June 3, 2014

Anatomy of a hike

First, climb down the 300 foot cliff, as Dumbass and Frat Boy demonstrate here:

photo 2

Then … swim in river to cool off.

photo 1-1

Next get pic of my bff neighbor Cute Stuff.

photo 4

Then climb back up cliff and eat a box of cookies. :smile:

p.s. RUMOR HAS IT is up for best contemporary romance audio book, go vote if you’re so inclined here!

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  1. Beautiful area love the dogs

  2. Hi Jill,

    Love all your dog pics and your excerpts on FB. It makes you real and lovable. :) Like the family pics too. Neighbor isn’t too bead either.

  3. I love seeing all your blog pictures.

    I voted yesterdya and you were in the lead :)

  4. Does Cute Stuff know about your blog? hehe
    voted! you’re in big lead! oh thats no surprise… :)
    Good day!

  5. Now I know why you take all of those walks! With neighbors like that, I’d walk every day too! Oh, wait, I DO walk every day – but my neighbors don’t look ANYTHING like yours, lucky you!!

  6. I love your blog pictures and Cute Stuff neighbor is really cute!

  7. love frat boy! can’t wait to read then came you.

  8. love your pictures.

  9. Blimey, I’m shattered just listening. However love the pic 😉 and would LOVE the cookies 😀

  10. I voted!

  11. You are so lucky to have such a great view…of the woods are okay too! :) I love your stores and pics. Keep them coming!

    • lol and if I could type correctly, my comment would have read: You are so lucky to have such a great view…the woods are okay too! :) I love your stories and pics. Keep them coming….sheesh, it’s a good thing I’m not a writer or editor for that matter!

  12. Voted – good luck!

  13. Your bff neighbor is cute!

  14. Done! And you are in the farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lead!

    I can’t believe that you actually took a pic with a willing subject! Aren’t you usually scrambling for your phone? He is very cute….

    And the dawgs had fun, too! Glad you are feeling better — enough to scale a cliff!! Take care, Jill!

  15. Love your sense of humor; it brightens my day! Who knew you were a great photographer as well. You have great taste in subject matter, both written & photo. Looking forward to more animal magnetism!

  16. None of my neighbors look like that!!! Would love to walk where you live. Bet the river water is cold!!!

  17. Beautiful scenery, especially Cute Stuff! Yeah Donna, none of my neighbors look like that. I need to move out of Florida.
    I voted for Rumor Has It! Best Series Ever.

  18. I was so inclined. :-)
    Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  19. I voted…you are head and shoulders above the rest.
    I want a ‘Cute Stuff’ neighbor too. Can I borrow yours?

  20. I voted! Loved the book!!

  21. I voted yesterday – good luck!

  22. This my first time on your blog. I don’t walk so I can’t relate to that, but with neighbors like that I might think about it.

  23. Wow what a hike and don’t the dogs just love it. They are always so tired when you eventually head home but you’ve made they’re day. They have no fear also as they look like they just climb and jump such a pretty place.Your neighbor looks like he is enjoying it also he looks like a climber and outside type which is great as too many sit on the couch and play games so seeing ones outside doing hiking and biking etc. is so good for everyone.

  24. If you happen to get 2 of these comments, it was because of an “internal error”. You come up with the most amazing, unusual nicknames. Love them. Does Alpha Man know that Cute Stuff is your bff? Where is Dumbass in the river photo? I can’t find him/her. (Can’t remember the sex if you did post it.) Every time I read about Dumbass I wonder what happened that would earn such a name. My daughter has 2 cats. The male is supposed to be on a diet. 2 days ago the male licked the rusty outside of a paint can lid. Anyway, hope your MRI session went well.

  25. Voted!!

  26. Voted. You are killing the competition.

  27. That sounds and looks like the most perfect day.

    I just voted for you. Good luck.

  28. You lead an interesting life. I like your cute neighbor. I will vote for you!!!

  29. I voted yesterday!

  30. Your blogs and Facebook page make me smile :) my husband was laughing over the bear poo, he said “yup,she is definitely a writer, when she can make bear poo funny.”

  31. You have my vote! I love your work! The series are always the best because you invest in all of the friends as well. Keep writing – I will definitely keep reading! 🍪🍪🍪🍪

  32. Love the pictures!

  33. WOW nice neighbor

  34. Loved the pics! I voted and you’re ahead by a landslide. Naturally. ;)

  35. OMG JILL,


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