May 29, 2014

More I Love Lucy

Today I have to go have another MRI for my back. This one is to determine exactly how much fusion will be going on in my back surgery. The problem is the last time I had an MRI, I discovered something I didn’t know about myself. I’m claustrophobic. The MRI machine was in a really tight little tube and though I started off okay, the bliss didn’t last. The tech guy piped in some music for me but that is about the best thing that can be said for what happened. About two seconds in I got a cramp in my calf and my knee bumped the top of the tiny tube and it was game over. I had an anxiety attack. Of course Mr. Grumpy MRI tech guy wasn’t happy and I still had a half hour to go … blah blah.

Today I am determined to not make an idiot out of myself. Wish me luck.

How about you? What is your fear? (and if you have tips for me for today, I’m all ears…)

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  1. Dentists, I have a full on panic attack going into an office. It is so bad my husband has to take my kids, they have beautiful teeth, I make sure they brush at least twice a day if not more often! As for getting over the fear, drugs work for me!!! Any type of muscle relaxant gets me in the door and then I get laughing gas! Works!!!

  2. I recently had an MRI for an elbow injury that 5 months later is still bothering me somewhat, but not nearly as bad as it was at the time. I closed my eyes before they pushed me in, kept them closed the entire time, and sang ridiculous children’s songs in my head. (I’m a preschool teacher, so kid songs tend to be he first thing to pop into my head.) When that moment of panic started creeping up on me I just reminded myself to breathe and calm the heck down because I didn’t want to have to go through it a second time.

  3. A book on tape. Stop at a really good part so you can listen to it while you are in the mri machine.

  4. They should give you a tranquilizer to take. I have the same problem and with the nice little lala land pill it makes it easier…Good luck and think of England as the saying

  5. I hate the dentist too!! But it does help to have head phones on and listen to music or audio books, close my eyes and think of a happier place. Like the beach with a hot waiter serving me drinks lol

  6. My 8 year old has to have many MRI’s due to a brain condition called Chiari Malformation. We always make sure he is in super comfy clothes, we give him a dose of Motrin before we leave, and make sure that before the roll him in he is completely comfortable. You can ask for a pillow under your legs if you think it will help. He keeps his eyes closed the whole time which seems to help. Of course lots of pediatric units they have goggles you can watch movies, but none of that for us adults!!

    There are also “open” MRI machines that give you more space and help with the closed in feeling. Thinking of you and hoping today goes well!!!

  7. I have to go for breast MRIs twice a year. I bring my own iPod playlist, and the technician hooks it up for me. Besides that, it’s a lot of praying and focusing on the music, and not on the tight space, cramps etc. It’s not comfortable – there’s no denying that. If it gets bad, I tell myself stories, work on mental list, recite verses.

    Hope it goes well!

  8. Three years ago I had to be in and out of one for 1 3/4 hrs. with a breast biopsy. Dr. gave me some thing to calm me, but the other time I was in there for a normal time, I did a mental grocery list and a list of things I wanted to clean, reorganize, need to get done. (they didn`t get totally done, but it kept my mind going) Best of luck with you today, you are in my prayers

  9. I’ve had many MRIs and I still don’t like it. I focus on the music and close my eyes. My last MRI on my knee they had changed the tile over the lights in the ceiling so it was like you were looking up at the sky.

  10. use the bathroom before you go in

  11. Well I had one once and I go full blast all the time so when I get a chance to lay down I practically fall asleep or do fall asleep. Maybe you could close your eyes and play a Man Wars movie in your head?

  12. They should be able to give you something to help with the anxiety if they know about it beforehand. With that being said, I concur with some of the comments above…have a playlist or book on tape, wear comfy clothes, close your eyes the entire time, and make sure they give you plenty of pillows.

    Good luck! My hubby had three fusion surgeries…..hope it goes well for you.

  13. I am the same way so concentrate on your breathing. Close your eyes & relax. Good luck Jill, I am so sorry to hear you are having to go through this & keeping you in my prayers.

  14. Just had a MRI of my neck arteries. Smallest tube ever. Had an IV of contrast dye in my arm and they Folded my arms in an slid me in the smallest tube I have ever seen. I was a little panicky. I have panic attacks too. Stressed about the test, the dye ( I have many allergies), what would they find etc. I started my deep breathing ( yoga style ) and concentrating on relaxing by going over in my mind the books I have just read. Helped some. I tried to think of anything else but being in a Tube. Helped some. Just made my mind up to not let that tube or my fears beat me. Helped some. Eventually it was over. I made it! No clogged arteries yet. I will try to keep it that way.
    You can do this, we who are your fans know you can. Praying for you and wishing you and your family the best!

