June 4, 2014

Best of

So Frat Boy has this thing for bear poo. I don’t know why but he INSISTS on rolling in it. I thought we’d broken him of the habit until yesterday. Youngest and I were on a hike with him and he came running out of the woods covered in brown gunk. STINKY brown gunk that turned out to be bear poo.

Mail Attachment-2

Seriously, NOTHING smells worse than bear poo. Nothing.

Mail Attachment-1

Except Frat Boy after he rolls in it.

Mail Attachment

So we did what any girl would do. We ran home and pretended we didn’t notice so that Alpha Man had to bathe him…

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  1. I thought dogs’ sense of smell is hundreds of times more acute than ours…what’s wrong with Frat Boy? He needs to get tested. LOL. Poor Alpha Man.

  2. Bear poo must beat skunk smell. How in the world do you get rid of bear poo? Smart girls you are!

  3. Smart girls! Isn’t that part of the Alpha Man job description? Dealing with stinky things? And scary things? And fixing things?

  4. Smart!! Lol that’s exactly what I would do!! Lol

  5. Poor Frat Boy… I’m sure he thinks he’s lovely!!

  6. Oh look how happy and proud he is!! I wonder why dogs love to roll in stinky stuff? They’re goal is to cover their back in Eau de Pew! And yes their sense of smell is much stronger than ours, but I’ve never seen a dog avoid what we consider to be a bad smell.

  7. You crack me up!!

  8. It seems like the right thing to do. lol Hope your back is doing some better. Take care.

  9. Do you really think you are fooling Alpha Man?

  10. I hope that Alpha Man was rewarded very well for having to bathe Frat Boy. Positive reinforcement is a good thing. :)

  11. Great way to begin my day – – a BIG smile! :-)

  12. Thank you for the first laugh of the day! :D

  13. That’s too funny! Thanks for the laugh this morning!

  14. I wonder how many times you can get away with that

  15. Lmao

  16. Nice to see two quick-thinking, level-headed ladies handle a crisis with a well thought out solution! Alphas are handy to us ladies in so many ways!

  17. Not even skunk? You are SO bad leaving Alpha Man to wash Frat Boy. I’m hoping that since Frat Boy is a lab he likes his bath. Otherwise, I am picturing Alpha Man completely wet and covered with dog shampoo.

  18. I believe rolling in obnoxious substances is the way to cover their (dog’s)smell so they avoid being eaten or so they can catch prey. Of course, our domesticated dogs don’t need to do this but the instinct is still there, unfortunately.

  19. That’s what I would do

  20. Your secret is safe with me. I hope Alpha man doesn’t read your blog today.

  21. You are too much! Thanks for always starting my day with a laugh!

  22. Dogs like to roll in foul smelling stuff. So they can sneak up on other animals. Hunters have told me this but I think maybe it’s because the was to stink to when hunting. So the wildlife won’t smell them coming. Lol poor Frat Boy he is just a big puppy at heart. Lol

  23. bwahaha brilliant!

  24. Our dog used to let, yes let, the skunks spray her. AND the kids would let her in the house right after! Stinky house!

  25. I had just groomed our afghan hound when she chose to roll in my mother in law’s neighboring field, which had just been tilled and fertilized with horse manure. What a mess!

  26. LOL.. That is exactly what I would have done too.

    Way to go girl!

  27. You two are hilarious! I would do the same things. What smell? Frat Boy go give your daddy a kiss

  28. Haven’t you posted the same thing before? Along with the same pictures?

    • Yep, that’s why I titled it Best Of … as in it’s a rerun. :) I do this whenever I’m sick or out of town and can’t write a new blog.

  29. Lol sounds like something I would do!!

  30. I lovwe it, laughed althrough today post. You know I love Frat Boy. The pictures were great. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  31. And did that work out for you???

  32. LOL this is too funny! I cracked up!

  33. I have a Pomeranian and they are notorious for pooping on themselves, the hair they grow just gets so long and before you know it, their whole hair backside is full (great reason to keep them groomed) anyway, my husband called me at work last Friday and told me that Cece needed a bath because she’d pooped on herself, I said so are you giving her the bath, and he said no, he was going to be late for work…hmmm she smelled like poop at 10 pm the night before and this was at 5 pm on Friday….I always have to clean up the poopy dog!

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