May 28, 2014

Hump Day’s giveaway

Update: winners randomly drawn are Brandy Caldwell and Brianna Lombardozzi. Email me with the contest info and your addys!

Original post:
Name the book of mine this excerpt comes from. Two of you will win my next book THEN CAME YOU!


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  1. Always On My Mind: A Lucky Harbor Novel.

  2. Always on My Mind

  3. Always on My Mind- loved it!

  4. Leah and Jack…Always On My Mind…Pages 141-142.

  5. Always on My Mind Jack and Leah.

  6. Always on my mind

  7. Always on my mind

  8. Ohmygosh I LOVE this book! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Always on My Mind!

  9. Always On My Mind

  10. Always on my mind.

  11. Always on my Mind!

  12. Always on My Mind

  13. Always on my mind

  14. Always on My Mind!

  15. Always on My Mind

  16. Always on My Mind… :)

  17. Always on my mind!!!! One of my favorites!!!!

  18. Always on My Mind

  19. Always on My Mind, Jack and Leah (:

  20. always on my mind – again a great book

  21. Always on My Mind

  22. Always On My Mind! Can’t wait to read Then Came You!

  23. Always on my mind- loved that one !

  24. Always on my Mind.

  25. Always on My Mind–and thanks! :)


  27. Always on my Mind! I love Jack and Leah!!

  28. Once In A Lifetime (Ben’s Story) :-)

    • Opps! Mixed up the Books! It’s “Always On My Mind” (Jack and Leah’s Story) :-)

  29. Always on My Mind!!

  30. Always On My Mind

  31. Always on my Mind! LOVED this book. Sadly it was the last Lucky Harbor I was able to read and am waiting to get more Amazon cards to get the more recent so I can catch up!

  32. Always on my mind <3

  33. Always on my Mind…..btw: love love love all your books! I see I missed a couple…gotta find them soon and get my fix!

  34. Always on my mind….Leah & Jack!!!!
    One of my FAVORITES!!! ❤️

  35. Always on my Mind.

  36. Always on My Mind!!! Love this book!! I love Lucky Harbor!!!!

  37. Always on My Mind, Lucky Harbor series <3

  38. Always on My Mind. Love a guy on a motorcycle!

  39. Always on my mind!

  40. Always on my Mind

  41. Always on my Mind. Loved Jack and Leah!

  42. Always on my Mind with Leah and Jack. Love that story so much but love all of the Lucky Harbor series!

  43. Always on My Mind Lea and Jack! I love the Lucky Harbor Series!!

  44. Always on my mind

  45. Always on my mind!!! Can’t wait for another!!!

  46. Always in my mind

  47. Always on My Mind. Such fun characters!

  48. Always On My Mind.

  49. Always on my mind – sorry I had to cheat, I have not read it yet.

  50. Always on my mind

  51. Always on my mind

  52. Always On My Mind!

  53. Always on My Mind :) loved that book!

  54. Always On My Mind (Jack and Leah’s story) :-)

  55. Always On My Mind, one of my favorites.

  56. Always on my mind- book #8

  57. Sigh…Always On My Mind with yummy Jack… I need a moment…

  58. Always on my Mind. Love your books.

  59. Always On My Mind….one of my favorite books!!

  60. Always on my Mind…one of my faves

  61. Always on My Mind

  62. Always on my mind. I should read that again. Kevin was so funny.

  63. Always on my Mind. *sigh* I love Lucky Harbor. I want to live there. 💖

  64. Always On My Mind

  65. Always on my mind!!!!

  66. Always On My Mind, Can

  67. Always On My Mind!

  68. Always on my mind :)

  69. Always On My Mind

  70. one of my favorites “Always on my mind “

  71. Always on my mind

  72. Always on my mind

  73. Always on My Mind – just read it last week :)

  74. Always On My Mind :)

  75. Always On My Mind – Leah and Jack, the firefighter.

  76. Always On My Mind, I have to catch up with all the lucky harbor natives still!

  77. Always On My Mind


  79. Always on My Mind, love Jack. :)

  80. Always on my mind

  81. Always on My Mind. Oh, yeah!

  82. Always On My Mind

  83. Always on my Mind!! Love love love this book

  84. Always on my mind! Leah and Jack!

  85. Always on My Mind.

  86. Always on My Mind

  87. Always on my mind

  88. Always on My Mind !! Can’t wait fir the next one !!

  89. Always on my mind.

  90. Always on mind.

  91. Always on my mind. Loved it!

  92. Always on my mind.

  93. Always on my mind…one of my favorites :)

  94. Always on my Mind

  95. Always on my mind

  96. Always on my mind.

  97. Always On My Mind!!!! On of my first Jill Shalvis’ books and one that I will always remember.

  98. Always on my mind.

  99. Always on My Mind

  100. Always on my Mind…I loved Jack and Leah’s story!

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