  15. I would suggest closing your eyes and trying to sleep. I know hard to do with all that damn noise. I had one done back in December and I treated it like a 45 min nap. I just kept my eyes closed and drifted off into another place.

    As for fears, I am TERRIFIED of frogs! I can’t stand them. I break out into a sweat and freeze if I see even just a little baby frog.

    I hope all goes well with your fusion surgery. I would imagine that is the last option. I suffer from spondylolisthesis and I know what pain feels like. I wish you well.

  16. I had the same problem when I had an MRI for my back. But my problem was as I went in my nose touched the top, I opened my eyes only to see how closed in that little tube really was. My eyes stayed shut the rest of my time in that tube while I tried incredibly hard not to totally lose it. I have never been so happy to get out of a place in my life. My Ms. Grumpy MRI tech just kept saying you are fine. Not helpful. Good Luck today.

  17. Can you find a place that does open MRIs? If not, get a sedative to take beforehand. I understand that helps.

  18. My daughter had an MRI last year and they gave her goggle type things and she watched a movie during hers. Granted it was a children’s hospital but we’re all big kids! She was sixteen and they said they did it for adults, too!

  19. I just keep my eyes closed the entire time and ask to pick the music ( no country for me!). My sis had problems with tight spaces so she asked for something prior and they gave her ativan, which she took at home and was nice and relaxed by the time they started. She said she slept the entire time! Good luck, thinking and praying for you :)

  20. Thinking of you and hoping all goes well.

  21. I don’t mind MRI’s. It’s the only time I get covered in a warm blanket listening to music I want without hearing MOM! I tell the tech beforehand that he doesn’t need to update me. My biggest fear is the tech hears me snoring or if come out with drool.

  22. I am very claustrophobic too. They have to give me a tranquilizer to almost knock me out, then they can do whatever they want and I don’t give a damn.
    I wish you all the luck. By the way the surgery was a bitch but it was worth it, my back pain is GONE!

  23. Here are some things you can try:
    1. Put a wash cloth over your eyes. It helps.
    2. Have your doctor prescribe you a sedative – course you can’t drive yourself home afterward but still – you are in floaty land for the time in the tube.
    3. The MRI machines that have the sides open are a little less stressful. Instead of being in a tube you are the baloney in a steel sandwich. Great Basin Imaging in Reno has this type of machine.

    Good Luck!

  24. I’m not too thrilled with the MRI myself and this won’t help you this time, for if you have to do it again, there are OPEN MRIs. Maybe you can find one.

    Good luck.

  25. Take a Xanex….a huge one….. Good Luck!!!

    Have you considered Laser Spinal Surgery???? My brother avoided fusion – and his back was in bad shape….

  26. Make sure you are really tired and maybe you can fall asleep. The last one I had was for my brain and they had to stop and put more things around my neck so my head would stop tilting over when I fell asleep. This happened twice and the tech was really getting upset with me. Success finally on 2nd. trip through tube. If not tired just have a margarita.

  27. Thus happened to my BFF. I actually went in with her the next time and stood right outside the tube. I kept my hand on her leg for the whole test.

  28. I too, am claustrophobic but luckily the only MRI I’ve had was on my knees so the thing only came up to my chin but that was bad enough. Hang in there Jill!

  29. They have open MRI scanners for people who are claustrophobic. You should ask to be scanned on one of those. The sides are open and you should be able to see peripherally if you can’t move your head. I get MRI’s every couple of years to track my MS progression or lack thereof. It’s funny, I’m used to being in that tight little space but the more I have to do it the harder it’s getting to stay relaxed.

  30. I understand…they have to drug me to do an MRI….I will be praying for you…and having flashbacks all day…

  31. Put a cloth over your face – helps somehow. Maybe take your own music (phone, iPod) or book in tape. Anxiety happens for me as we’ll for those machines :-(. Do you have any anti anxiety meds??? If so, take one. Goid luck and I’ll be thinking if you and hope all goes we and less anxiety for you!

