June 2, 2014

Then Came You pics

Update: winners, randomly drawn, are: Beth Canfield, Karen Smith, Patty L., Rita, and Cindy Davis. Email me from the contact button with some book choices and your addy!

Original post:
So THEN CAME YOU is coming out soon. I’ve been posting pics on my Pinterest board and having a good time with that. Here’s sexy Dr. Wyatt Stone with one of his patients.


And here’s one that might be a bit too naughty for work, sorry… (Actually I’m not that sorry) Wyatt seducing Emily. Or is it Emily seducing Wyatt? You’ll have to read it to find out. :twisted:


Do you like to see pics, or would you rather use your imagination? Comment today, I’m drawing five random names, you’ll get to pick your choice from my backlist. Oh and perhaps before you go, you’d want to preorder the book?


Happy Monday!!!

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  1. I love pics! Keep them coming!

  2. Love pics :)

  3. i like the pics!! more please :)

  4. I don’t mind pics. I think the author has some pretty good insight as to what their characters are to look like.

  5. I like seeing pictures. Even if it’s now how I imagine the characters, it’s nice to get a visual reference.

  6. If I see the pics before reading the book, it helps me to envision what the author had in mind, but posting pics after the book is out frustrates me. The picture never comes close to the one in my head, and I’m always quite certain that the author is wrong.

  7. Love the pictures thanks keep posting

  8. I never seem to put the cover picture together with the picture in my mind of the hero, but I still can drool!

  9. I love the pics! It’s fun to see how the author envisions their characters. Oddly, I still form my own idea of what the characters look like, whether I see the author’s vision or not! Go, imagination!

  10. I love the pics, they add to my imagination. BTW I preordered back on April. I can’t wait until July.

  11. I love your pictures, I like to have a face to go with the story.

  12. More pictures, please…lotsa pictures.
    Hope your back is feeling writer-friendly this a.m.

  13. Love seeing your pictures. I can’t tell enough ppl about ur pinte

  14. I love pics. Just like covers, they are what I look at first of a book :) Keep posting.

  15. I love the pictures! Man Wars on Facebook is a most enjoyable pastime! Right now I’m in Facebook Jail and cannot post on comments. I know you understand about FB jail!

  16. I love the pics! Keep ’em coming ;) can’t wait for the release date!! So excited lol

  17. Pictures are the best. Already pre ordered you book.

  18. love the pics. love to win a book. just love your books!

  19. Love the pics! They are fun! Can not wait for Then Came You! Animal Magnetism are a few of the 1st books I read of yours! Yay!

  20. I don’t look at Pinterest but it is always interesting to see another country.

  21. I am very visual, so, of course I love the pictures!

  22. I love the pics ;) it helps to fire up my imagination. Keep ’em coming!!

  23. I like the pictures but I also like to use my imagination when I am reading a book. My mind pictures the characters the way I interpret them

  24. The pics are ok, but I like to imagine what the characters look like.

  25. I don’t mind pics. Helps to picture how the authors see their characters.

  26. I definitely like the pictures :)

  27. I love pictures, I can’t read this one I am hooked. Looks pretty steamy.

  28. Yes, it is nice to see if your image of the character matches mine!

  29. I Dont login on pinterest but i love the pics !! Looking forward to the book!!
    P.s did i read last lucky harbor trilogy in ur mail?? :O

  30. I love the pics! I agree with the 2 people above who said 1) an author has a pretty good idea of what their characters look like and 2) pictures before the book comes out are a good thing (amazingly hot in this case….) but afterwards they can be frustrating if they don’t match the pictures on your head. I am SO looking forward to this book…I work for a vet but the doctor sure doesn’t look like this ;)

  31. I like looking at the pictures, but I still use my imagination when reading the book. Thanks for the chance!

  32. I love the pictures!!!!

  33. Pictures are good!!

  34. I like to do my own visual thinking…but they are fun to look at…

  35. I like the pics too. Gives a fairly clear picture of what the characters look like.

  36. I love the pics!

  37. I’m a very visual person and once I see photos of a character it is more difficult to imagine my own vision of them. One of the things I love about books is that I can conjure up my own images of the characters. While the author writes the plot and personality and usually a description of physical attributes I feel more connected to the characters when I create my own idea of how they look (and how they sound).

  38. I like the pics but if they are not on the cover I can’t imagine them as the characters. I conjure up my own :D

  39. Keep sharing the photos! Happy Monday!

  40. LOVE LOVE LOVE all your books….can’t wait for the rest of the Lucky Harbor series to come out!!!!!!!

  41. definitely love the pics!

  42. Like seeing pictures! You’ve definitely got good taste!! ;o)

  43. Can’t wait

  44. I love the pictures BEFORE I read the book, but generally don’t like them afterwards. It is disappointing when the picture I see does not match the one in my head.

