and one summer, the mom went to Europe for a vacation with her own mother, so I was in charge of the two boys all day, every day (while the husband was at work). It was my first glimpse into how hard motherhood could be!

  46. My favorite summer job would have to be when I worked the concession stand at the base(military) pool right after high school graduation and before I enlisted into the USAF. Pay me to take money and watch guys swim…sign me up!

  47. Growing up I never had a summer job but I did live at the city pool. I got your Firefighter special yesterday, so awesome. They will have so much fun. Have a great day.

  48. I took it upon myself to get mowing jobs around the neighborhood! But most summers I was to busy with youth group to a full time dedicated job!

  49. Babysitting. Then came a job in a small grocery store with heavy lifting and lots of running and 12 hour days. Ugh.

  50. My favorite summer job was working at a library, mostly shelving books…and reading. :)

  51. I worked for a very wealthy couple as other pool girl. Easiest and funniest job I ever had :-)

  52. The only job I ever had before I graduated high school was babysitting.

  53. I worked for a lawyer the summer between my Junior & Senior year of High School. I liked dressing up and going to an A/C office while all my friends complained about their outside summer jobs!!

  54. Summer before my senior year in high school I got a job working in an ice cream parlor! One of the drawbacks was that I had to taste each of the 30 flavors available so I could assist the customers. I “forced” myself. Not a big fan of dill pickle or licorice flavors, lol. It was a fun summer job!

  55. Cleaning the cabin of some friends of my parents. On their own island. Bonus free boat ride to and from the island.

  56. I worked in a canning plant when I was 13. I was in charge of stamping lids, keeping track of how much produce had been canned and the money. I thought I was such a bigshot. LOL

  57. I got paid to go around the city of Austin and take pictures for my church. Best. Summer. Ever!

  58. I loved waitressing at a resort for the summer. I made great money and had a great time partying with all the other summer help. =D

  59. Babysitting

  60. Babysitting was the best.

  61. Working at the ice cream shop! Yummy fun.

  62. I worked at a cider mill for a while, ate a lot of donuts. Then I worked at a pizza place, ate a lot of pizza then went to work at a video store. Fun times!!

  63. Growing up I babysat over the summer. During the winter I worked a real job at the local ski resort.

  64. I never had a summer job … my parents said that school was my job and working could wait until I was done! I was very lucky, and now I work for a school and still get the summers off!

  65. i would have to say that the two summers i worked in the concession stand at the drive-in movie theater were THE best summer jobs ever!!! we had such a good time!!! plus…my days were free so i spent a lot of time at the pool and babysitting kids…at the pool!!!

  66. During my summers I am lucky because I get to work on my family’s dairy farm. I rake hay, complete chores, and take care of the calves. It is really hard work, but I love spending time with my family and working with all of the animals. I am a teacher during the school year so I still can work on the farm during the summer.

  67. I dressed up as a mascot (Slush Puppy) to represent our local ice cream parlor in a parade. It was so hot inside the costume! I almost collapsed from heat exhaustion. Beneath the giant floppy-eared dog head, my dry lips kept snagging on my braces. My glasses kept slipping down my nose. But it was all worth it because I could run up to cute guys along the parade route and hug them. :D

  68. For three summers I worked at Bearskin Meadow Camp, a residential camp run by the Diabetic Youth Foundation, located in Sequoia National Park. They teach youth (and their families) how to live with diabetes. The kids go on day and overnight trips throughout the park. It’s an experience that’ll last a lifetime! =0]

  69. I tutored special needs kids for 3 summers. It was awesome because we worked on things they liked and had a blast doing it :) no rules, just fun ways to learn!

  70. I worked in a grocery store in my very small town for a couple of summers.

  71. I worked for the county parks dept between my sophomore and junior years in high school and I love it.

  72. camp councilor , I loved working with young children ( i.e. that is until I became a mother. lol )

  73. Babysitting! All I did was go to the pool and have fun!

  74. I was a Camp Counselor for two summers. Teaching horseback riding, arts & crafts, riflery camp wide. The girls in my cabin were 7 and 8 years old – a great age! Lots of fun. And luckily there was a boys camp across the lake, so evenings off were fun, too.

  75. My Mom just wanted me to be a kid so I never had a summer job although I did babysit. Just not always in the summer

  76. I drove an ice cream truck . . . it was a hot pink jeep with a fringed canopy and a bell to ring . . . fudge bars were a nickel. It was a great summer job!

  77. I always babysat for the same family every summer during my high school days. Loved it!

  78. Pet sitting!! I love animals, and all last summer I had a different animal every weekend! I’d love to do this again this summer – but animal control decided I was doing it illegally – I had no idea I’d need a license to take care of one dog at a time in my home!

  79. I worked for my dad who was a general contractor. I primarily installed insulation and did general clean-up on the work sites.

  80. Working as a teacher’s aid for the Headstart Program. I learned what sponges little minds can be.

  81. Favourite job — camp counsellor. :)

  82. Babysitting the kids that lived up the street when I was 15. They were a handful and taught me many life lessons, but I loved every minute of it!

  83. I worked at a rec camp for 4 years and that is where I met the two greatest kids. I became their babysitter for 5 years and we had the best time. They are in college and high school now and I am so proud. Hope you girls have a blast this summer (:

  84. I worked at a summer school and camp for four summers running and loved it. We would focus on school in the morning, and then creativity or hiking or something awesome in the afternoon. This led to me hiking a steep trail (hard hike straight up a mountain…or at least that’s what it felt like) in the rain, with 30 kids under 6th grade. That was an interesting day. Such a rewarding job.

  85. Those girls are the cutest and coolest!

  86. This is a toss up.

    One fun job (only 2 weeks as a volunteer,) was working the concession stand (think pusher of chocolate and candies) at a summer camp. Good times indeed.

    My favorite paid job was working in Yellowstone National Park one entire summer. I was hired as an assistant accountant (go figure!). In the morning, I counted and filled cash register tills at a store within the park. At the end of the day, I tallied up the sales and turned this over to the “REAL” accountant. Fun, fun times. I ended up with 11 cents to my name at the end of my contract. No $$ earned for college but a great education in other ways.

  87. Writing. :-)

  88. Being a counselor at a local High School’s Band Camp
    Tons of music and fun!

  89. I worked in an ice cream shoppe one summer. LOVED it. We had to try every flavor..sigh :)

  90. Nothing glamorous for sure, but I did enjoy working at the bank during the summer. AC and definitely better than picking strawberries in hot sun.

  91. Carhop at A&W. That was a little while ago…

  92. I worked at a florist. Such fun ! Summer weddings :-)

  93. I worked at the movie theater…free movies and popcorn all summer for me, a friend and my entire family. Lots of fun times!

  94. Fabi

  95. Favorite summer job was a pizza cook in my home town!!! Such fun such good memories, even hotter guys lol

  96. I taught the art and literature connection to children. First read a book to them and then we did an art project to enhance the experience. It was the most fun I had in my many years of being an artist!

  97. Working at a Family Camp, sure I was in the kitchen but there were other opportunities for me to do things with the campers.

  98. A concession stand at one of the lakes in town. So much fun hanging out with my friends and earn money at the same time. Also, free popsicles! :-)

  99. Working at a pet store with my sister. Fun times.

  100. I worked at a tasty freeze. What’s better than ice cream on a hot summer day, yummy!

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