  32. Gee thanks!!! After reading this my chest felt tight and felt like I could not breathe! And here I thought my greatest fear was the dentist…..

  33. Jill…request and OPEN MRI. Still a tube but much larger and very little anxiety. I’ve had to have because of cancer and my back, so unless I can go in an OPEN, I won’t go in. Try it…I think you’ll like it much better.

  34. I like you did not realize I was claustrophobic until an mri. I found if I kept my eyes closed and pictured myself outside laying down and looking at the clouds I could soothe myself. I hope it goes quickly for you. Best of luck.

  35. I’ve had about 5 Mris in the last year and a half for a brain tumor and they put this cage thing around my face and foam supports around my ears so I can’t move. They always ask if I’m clausterphobic so they can give me meds just in case. I have them done first thing in the morning for two reasons. 1. So i can get the results from my neuro oncologist the same day and 2. Because I’m usually still tired and some how the MRI machine sends me to sleep again! They always check to see if I’m doing good but most of the time they realize I’m sleeping!! Good luck with your MRI!

  36. see if they can give you some tranquilizers and also see if there is an open MRI somewhere nearby. I’m not one for close spaces like that either, mildly claustrophobic. Good luck with the MRI.

  37. I am also claustrophobic, but there is an open MRI in our area, good for large people and people like us. I know you are in a rural area, but it might be worth it to you and your grumpy MRI tech if he could find one for you in a larger city. Ask about it. Good luck

  38. Hi Jill! I am right there with you. You don’t realize you are claustrophobic until you go for an MRI. And what really bothers me is that there are open MRI machines and the doctors don’t offer it. Last time I went I was in for about 2 seconds and I said nope get me out! Pain to reschedule. I won’t make that mistake again.

  39. Oh Jill! I totally feel your claustrophobic-ness of the dreaded MRI. I found out that i was not a fan of small spaces during my first MRI (90 minutes in the tube for one on my brain).

    My suggestion for getting through one? Drugs, lots and lots of drugs. Ask your doc about them before the scheduled date. Only way i can get through one!

  40. Me too,also I am overweight so the regular machines don’t fit. In Michigan we have ‘open’ MRIs and they are great. Some are just very large tubes, others are open on sides you lay on the bottom slab and another comes down over you you can see out the sides. Fantastic look for one by you,

  41. Good luck today. I’ve had several MRIs and yes, they can bring out the claustrophobia. Tell the tech about your last experience and your feelings. Ask if they can talk to you or if possible if you can talk to them. If they don’t want you to talk “go to your happy place”. What happens to your favorite characters in a tight spot? Aubrey goes into the attic and gets stuck. No one can find her. Finally Ben comes up to her rescue! I’m sure you can think of something.

  42. When I had to do an MRI on my back, the thing that helped me the most was to close my eyes and not open them. They should also be blowing some air in the tube to keep it from getting stuffy. It does help to have a “happy place”. Heaven knows the damn things are noisy enough, so there is no possibility of sleeping.

  43. You should try and find an Open MRI, no tube, no panic. They have them all over the place and they are just as good as the tube.

    Good Luck.

  44. Hold the air tube and let it blow right into your face. Close your eyes and relive all the sexy scenes in your books. :-)

  45. I was lucky enough to have an MRI where I was sitting, no tube, and a movie of my choice or music was available for me to distract me. I jave had traditional MRI’s, open MRI’s, but this one was absolutely stress free!

  46. I only get open MRIs. I could never even try the closed one.
    I just read in my newspaper recently that a new MRI machine is now or will soon be available. You sit in it and are able to
    watch TV. No closed in feeling at all. Google that.

  47. I agree with everyone else, open MRI and most places let you bring in your own music. The first time I had one done, there were two techs and believe it or not, the one tech held my hand the entire time and spoke to me of her upcoming wedding plans and how beautiful her dress and those of the bridesmaids were to be. The time flew by and for the record I’m the biggest chicken do-do out there, bar none!!!

  48. had no fears when younger.. isnt that how it works? now im older and afraid of heights and closed in places. never had mri, knock on wood, but advice would be maybe a mask to keep eyes closed? ive always wondered what i would do if i had to go in one of those tubes. i’d prob need to be drugged asleep.. hmm.
    Good Luck! and speedy recovery… from mri And bad back.