  45. Love seeing all the pics! An authors imagination knows best! Just discovered your books and love them, about to start reading your Lucky Harbor series! Its awesome to have something to read on my Kindle while i breastfeed my son <3

  46. I love Pictures!

  47. I love the pics but I will probably still use my imagination ;)

  48. Love your books.

  49. Oh I love pictures…the more the better :) So excited to see more Lucky Harbor on its way!

  50. I don’t mind the pics, but my mind makes up characters as I read. :)

  51. While you certainly have awesome taste in the men you write about, I actually prefer to imagine my own when reading. But no doubt your guys are hot!

  52. I’m fine either way. An author has his/her own ideas of how the characters look, and my imagination forms my own. It’s fun to see what the author thinks someone looks like. I usually don’t find it messing with my own imagination. Love your books! Already pre-ordered this one and can’t wait for it to come out! Just went back and re-read all the other Animal Magnetism books to get ready.

  53. Love the pics of the strong, non tattooed dr. Not too racy for a Monday morning!

  54. I like looking at the pics!! Love your books and can’t wait for this one!!

  55. I do like pics. Love all the teases you post. Thanks for all you do.

  56. Can’t wait for “Then Came You’. Love the pics!

  57. Pics are fun.

  58. I am reading my first Lucky Harbour book Simply Irresistible, looking forward to the others. I like the pictures, it’s interesting to see your inspirations.

  59. Happy Monday! I like when you post pics!

  60. My imagination works great, but pictures are always welcome.
    I love the pictures your books create in my mind.

  61. I like the pics and I like to use my imagination! ;0)

  62. I love the pics :-)

  63. I love the pics. Even if they’re not how I picture the characters, its fun to see little previews of the scenes you’re creating.

  64. Imagination!

  65. I love pics its always great to see what exactly you are thinking. I rarely have a different vision than what pics you post while I’m reading the book :)

  66. I use the pictures only when I’m deciding what I want to read! However, I like to use my imagination when I’m reading.

  67. Love the pictures!

  68. I’m probably the only one on the other side of the coin. I prefer to use my imagination. Then again since so many choose them I can skip over them and you can please both of us.

  69. I don’t mind pictures but I always let my imagination reign in the end!

  70. I like it both ways… Sometimes i like it more when i picture it in my head, but most of the time i like seeing pictures of hot guys LOL I guess that makes me kind of a perv :P…

  71. I love the pictures. I like to have a visual in my head when I am reading. I can’t wait for the next book!

  72. I sure didn’t mind seeing these pictures….he’s a hottie!

  73. I love pics. It helps to visualize what you, as the author, envisioned when you were writing the book. I get to use my imagination while I’m reading the book, but having the visual of who I *should* be envisioning, is helpful. :)

  74. I love the pictures!!!

  75. WOW!! Super hot guy!

  76. Love the pics!

  77. Just read your conversations. You are so funny!

  78. I love the pics! I like to know how you envision the characters.

  79. I love your writing. I stumbled upon you about 6 months ago and have been getting my hands on every book of yours that I can. :)

  80. I love the pics!!

  81. I love Lucy and have had more adventures as Viv than you can imagine… One time (my Lucy) and I managed to carry a washer and dryer up from a basement. Mind you I’m 5 feet nothing and not a weight lifter.

  82. Wow! I almost had to bring out the fan after reading that descriptive blurb on “then you came.” Way to go!

  83. I love seeing pics! :)

  84. Looks to be a fun read.

  85. Can’t wait to read it. Hope I win it in time for vacation!!!

  86. The pics just wet my appetite for more of your books.

  87. Definitely prefer pics, so please share more with us. :)


  89. Already preordered!! Can’t wait!

  90. I love seeing pics!

  91. Woohoo! Another Jill book! Oh, and yummy pics!

  92. Pictures, then I can use my imagination from there.

  93. Keep those pics coming…. love them. Lets me know how you visualized as you wrote.

  94. Definitely love the pictures…will never ever object to pictures of a hot man!!

  95. I like to use my imagination but like seeing the pics after I have finished the book.

  96. Depends on the pic..like the one the other day that you posted with the horse and Wyatt? My favorite pic. Ever. Hands down.

  97. pics are ok, but I prefer to use imagination! Can’t wait til July for the new book, Love the series!

  98. Sexy pics!!! Best wishes with the book!!

  99. Can’t wait to get my hands on this! :) So excited for what you have coming for us Jill!

  100. I love the pics. Helps the imagination to see a face with the character. Can’t wait the Animal Magnetism is my daughter’s and my favorite series from you, Jill. Lucky Harbor is a close second!!! Keep em coming and best wishes for your back.
    Mom and daughter team Shalvis fans.

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