  49. What about an OPEN MRI? They are bad but not nearly as bad as the tube. See if the Dr. will ok it.

  50. Hi Jill – as a veteran of MANY, MANY of these scans (& 4 major, 2 minor back surgeries, including a fusion), I know how claustrophobic those MRI machines can be. What works for me is praying the Rosary. If that isn’t your thing, try meditation, self-hypnosis, or anything that can mentally remove you from that machine, and take you to your “happy” place (how about taste-tester at your favorite cookie bakery??). Just use whatever works to relax you (Lamaze breathing?). Guaranteed to make the time pass quicker, and w/o as much anxiety. Good luck, and keep us posted! Praying for you, and for the best possible results!!

    Mary P., from Pittsburgh, PA.

  51. I have the same problem as you but I also fear heights. I am 4’10” so anything over 5′ is tall for me.

  52. Oh, my. I empathize – – totally. I have had about million MRI’s (okay, slight over-the top comment). Truthfully, it’s been 30 +. I’ve been fine (sort of,) except for once! I had BIG TIME aniety attack . I couldn’t breathe, I hyperventilated…it was bad. Like you, the tech guy was not a happy camper.
    Well, neither was I.

    When I asked for something to calm me down, he remarked, “You should have asked for that YESTERDAY. It’s too late now!” Yikes. Who knew?! Moral of the tale:

    Ask for meds (drugs can be a wonderful thing,) in advance.

    If nothing else, you will be less anxious during the procedure. Good luck.

  53. Try taking a benadryl so that it will make you a little on the drowsy side. Doesn’t have to be a prescription that way. I try to do lists in my heads, like naming all of the states or an alphabet list. ie. make of cars for each letter of the alphabet.

  54. Keep your eyes closed in the MRI. I have claustrophobia too and it is the only thing that has got me through two MRIs. Good luck.

  55. Luckily, my MRI machine was open and they gave me a muscle relaxer. I felt pretty good for a couple of hours! ;-) Hope this test will help the doctor’s get you back to normal, or better.

  56. I feel for you – same thing happened to me – made the mistake of opening my eyes. But – surgery 2 years ago at UCMED Davis w/Dr. Roberto was the best thing that ever happened to me. 9 fusions to straighten my scoliosis bent spine and I feel 10 years younger (I’m 67). Absolutely no back or leg pain. I wish you the same success!

  57. Have had 20 levels of fusan…there is a new treatment…stem cells ….they take stem cells from youre hip bone and inject them in youre back….good luck

  58. My main fear is of heights. But I also fear/hate the “S” thing(you know what you don’t like that starts with “S”)! I do have slight claustrophobia too. I have had MRI’s too and so far haven’t needed to be drugged to have one, but I have one coming up that will require me to be in the tube for a while so I am going to get doped up for this one!!

    My tip for you is to request a sedative for the MRI! Good luck!!! :)

  59. I hate MRIs too! I usually just keep my eyes shut the whole time, take deep breaths and imagine myself lying on a beautiful beach.

  60. I am also claustrophobic, I hate being in the middle of crowds and elevators are bad news too. MRI’s are the worst not only are you stuck in a tight tube but you are also required to remain still, which is the very moment that I feel extremely twitchy and need to scratch my nose…. I usually always ask for heavy metal or alt music. It’s loud and raucous and keeps my mind off what’s going on and may not drown out the MRI noise but it comes close. I tried classical once thinking it would sooth me but all it did was remind me that I needed to be soothed.

  61. Heights get to me – I feel like I’m being drawn over the edge, have to touch something even just one finger.

    My sister-in-law has the same claustrophobia problem so sent to an ‘open MRI’ – looked like a big round top, that was more like a cave than a tunnel.

  62. Close your eyes! Hope all went well!

  63. Get a sedative or they have an open MRI available in some places’ been and done that ore than once so good luck with all. I feel for u because I have back problems too.

  64. You can do it ! Just take a deep breath. Close your eyes and day dream .drink water to keep away the leg cramps. Good luck.

  65. i’m terrified of large crowds of people in tight spaces.

  66. Jill,

    When I had an MRI of my sinuses a few years ago. I knew I would have trouble and I told the tech. What she did was put something over my eyes so I couldn’t see at all and that helped me. It is worth a shot.


  67. I hate heights. Went on a cruise and stopped in clear blue waters where you can see the sand beneath. I stepped to the rail – looked down – got dizzy – and immediately stepped back…WAY back. It’s an inner ear thingy. I can’t take carousels either. I had vertigo a few months back for 10 days. Gawd…I thought I’d die getting to the bathroom…lotsa black and blues bumping into walls…I gave up and crawled.

    BTW…they do have OPEN MRI machines for claustrophobics. Hope things work out for you.

    • I have had vertigo one time. Didn’t think about crawling. Of course my brain wasn’t doing any thinking. When I got in my bed to try to sleep to pass the time until I was better, my head/room/bed was circling (swirling?)just as bad (worse?)than sitting up. I really can relate and I hope I never have it again.

  68. If you have not had the test yet, ask for a Zanax, anxiety medicine. Works wonders.

  69. Claustraphobia runs in my family. We all seem to have a bit of it. I don’t like being in such a crowded place that you can’t move as you want. I just want to shove everyone away from me so I can move & breathe!! I also don’t like snakes, especially rattlers.

    Good luck with the MRI. I see you have been given a lot of advice on coping with it. I’ve never had one so I am no help at all. I will think good thoughts for you while have the MRI done.

  70. open sided MRI. My husband is a big man and claustrophobic. This worked for him. Good luck

  71. have had quite a few MRIs. keep your eyes closed. I say a litany prayer over in my mind. I also think of favorite characters from books. breathing deeply and calmly helps too.
    they can give you a mild sedative or anti anxiety pill and that will of course help a bunch. let your mind relax and keep breathing.

  72. They would have to knock me out to get me in an MRI machine. I am also afraid of bees and needles, DEATHLY afraid.

  73. I don’t like those tubes either. I wore ear buds and they played music and I kept my eyes closed and did deep breathing so I wouldn’t panic. I would suggest trying that and while you are in the tube plot out a short story about one of your heroines afraid of the MRI and a hot tech or doctor.

  74. I won’t bore you with my health issues but I have had 3 MRI’S and 3 PET scans in the last 2 years and I know your anxiety. Although it won’t make you feel a lot better I do want you to understand that MOST people have the exact same feelings. I close my eyes before I’m in the tube I tell my mind I’m in a huge field and while I’m making up a story for myself I control my breathing. I tell myself to breath in through my nose and out through my lips and repeat these instructions to myself the whole time. It sounds nuts but it helps keep me distracted enough to lay still and get it over with. I’ll keep you in my thoughts.

  75. Maybe they can give you a low dose of anti-anxiety meds. Have the tech pipe in some ABBA, we all know the words. Picture all the hit guys who you see on your hikes. Except for naked bike guy, that one I don’t want to imagine. Good luck!

  76. So sorry to hear youre still having back problems. I recommend accupuncture & massage therapy.

  77. This isn’t something I can help with(surprise!). I do feel for you because my daughter is really claustrophobic. No high necklines in her clothes claustrophobic. I glanced at the other comments and, unless you meditate, a tranquilizer is the way to go. So the tech isn’t a people person. If you knew you were claustrophobic, you would have asked for something before getting in the MRI machine. So, follow your instincts and use whatever means necessary to allow you to get the MRI. Good luck and hope your pain gets better soon.

  78. Snakes scare the crap out of me. I’m not rational when one is near. I scream and usually run. When I think I’m far enough away, usually a 1/4 mile, I stop and then get a shotgun to blow it away. As for tips to help I haven’t got any.

  79. I can sympathize with you. I too am very claustrapobic. Have been all my life. I needed an MRI once and couldn’t do it. Once the machine started inching forward, I told them to stop. So, I had one at a different place where it was more open. I have heard that they even have them where you can sit up now. Ask your doctor what your options are, besides being drugged.

    Good luck girl!

    Diane B

  80. Hope all went well for you!

  81. Snakes! Even behind glass at the zoo. I don’t go into the snake house!

  82. Escalators. I had my shoelace caught in one when I was a young child. It was terrifying and traumatic, and I still feel a bit panicky when I get on one. I’ve gotten better at hiding it, since my phobia only appears in public, but I’m pretty ugly on the inside.

  83. Mine is bridges, never bothered me until about 5 year sago . Try having a full blown panicle attack while driving across the river. Not fun.

  84. I’m claustrophobic too and discovered it when my ex and I toured Lewis & Clark Caverns. Once you go in, you have to travel all the way through to the end – there is no going back. I’m also terrified of snakes and grew up in Eastern Washington where there are rattle snakes, bull snakes and garter snakes. To me, they’re all rattle snakes – some are just missing their rattles!

  85. MRI labs… they have these happy little pills that take you floating. That is how I get through the time in the tube!!

  86. The open MRI facilities (0.5T strength) recommended are at a cost: MUCH lower quality pictures. See if you can find a 3T machine. It is twice the strength of normal machines (1.5T machines are the standard), no extra discomfort, and HALF the time . . . a 30 minute exam is generally only 15 minutes and MUCH better quality. You would not want your doctor missing anything. Also, would having a family member present help? Would it help to have a count down in between each picture from the tech? YOU are the focus. Let the tech know what you need.

  87. Yes, I’m an MRI tech and have been known to give foot massages during MRI exams — sending you TLC as needed :)

  88. Since it’s end of day, I’ll just say I hope everything went well. I would have suggested some sleeping pills and to have Alpha Male just carry you in and put you in while asleep…. I don’t think grumpy MRI Tech would appreciate it though. :-D

  89. I had to have a chemical stress test for my heart and I was put in one of those round donut shaped machines. I was told to be absolutely and completely still for the twenty minutes it would take for the test. I made it about 3 minutes and I was tensing up, 5 minutes and my blood pressure went off the wall, 15 minutes and my back was cramping up. I am proud our country has this magnificent technology but surely during the invention of these machines someone could have made them a little bit more patient friendly. Same with the mammography machines. So I do know what you are talking about and what you are going through. Good luck and I hope you have a successful test.

  90. After a ruptured brain aneurysm, (fixed by endovascular coiling), I have had lots of tests. The last one so far was this December and was 1.5 hours headfirst, with head strapped down, in an MRI tube. I did a lot of praying while in there, and at least I got to pick what kind of music to listen to (country of course). I did not open my eyes until near the end…curved ceiling (tube) with a blue line down the center. I told myself it was a very boring room, closed my eyes again, and hoped to be done soon. My doctor told me he panicked in an MRI while having a knee examined, and he crawled out. Deep, slow breathing can help.

  91. I have the same fear as you. The only thing I can suggest is to find a place that has an Open MRI, as I imagine they frown on drug and alcohol indulgence. As for the music, I don’t know how you can hear it over the loud clanging of the machine. I will be thinking of you. I also wish you well for your surgery, and hope that it does away with your back problems. Sending good thoughts.

  92. Yes I have the same problem. Try bringing a sleep mask. It helps me a lot, not seeing it really works. Good luck hope everything turns out well.

  93. Hope everything turns out for the best.

    Am afraid of snakes.

  94. I had to have one in the past and knew I wasn’t going to like it. My step-father compared it to being lipstick in a lipstick tube, LOL! Managed to get through it, they rolled me back out, I thought I wsa done and then they readjusted the settings and sent me back for a second MRI on my lower back! No music, no playlist … just the various thumps, bumps, whirrs and other strange noises made by the MRI machine. Glad you made it through it and hope your test results turn out well!

    Heights bother me more!!

  95. They have open MRI machines. I’m assuming you didn’t have that option. How about if you take an anti anxiety pill? I’m so sorry you have to go thru this Jill. Sometimes it sucks getting old.

  96. I’m sorry to hear about your back, it’s not fun living with chronic pain.
    As for the MRI… my mom has a severe level of asthma and she’s horribly claustrophobic. She lives in a little town & had to travel an hour for an MRI just recently, only to learn that she just could not do it.
    The tech was much nicer to her than your was to you & notified her that one of the hospitals in another city an hour from her (to the east) has an OPEN MRI machine.

  97. I had an MRI a few years ago and 1st, I closed my eyes, and secondly, I mentally taught a pilates class ( I am a pilates professional). Funny thing was that when the MRI was done, I told the technician that I hadn’t finished teaching a class :)

  98. I know it is weird, but I fall asleep. They darken the room and keep it cold. I close my eyes and zone out to 80’s music. I guess in a way I meditate. I pray to God that I don’t snore as the techs are probably laughing their butt off. I snore at night.

  99. Bugs!!! Especially spiders and stink bugs. A stink bug was stalking me in my bathroom this morning. Texted my husband later to go get rid of it. My daughter does it for me when she’s home but she leaves in a week to be a zookeeper in Georgia.

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